Jimmy Jab Games Opening Ceremony – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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  1. I thought Hitchcock and Scully would still want to eat the baguette it was drenched in booze and the fire basically toasted it for them.

  2. I absolutely loved this episode. Felt like the series has been lacking since last season but the writers definitely made up for that, with the continuation of the Jimmy Jab Games. The last scene, left me with a WTF face and I can’t wait to see where it is leading.

  3. I like how Jake supports Charles! Like, even though Charles is always like ‘I’m number 2 and you’re number 1.”, Jake never fails to put Charles first and deeply respects him. Love Jake!❤️❤️❤️

  4. 1. Loved Jake's hair. Hope it stays that way for the rest of the season.
    2. Loved that they gave Hitchcock more dialogue.
    3. Everything about Amy! 🙂
    4. SO GLAD Jocelyn is out of the picture.

  5. It may be an unpopular opinion, but being a great fan of B99, I really don't like season 7 that much up till now. The characters are not what they used to be. Call it character development but it's much more than that!! Although I love Peraltiago, I miss the time when they had those immature fights, and alllll the things of the previous seasons. Idk why this season lacks something.. Still waiting for the Halloween episode tho.

  6. Wow the Jimmy Jab 2 ! I am French and I have not yet season 7 of Brooklyn nine – nine unlike at you and by chance, last night, I dreamed of the Jimmy Jab 2 is not that incredible ?

  7. Is Andy Sandberg the only SNL alumni to have a successful TV comedy last over 5 years on network television? SNL alum usually go straight to movies and try to hit it big like Eddie Murphy. Andy took the road less traveled and struck comedy gold! I cannot tell you how many times I quote this show. It's so much fun to watch!!

  8. I haven't seen season 7 yet but the made a reference to the Greatest show and with my baby Charles Boyle ? this is so good 😄

  9. The 99's freaks:
    Jake the childish man
    Amy the crazy neat freak
    Terry the scary muscled man
    Rosa the psycho badass
    Holt the most boring man
    Hitchcock and Scully the most incompetent men
    And Charles the Weirdest Showman

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