1. The funny part about this whole situation that they didn't show no Caucasian people out there only Mexicans Latino in the so-called blacks all the people that they make fun of that eat chicken you ain't see no Caucasian people out there at all no cave dweller suffered a news anchor

  2. Old or young gotta be dumb to wait a hour n half for any food Government and slave massa did a JOB on my people Brainwashed aint the word ZOMBIES more like it I square that show walking dead sums it up subliminal messages i haven't had the sandwich no time because i hate doing what everybody else do plus i aint no zombie sad not funny if i said lets line up and pray give honor too the Lord Yah Father of the Heaven n Earth i guarantee throughout U.S. the line wont be as long as popeyes priorities over B.S. 2019 Lord my people need you more than ever they lost Brainwashed have no clue whats too come chicken sandwich president impeachment ALL DISTRACTIONS WAKE UP KEEP US WORRIED ABOUT THINGS THAT WONT GET YOU INTO HEAVEN OR CLOSER TO THE FATHER SHALOM SHALAWAM I WILL CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR THE LOST N WEAKMINDED✊

  3. It's just a chicken sandwich that you can probably make 10 times better at home. This reminds me of that time when a kid killed his brother over a Flappybird highscore.

  4. Crazy how 13 percent of the population are solely responsible for 53 percent of all murders…. I mean eat, 53 percent of all chicken sandwiches. That's just crazy.

  5. I just tried this sandwich in san bernardino and waited 30 minutes for it . Its good but not worth the hype . Ill stick with chick-fil-a .

  6. Yall dont understand. It's not the chicken sandwich. It's that nigga mentality. They dont know the difference between serious and petty.

  7. Monsanto gmo cloned chicken. Cloned meats and food. Approved by the food and drug administration..cloned meats is dangerous.

  8. I see that little in the corner with the lady by the trash can pulled that girl's hair. They are teaching her violence and fighting behavior.

  9. If you're sitting at a drive-thru for 20 minutes or longer to get a damn sandwich I don't want to hear you talk about the price of gas ever. You're the same type of person that will Circle a parking lot for 15 minutes waiting for that spot at the door to open up and then go down the street to put gas in and complain it's too high priced. And no you don't deserve because I hear that word dropped a lot.

  10. Did anybody notice that jab he threw at black folks at the end of the news segment, they are laughing at us, that's why I refuse to in a popeye's and get that sandwich even tho I want to try it.

  11. Long lines when Chik Fil A opened also. I don't get it. You can make your own fucking chicken sandwich with frozen breaded chicken patties and decent buns. It ain't rocket science.

  12. Dirk diggler. Mexicans, Hispanics and Latinos were raped into existence by these recessive dope addicts that the sun rejects. Your peoples murderers are your daddy too. That's the joke of the century. I laugh about it every time I see you big headed midgets crawling through tunnels and scaling walls. Lol

  13. No one but the Minister of Wellness is exposing the CHEMICALS they are putting in this "chicken" that's causing this mental breakdown!

  14. It's not that great it's a good sandwich but it tastes just like every other sandwich. people fight it over this is stupid

  15. If people do this now over a chicken sandwich. Just imagine what people are going to do if there's ever a worldwide disaster and people are flooding into the grocery stores to get the last can of ravioli….. Let that sink in for a moment folks. What has happened to us as a human race

  16. lol the guy who jumped through the drive through window the window closes after 3 sec i think they wanted no one seeing how they gonna beat his ass lol

  17. If this is how people act when food is plentiful, just imagine how they'll be during a food shortage, (which is a very likely possibility in the years to come). When people become hungry they lose their capacity to reason. Hunger, real hunger, causes all morality & ethics to fly out the window as our more primitive instincts take the driver's seat.

  18. I wonder if other chicken franchises are paying people to give Popeyes a bad rep by acting a fool over a chicken sandwich. Cause it's not all that great💯

  19. “Popeyes chicken sandwich time. Popeyes chicken sandwich time. Chicken sandwich, chicken sandwich, chicken sandwich with a baseball bat”.

  20. This is caused from everyone expecting to be treated like royalty during the latest trend and as a result people flip out when they are the one person that didn't get their way. It's like giving 2/3 three dogs a Scooby snack, and giving the middle dog a time out, that's the dog that will act up eventually.

  21. Popeyes chicken sandwich: 2 hours and a black eye, possibly death

    Chick fil a chicken sandwich: 5 minutes and no death involved

  22. 1950s: In 2019, we'll have flying cars, electric buses, and kids going to college at the age of 9!
    2019: Grandma body slammed over chicken sandwich

  23. To all that are lost in this confuse out of control vanity world. The devil & his wicked spirits got you all blind in your mind to act without thinking about what you all about to do. you all best to chill out. your life may depend on it. IF YOU STILL ALIVE I encourage you all to know Jesus in your hearts.for he will help you to change your ways in your life in this world we all are in. Our Lord God is watching & it's not far off he is going to put & end on all this happening in his word. best to get right with him before he gets here. sad many are falling like a leaf on a branch in this fall season to not make it another day of living. just look at the news such as this. sad to see this happening. I'm O.G. WHO lived in this world long enough at one time in my ways that it's not the way to go on your own as being lost at one time. ALL I got to say find him while he near & you still here. Amen. >>John 11:25-26<<

  24. Black people are very nice. They are very very smart too. I've never heard of blacks causing any problems. You can always relax around black people and all people of colored. What is most amazing about blacks is how they have lead the philosophical and technological advance throughout history. Without black slavery in the US south Newton would never had discovered gravity. The enlightenment was forged on the backs of the slaves in the US south.

  25. And I blame all this on popeyes….they keeping the foolishness going for publicity…..when they were saying they were sold out stores still actually had them,just put it out that hey guys we have a new chicken sandwich and let the people get it on their own. I mean all this ain't happening at chick fil and they got chicken sandwiches to.

  26. I work at Popeyes and it be like that there was a fight in the line for the drive thru because they wouldn’t let the other side get it lowkey scared now my quit 😭

  27. What Tommy J. Sotomayor (YouTube sensation) used to show as H-C-N, "Hollywood Clowning Niggas" (originally H-C-B-W, "Hollywood Clowning Black Women").

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