Joakim Noah: The Most Intense Player In The NBA

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Regardez ce qu’il apporte en défense. En attaque, maintenant.
Ses points dérivés. Son esprit, ses qualités de meneur, sa présence dans les vestiaires,
il a tout. Noah la vole, il se lance, la balle reste en jeu. Noah contre Wade. Wade la récupère,
Noah le contre encore. Noah sauve la balle.
Quel effort de Joakim Noah. Quelle activité. Avec du muscle. C’est du Joakim Noah tout craché. C’est pourquoi il est All-Star. Ce joueur défensif est ce que… On parle de Joakim Noah et de l’intensité
et la passion qu’il a. Chavers arrive, Noah le contre ! C’est une bête. Tout ce qu’il veut, c’est gagner. Ce gars, je crois, est le meilleur
compétiteur qu’on ait à la NBA. Il fait des efforts,
il gagne les matches. Il joue, et il donne tout.
Il joue bien. Mec, je n’ai jamais vu quelqu’un
donner plus que lui. L’effort pour récupérer
le ballon et demander le temps mort. Il donne tout. ACHETEZ DES BILLETS POUR LA NBA


  1. He's the type of player that plays his heart out, any team would love to have him on the roster. Too bad he's never joining the Heat :/

  2. I love what he brings to the game. I used to be a player like that, passion for the game, specially on the defensive end. Noah!!!

  3. The Bulls isn't my favorite team already but Joakim Noah is the only reason why I am still supporting them. I don't really care if they beat my favorite team in a game because this guy is just a beast.

  4. Did KG die or something? I love how Noer hates on KG but is making a career out of copying his style (not play-style, Noer would be lucky to be 1/10th the player KG was in his prime).

  5. Maybe if he worked at making a couple points instead of freaking out every time he touched the ball he would be a better player. It looks like he just conquered the world and no one told him all he did was grab a rebound.

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  7. Guy, guys, guys, Noah doesn't get his passion from KG or copies him. So stop saying that. Just look at Jo's father and you'll know exactly where he got his passion from. Its in his DNA. Not something he just picked up from watching KG…

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  9. Why do people not like him because he loves the game or just no one wants to play against him. The thing is any team can be like the bulls.

  10. most intense..? i'll say in his era. his like kg in his prime and its funny how he hate kg being that way (no offense) best of luck to noah and the bulls this playoffs 

  11. Something weird happened 2 dis evening

    I was walking home from London when I saw dis guy with da same

    Haircut as Noah , dribbling a basketball (not normal in London)

    And wearing a Chicago bull jersey

    I took a picture of dis strange phenomenon

  12. You may hate Him now, but I'm telling you once you experienced watching this man playing for your team, you'll feel that intensity as well.

  13. joahkim noah is an utter waste…he doesnt score….pretends and acts to b shaq though …huhuhahahaa….donno how he has survived n da league for so long 

  14. This Noah is gone. That bulls team plays with no heart. That is why they haven't had success. Nate and noah even rose brought energy to the crowd before but thats history. Such a shame..

  15. Joakim Noah had a six year stretch as the most passionate and effective defensive anchor in the NBA. Don't forget Joakim Noah; he's one of the most memorable players of this generation.

  16. I'm sorry to say he sucks now and he gets about 6 points per game and he went from a all star and defensive player of the year to a dumb role player on the knicks

  17. If I told the Kids today thats once upon a time Derrick Rose and Jokim Noah were arguabley the best Duo in the NBA. You think any of them would believe with those guys are now!!!

  18. If only this same guy still was good. Maybe he would have been good with kristaps. Maybe the Knicks would do something. Between the two of them could score 30-50 a night… Just need other key players on the Knicks.

  19. Didnt post a lot of points. But he is one of the best defensive players to ever play. Cannot imagine if he stayed on the Bulls.. Knicks destroyed his career. Come back to Chicago!!

  20. The funny part is he only gets 1.7 points per game and that’s decreasing soon he will have 0 points per game

  21. I'm from the future 6-23-18 and a lot has happened Xxxtentacion died, Prince died, bulls are trash, Derrick Rose is trash, and Noah isn't even in the nba

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