Jihad Returns to New York City

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I was in Manhattan twice today. I was also in Brooklyn for a little while,
where I was sitting on a bench, writing a video about Zakir Naik accidently refuting
Islam, and I heard a guy say, “David Wood.” He was a street preacher in a wheelchair. He said that he watches my videos because
he has some Muslim friends. So we talked for a while about how to get
Muslims to think more critically about their religion and about how to convince American
Christians not to be scared of preaching to Muslims. Later, I was in Manhattan. I didn’t hear anything about the attack,
even though it was going on while I was there. I received my first notification when I got
back to the Bronx. At that point, I wasn’t sure it was a terrorist
attack. The notification said that shots were fired
near the World Trade Center. But as additional information came in, I realized
that we’re dealing with “vehicular jihad.” Apparently, a terrorist rented a truck, drove
it down a bike path, plowed into a crowd of people, killing at least eight, and then crashed
the truck into a special needs school bus while shouting “Allahu Akbar.” If you’re at all surprised by any of this,
you obviously didn’t watch the video I posted back in March, where I said this: So now we’re in a position to understand
the rise of vehicular jihad. Years ago, al-Qaeda set the bar for a successful
terrorist attack pretty high. A successful terrorist attack was crashing
planes into buildings or blowing up subway stations—mass casualties. “Go big or go home.” And for years, aspiring jihadis attempted
to recapture the success of the 9-11 attacks or the 7-7 bombings . . . and they failed. Over and over again, jihadis would get caught
trying to buy bombs from undercover FBI agents. They would then go to prison, and instead
of inflicting terror, they convinced us that the FBI is really on top of things. Eventually, a few jihadis concluded that successful
small-scale attacks would be better than failed large-scale attacks. So instead of plotting to blow up a building,
they would grab a knife, or an axe, or a gun, or a small pressure cooker bomb, and go stab,
or hack, or shoot, or blow up a few people in the name of Allah. These small-scale attacks wouldn’t be as
dramatic as the 9-11 attacks or the 7-7 bombings, but they were much more difficult to stop
than large-scale attacks. But even though small-scale attacks are more
difficult to prevent, they’re not always impossible to stop. Police can keep an eye on people who buy guns,
or who download instructions to build pressure-cooker bombs. If someone’s carrying a backpack onto a
train, police can tell him to open his bag. But how do you stop someone from getting in
his SUV and driving it into a crowd of people? Until he’s plowing through the people, he
hasn’t done anything. How do you stop someone from renting a U-Haul
truck and heading towards a local parade? You can’t. Now, you can watch the entire twelve-minute
video. If you do, ask yourself, “What did David
get wrong IN ANY WAY?” I was right on every single detail, right
down to the truck rental, with two tiny exceptions—I said “U-Haul truck,” when the actual terrorist
rented his truck from Home Depot, and I said “parade,” instead of “crowd near a bike
path.” So, why is it that we can predict not only
THAT a terrorist attack will occur, but also the exact method of the terrorist attack,
with almost surgical precision? Well, we can predict these attacks because
they’re extremely predictable, thanks to the process of elimination. Muhammad ordered his followers to violently
subjugate non-Muslims and hypocrites. Surah 33, verse 21 of the Qur’an says that
Muhammad is the pattern of conduct for Muslims, and in Sahih al-Bukhari 2977, Muhammad proclaims:
“I have been made victorious with terror.” Terrorism was Muhammad’s weapon of choice,
and he’s the pattern of conduct for his followers. Fortunately, most Muslims live far better
lives than their prophet. But some, sadly, do strive to imitate him. But the world is very different from what
it was during the time of Muhammad. An aspiring jihadi today has a number of options
available to him. He might go out and join a foreign terrorist
group, and there are numerous groups he might join. He might wage jihad locally, wherever he happens
to live, in which case he’ll have to decide whether to learn to build bombs, or buy a
gun, or grab a knife, or get behind the wheel. He might support terrorists financially by
sending them money or supplies. Or he might wait for some future opportunity. For jihadis who decide to wage jihad locally,
vehicular jihad is now the best option available. It can take years to learn to build bombs. Guns are difficult to acquire in certain areas. Knives can only do so much damage. But anyone . . . ANYONE can rent a truck and
drive it into a crowd of people. Today, a terrorist drove a rental truck into
a crowd of people because vehicular jihad is low risk-high payoff. Low risk of getting caught prior to the attack,
but high payoff in terms of casualties. So, what can we do about these attacks? No point in repeating myself. Here’s what I said seven months ago. Now there are really only two things you can
do to deal with jihad. You can refute the ideology that leads to
the attacks, or you can try to minimize or prevent the attacks once they’re in motion. Our leaders have done less than nothing when
it comes to refuting the ideology of jihadis. I say, “Less than nothing,” because “nothing”
would have been keeping their mouths shut. They haven’t kept their mouths shut. Instead, they’ve defended and promoted Muhammad
and the Qur’an—the sources of jihadi doctrine. So the ideology of jihadis has spread. That leaves our leaders with the task of preventing
individual attacks and trying to minimize the damage of attacks they can’t prevent. Improvements in security and surveillance
have been remarkably successful in preventing most large-scale attacks, but this has pushed
jihadis towards small-scale attacks. Given the options available to small-scale
jihadis who don’t have access to guns, vehicular jihad is just as easy as a knife attack, but
far more deadly. And that’s why we’re going to be seeing
more of these attacks. So, stay alert when you’re in a crowded
area, and learn to refute Islam so that future generations don’t have to depend on politicians
to keep them safe from Muhammad’s teachings. And what will our leaders—especially New
York City Mayor Bill de Blasio—do about this attack? They’ll use all the media attention to tell
us how wonderful Islam is and how evil we are for being concerned about Muhammad’s
clear commands to violently subjugate Jews, Christians, and other unbelievers. Are you sick of this nonsense yet? If so, the only way forward is to continue
building an informed population of free people. Learn about jihad, and then share what you
learn, until there are so many of us who know what we’re talking about, the silly little
voices of politicians and reporters will be drowned out in a chorus of sanity. To understand jihad, be sure to watch and
share these videos, and since I discuss Islamic terrorism pretty regularly here, please don’t
leave without clicking the subscribe button for future updates. Also, as more news comes in about the attack,
let me know what you think in the comments section.


