Jordan S. HomeDax Real Estate Buyer Review – Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

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My name is Jordan Slocum. I work in the marketing
world. I work for an ice cream company called Ample
Hills Creamery. I’m originally from Las Vegas Nevada. I’ve been in New York since 2006. I’ve only lived in one area in New York City. I’ve only lived in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
that’s been my home for 15 years before Bed-Stuy. I heard about HomeDax through my partner Barry. He sold a couple properties through HomeDax
and this was my first time buying so with Barry. My dream was always to have a Brooklyn brownstone
and after meeting Barry and discussing with him his dream, we realized we both had the
same dream. So we found this place here in Bed-Stuy and
now we can call it our home. We both wanted a place that we can kind of
restore renovate as much as we can on her own, so we fell in love with the charm of
this classic brownstone built in the late 1800s. And as soon as I walked through the doors
I knew that this was the home for us. It was renovated about 10 years ago, and it
was like this needs a update kind of restore back to its original content so Barry and
I walked in and we knew that this was the project that we both wanted to get our hands
on. The Department of Buildings in New York is
always a challenge and we definitely have embarked upon several challenges with them. But together we’re a great team and we really
have kind of surpassed the challenges brought our way and looking forward to many more projects. So we closed last year and upon contract and
dealing with Department of Buildings we got permits about three months after we got our
architectural plans approved. So we started right away and now we’re in
August and we’re hopeful to be finished fingers crossed by the end of the month. The Brownstone Boys – we are a blog. We kind of blog about our experience about
home buying and also restoring classic Brooklyn brownstones. We both have in each four design, so together
we realized it was the perfect project. Unlike Barry this is my first time purchasing
a home let alone renovating, and there’s excitement to that, I honestly believe. I feel like there’s a lot of people in New
York that really are interested in renovation project. So as soon as we closed on this place, I thought
that Brownstone Boys would be a perfect opportunity to kind of not only express our experience
but also talk a bit about other Brooklyn design companies and other Brooklyn restoration Kind
of get that involved in our own project. I think this project definitely has got me
bit by the bug of real estate in New York. I’m hoping that while I love this home, I
don’t see it being our forever home, so hopefully in a couple years we can sell it and who knows
what’s out there for us. HomeDax has made my first experience super
easy, and also everybody that we worked with was just such a pleasure and couldn’t be at
our service more.

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