Jace Norman Takes on NYC w/ the Brooklyn Nets 🏀 & New York Mets ⚾ | #NickStarsIRL

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What’s up, guys? It’s Jace,
televisions Henry Danger. I am here in New York
for about a week and we are getting ready
for a big day. I’m really excited,
we’re going to see the Nets and the Mets and we’re gonna go and hang out
with some of the players, let’s go! [music playing] Wanna play horse? We’re in the Brooklyn Nets
training facility and we’re just talking
about bullying and kind of staying focused
with your passion, letting all the other noise,
background noise… I mean do you get a lot
of kind of critics or anything like that… – Oh, definitely, definitely.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Every time I miss a game winning shot.
– Yeah. [laughing] [music playing] We’re going here to City Field. It’s really cool,
I’m really excited. – Hey, what’s up? Jace.
– What’s up? Nelson Figueroa. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. I’ve thrown a pitch and actually
caught it behind my back. I saw that, that was you? I saw that
and I didn’t know that was you. Thank you so much,
number 7, too! [music playing] Normally
it doesn’t look like this, normally it’s green and orange. – Don’t hit me!
– You’re the one with the bat! It’s terrifying, I mean,
when you watch it on TV, you don’t really realize
that like there’s actually a ball flying
at like 90 miles an hour right towards their face. Like my brain doesn’t even like
comprehend like how to hit that. You kinda just think like,
“Oh yeah, totally, just swing!” But um,
it’s not like that at all. [hitting baseball] That’s the sound I like! [music playing] That’s a wrap
on a super long day, It was really fun to get to see
the behind the scenes of how everything goes down and to hear the stories
was really awesome. Thank you to the Nets
and the Mets, good night!”

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