Jadakiss Reacts To New NY Rappers (J.I., BigKlit, Smoove L) | The Cosign

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What up y’all? It’s your boy Jadakiss and we’re up here at
Genius. So right now, we’re about to see which one
of these New York rappers is about to get the cosign. New York is … It’s all right. It’s in a decent space. It needs some balance. That’s all. I ain’t mad at the sound of music sonically,
hip hop. We just need some more balance. Practice your craft every day. Sharpen your skill as much as you can sharpen
it, but learn it. Get nicer with learning it, and then it’d be all right after that. Sometimes people are scared to take chances,
but chances make champions. Some of my little mans from my hood went on
the road with him, road manage him and they just came off tour with him. He mixed the 90s with what’s going on this
now. I like the video. I like the sound of it. It sound like A Boogie a little bit with the
melody. He wanted to make a hit for the young ladies
and … dope song. Oh snap. He got YO on here? That’s hard. It’s always good to see the youth from YO
doing they thing. YO is a dark cloud, so anytime you’re able
to make it out or near … anybody who’s close to making it out, we got to try to help ‘em
get over the hump. Yeah, I’ll probably do something with him this year. He’s been putting in work for a long time,
trying to help himself out. I like his independence. I think this is dope. This reminds me of the young LOX. This reminds me of the town. I rock with this hard. Oh shit. See, they be wildin.’ I’ve heard this song before. I never… I
heard it though. Where he from? Brooklyn, too? Brooklyn is rockin.’ This is crazy. These young niggas is nuts, dog. Coming from New York, you always got to be
able to rhyme. As much as I love this, I’d love to see another
one with him with another kind of beat being able to spit and represent Brooklyn in that
light. But for them creating a new lane or borrowing
Chicago and putting their own bit of spice on it, it’s beautiful. They’re able to make money without having
to hurt nobody or sell no drugs or do nothing stupid and they could create a financial revenue
stream for their family. What the fuck? What type of freako shit is this, dog? She’s on Sony? They put this out? Somebody must have said they hit her that
didn’t hit her and that shit made her go to the studio. This song is nuts, though. She’s doing a Lorena Bobbitt. This is crazy. No. This don’t remind me of nothing from back
in the day. It sounds like something you’d make up when
you’re drunk. That’s her name? Oh shit. BigKlit. Oh, and she bang? BigKlit, man. Much success to BigKlit. She’s probably going to blow. Next year, she’s probably going to be on the
Grammys. All that. That’s my type of shit right there. That’s classic New York, dope, North Face
on in front of the building, spitting, dope sample, looped up. Just spittin. You know what I mean? You see how it’s only one of those? You need more. You come in with the right people behind you,
you be alright whatever you want to do. But if you got to come from the mud, it’s
going to be a little harder. Got the swag down pat. Got the money. Got the racks. Got the dance. Rollie. The words is actually aight. This dance is killing… The dance is killing me. I don’t know about all this money. This is something new. Dancing is important, man. Dancing went off the scene for years. You need to do some kind of dancing, you know
what I mean? Standing around, ice grill with your arms
folded, you’re taking the whole dynamic of being in a club away. At least they’re dancing now, even though
it might be some crazy tribal type of jumping around shit. Whatever they’re doing, at least they’re not
standing around having a face fight. Then that’s making the ladies uncomfortable. That’s why it was unfortunate to lose Pop
Smoke because his thing that he had is very trendy. It’s going to get even more trendy now, unfortunately,
that he passed. That was the upside to his career besides
making good music. That dance was very catchy and everybody was
doing it. So, that’s a big loss for the youth. For hip-hop, for the culture in general. But that was something good he was bringing. I’m rooting for New York always. I don’t care if I hate it, if it’s from New
York, I want to see it win. J.I. I like J.I. I like the video and I like the sound of it. I think JI got a bright future. Brooklyn, that Brooklyn drill is creating
a wave. They’re letting a lot of young brothers in,
they getting money, so that’s always good. That one, I don’t know about for me. For me. Not speaking about for you. For me, that was a little far. Yeah yeah. So after watching all of them videos, my cosign
goes to Cash B, from the south side of Yonkers. He invests in himself merch-wise. He takes trips to the studio. He does all the things that you’re supposed
to do to have a positive, successful career. The advice I would give the young, up and
coming hip-hop artists today is learn the business. Learn it, learn it, learn it, learn it, is
what I said. And as much as you got to stay in the studio
and get nice and perfect your craft, put that same energy into learning the business before
you get into bed with one of these companies and find out there’s bed bugs in it. Shout out to all New York up and coming young
artists. Keep going. Keep representing the Apple. Remember, keep the balance, do the drill,
but also learn how to spill. And we’ll be aight.


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  4. It's impossible to be impressed by younger rappers when you're older. It's not a disrespectful thing, it's just older dudes aren't impressionable anymore.

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