Jake and Boyle Rescue Pimento – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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  1. I know this is unrelated but I need help. I haven't met up with a friend for a very long time, I miss her so much and I know she's busy. I bought for her things from my recent holiday, I've told her that I bought things for her.

    Any advice on how I can meet up with her and pass the things to her.

    Or if I should pass the things to her.

    Or if I should meet her.

  2. Adrian Pimento about Jake and Charle's relationship "Your love for each other is really wonderful."


  3. The problem is, we still don't know who Scully was referring to when answering questions about Kelly. It could have been either!

  4. Ever since watching 8 out of 10 cats does countdown, I can't ever see Jason Mantzoukas as himself, I always see him as a more fit and hyper version of Joe wilkinson, which is both a blessing and a curse

  5. Pimento says hug and Boyle's instinct for expressing affection almost overwhelms him yet again.

    I love this show so much.

  6. i love that this episode had so many hints from previos seasons like the cold open when jake tries to prank hitchcock and it goes wrong, this scene and the one with jake and terry from s3 AND finally answering the question of who kelly is

  7. Although this scene is great but the best part of the episode was them finally telling us whether Kelly was Scully’s dog.

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