  1. Hey man this is of topic but can you do a video about Mary how old she was and how old she was when he gave birth to Jesus compare to Aisha having sex at the age of mohammad, because muslims always use that to defend their pedophile prophet saying oh “Mary was young to when she had Jesus”. Thanks Dave

  2. Like Christian terrorists in Vegas, Iraq Afghanistan, Somalia on n on. Wood, you're incredibly an ignorant moron. How many times are you going to make a fool of your self? They learn the car thing from London Christian terrorist and Christian terrorist Charlottesville. Ahole moron

  3. I feel so sorry for the Muslim jihadis. He’s is only misunderstood not allowed to follow Allah command. I hope policians can set him free so he can accomplish the will of Allah!

  4. Running arround shouting "Siri where am I?" Then an officer of the law shot him in his abdomen, thorax and compound eye! Intelligent Insect Terrorism is real!!

  5. That picture looks just like the Grinch STEALING Christmas things from the whos…which because Dr SUES was a Christian is why they attacked him as racist…they are JUST SO OBVIOUS.

  6. well i will say something those guys doing is a revenge look in to they country how destroy children and women dies.

  7. Pls be friends with Hindus sir! Millions of us died fighting Islam! Most noble religion in the planet! Bravest of the brave souls born in Hindu Mothers womb! Bappa Rawal,Prithviraj Chauhan,Shivaji Maharaj, Hemu, Maharana Pratap!!

  8. The government is too scared to comment and talk about the real issue, if you ask muslims what's wrong with their religion they ll give you the same prototype answer "these (jihadists) muslims are not the real muslims bla bla bla", wtf is going on,who are the real muslims then? why does this religion wanna brainwash people, doesn't wanna get criticised, kill people emotionally and what not. Stay safe people!

  9. Their is no such thing as AN ISIS attack, if you hear that word then you best believe it's phony, and this garbage was phony, Christians are the biggest terrorists on earth by far.

  10. God bless you David wood .. May God enlighten you more ..and I pray that God shall fulfill his plans in your life ..
    amen .

  11. Their was no damn attack, you ought to be ashamed of yourself for  broadcasting this garbage you lying hypocritical Christian, tell this Christian country to stop annihilating other countries and stealing their resources, Christians are the biggest thugs on earth.

  12. We need far more than just education on Jihad. We need to close the immigration flood gates until further notice. I do not care if it is called racist! Our safety is worth it!

  13. David u were wrong saying inthe name of allah. Well it wasn't it was something in this fuckers brain probably issues like unemployment, Problems with his sex life that set him off not allah. Reading text from old scripts doesn't mean go out and start killing non believers Mohammed did not instruct his followers to follow such actions in the 20th century. I am a working law abiding British citizen who condemns actions like this

  14. Dobre były by automatyczne piloty we wszystkim co się porusza,aby włączały za każdym razem kodowaną blokadę ,gdy miały by uderzyć w cokolwiek żywego…tak na początek….;)ale do tego trzeba świadomości…,zachowania etyki…etc.jednym słowem przejrzenia,że pewne struktury są takie ,a nie inne…Islam nie poprzestanie na tzw.niewiernych,bo niewierny to nie tylko nie muzułmanin,ale i ten,który przeciwstawia się temu systemowi,więc jest to samodestrukcja…wykonają coś źle i idą do piachu…a rodzaj ludzki jest omylny…;)są skazani na przegraną…a co ciekawsze oni o tym wiedzą…;)

  15. why we don't call Las Vegas Shooting October 1, 2017 a "Terrorsime" 50 killed and hundreds wounded by Stephen paddock and till this day isn't classed as a terriost why this distinction ……..?

  16. continue supporting Jews who stole our lands in Palestine and keep on dropping bombs on civilians Muslims and destroy their countries Palestine gone Iraq gone Syria gone so yeah expect more of these attacks inside and outside your countries..the circle of violence is growing bigger and bigger since 1948 and it will continue to grow until the climax : world war 3 .

  17. My Bible says in the last days good will be called evil and evil called good! Politicians on the left support evil and Jihad and minimize the loss of life! Political correctness or hiding the truth about Islam costs Americans their lives! James GodWhoisGod com

  18. With the amount of evil that we continue to witness from people that are inspired by Islamic teachings, one has to be really boneheaded to still think that the Quran is a legitimate book that was delivered to mankind by an 'angel' of light; maybe be it was an angel of darkness. When are well-meaning Muslims going to wakeup to know they have been lied to by an egotistic moron from the 7th century, who went about murdering people and calling it religious 'fight for God'. Unfortunately even in this 21st century we continue to see little Muhammads running all over the place performing Muhammad's job.

  19. Trump did not ban Pakistan and Saudi Arabia from Muslim banned countries, while most ISIS attacks in US are Pakistani.

  20. yup we must be vigilant/fast in prayer the dog has no teeth only growls. also we (christians) no matter denomination if Jesus unites us then we must UNITE.  They either convert or go back to Saudi Arabia. this lady also speaks about the coverings of women and how its an insult to us women and "slavery" yet its allowed in USA
    I believe in the power of God – The Holy Spirit HE is on earth today and HIS power can help us destroy this false religion.
    this is great testimony to raise the faith: https://youtu.be/wn-kJvCrX5E some seek a way out God will rescue them because HE also loves them.

  21. Thank you for educating us about Muslims and their prophet Muhammad. You are right about learning and sharing what we learn to drown out the voices on the news and politicians.

  22. I watch almost all of your videos, and thank you for educating us my friend David Wood. :-):-). You are awesome ;-):-)

  23. Just like most religious fundamentalists, you too are politically and socioeconomically ignorant. Try reading some Marx, capeesh?

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  26. when an american killed 50 people in Las Vegas he is crazy. but when a Muslim killed 8 people he is terrorist and Islam is religion of blood and murder ??
    enough pull shit.

  27. the part you speak about in min 4: 09 means" when in war the enemy is afraid of Muslims because their unity and strength "not to terroris peaceful people dump ass.

  28. The story of Imran and his doughtier Mary and Jesus peace be upon them and Zechariah from holy Quran
    relax your heart by this beautiful recitation of some verses from holy quran

  29. 4:09 (cast in the hearts of the enemy) NOT (non-muslims) you stupid moron I can read english better than you 😄

  30. I just want to talk to all his will whatever his religion I just want to be clear that Islam is not terrorist Islam is peace in our book the book of the Qur'an in explain do not you mock each other or kill because AL Quran teaches it as good as nyaperaturandi this country better Al Qur'an because Al Qur'an is not made by man of antiquity but by ALLAH SWT who controls the world and the hereafter and never boast of treasure or anything it is quite simple just because in this world only to temporarily increase the prayer , fasting, zakat, loving orphan enough love dear love ALLAH SWT and Prophet MUHAMMAD SWM greetings from us the Islamic country of Indonesia !!!

  31. The more I plunge into studying Islam, the more I find it is the adversary ' army. They are not of the abrahamic convent, they preach death to all who do not believe and most striking is they blasphem about Jesus Christ.
    John in revolutions warned us of them. They are the horsemen who bring war and death by the sword. Search the translation of Greek for the horseman of war. It is not pale it is green. The Muslims have long used green in their banners, headbands and arm bads.
    John did not know Arabic when he saw the vision of the sign of the beast but he show use what it is. Greek number 666 are the Arabic letters for Allah the most strong.

  32. When people proclaim that Muslims don't commit that many terrorist attacks in the US they don't think about the planned attacks that are intercepted. Successful Islamic attacks plus failed Islamic plots point to a war in this country.

  33. Our dear leader, the great Trump, warned us. He told us Izlam hates us! It is true. IZLAM hates America. It says so clearly in their holy book. To hate the United States of America is a Pillar of the faith! Look it up. Even unborn babies, in the wombs of their mothers, chant "I hate America" – i have seen this!

  34. its easy. just say new immigrants that are muslims from countries at war cant rent trucks. they have to take the bus. problem solved. for a while. till they start to… what? rent pedal bikes to run ppl down?

  35. There is an easy way to prevent yourself from Radicals is that stop killing innocent people in Muslims countries,,stop bombing Muslim countries.
    Worst shape of Christian terror can be seen in Syria,Iraq,Lybia and Afghinstan.

  36. We’re very close to Christmas and all those who’ve remained silent about jihadist terrorism – the killing, bombing and mayhem of it – will soon be venting, fuming and waxing lyrical about the grossness and satanism of the Yuletide, a season dedicated to peace on earth and goodwill to men!

  37. I live in Jerusalem, and as you know, Israel has been dealing with this type of attacks for years. With great sadness, I also predicted that sooner or later this appalling practice is likely to spread to the West… As David said – vehicular attacks are much harder to prevent – even here, despite Israel's great experience and security efforts. By the way, as the local vehicular terrorists favour bus stops, many bus stops are now surrounded by road poles. Anyway, my heart goes out to the victims and their families, this goes without saying.

  38. Please allow in video edit that people can translate you're videos. I would like to translate it to Serbian, and other people would translate it to other languages.

  39. Thank you for your work.  What muslim books would you recommend to have on hand to help me read and try to get comfortable with the arguments you share with us.  I find it maddening that people are so ignorant of what Islam really is and want to be able to share.

  40. Sorry, but one religion condemning another will NEVER solve the problem..This whole Christianity/Islam come-uppance is getting really redundant and pathetic.

    When David Tells You The Truth and It Hurts (Means) Thats The Area of Your Life Needs Fixing The Most! Wisdom Has Many Folds!

    When God Gave Adam a Body and A Spirit! Satan Was Jealous! So He Was Looking For a Body To Do His Betrayal of Mankind! He Tempted JESUS and Was REBUKED! (GET BEHIND THEE SATAN) So Like A HISSING Serpent He Went To And Fro Seeking Whome He May Devoured! Until He Found a Man And PRETEND To The Man That He Was (GABRIEL) And Desceived Many! GUESS WHO THAT MAN WAS? Fill in the Blank- ———– !

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  45. Zakir naik is big terrorist preacher….he is same mentality like ISIL,DAESH… but American support him..coz Saudi support him…bitter truth

  46. “God does not forbid you from showing kindness and dealing justly with those who have not fought you about religion and have not driven you out of your homes. God loves just dealers.” (Quran 60:8)

  47. As long as, PEOPLE are reluctant to pay a visit to the MOSQUES, where these possessed THUGS gather, this will be a regular sight.

  48. Hi David,
    I am really grateful for your remarkable work.
    May our Risen Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family, Amen

  49. Ok so what the USA 🇺🇸 WANT TO MAKE A WALL FOR EMIGRATES.. that going to you r CONTRY LOOKING FOR A BETTER LIVE WORKING DAY BY DAY.. and APORTING samting GOOD… to your CONTRY .. they close the door for them “ but to YOUR REAL ENEMIES the GOBERMAN NEVER EVER HAPPEN TO SAY SAMTING…about MUSLAMS AND ALL THE ISLAM craziest PEOPLE. They are in your LANDS DOSE ARE THAT YOU NEED TO STOP COMING TO YOUR CONTRY.. they are UP THERE FOR NO GOOD .. or maybe you are withering for them to take the land of the USA 🇺🇸 FROM YOU PEOPLE…?????

  50. I think the biggest mistake the West is making is the way they imprison these terrorists. Because in there they don't only lie to many to convert to Islam but also they radicalized them. They need to totally isolate these people so they don't produce more danger.

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