Julia Roberts Accepts GLSEN’s Humanitarian Award | 2014 GLSEN Respect Awards – Los Angeles

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Okay, good news I don’t have a speech Bad news is, my hot husband isn’t here so I apologize to the men folk who were really coming here for that tonight I totally get it…trust me And your hopes were placed properly 25 years IS a long time, Ryan…thank you for pointing that out [laughs] Before I get under the hot white lights of truth [laughs] So here’s what I know for sure, is that my husband was going to do the talking tonight and he is in Texas, hopefully sugar land Texas You know, we, I’m just going to say “we” a lot as though he were here um because he’s my person, he’s that safe harbor for me, the one that makes me feel I can do anything and is there for me when I don’t accomplish my tasks and tells me that tomorrow is another day and we don’t all have that person and I didn’t always have that person so we were so thrilled to be recognized tonight. it’s a bit of a fraud because there’s so much power in conversation that goes on in this room separate from us that I feel like I realized tonight that I serve a purpose as a finger pointer a good finger, not the bad…not that finger pointer but the one that says: look over here, look at this young man who is amazing! [claps] A humanitarian is a person who brings attention to the welfare and good worth of others, so in that regard we are that we are all that I feel like it should just be the big mom award because that’s what moms do all day, every day I mean, I’m normally in my second REM cycle by now people [laughs] You have no idea how long I’ve been awake today So we’ve talked so much about all of the really ugly part of everything and I think that to wrap up the evening, which I’m here to do, I would like to just make a couple of points One- I want to energetically just pour my heart out to all the mothers of all the children who have ever suffered from this kind of bullying and this kind of injustice [clapping] You just want to go in there and beat the shit out of them And you can’t Because then there’s this second wave of bullying “oh your mom just beat the shit out of that guy” I mean try it, right Moms? But also to say to all of you and I realize I’m in my twilight years Ryan…my later years [laughing] I’m not actually old enough to be everybody’s mother however, just to say what is the point if not to be kind, and unconditional in our love and generosity towards one another what is the point of a day that doesn’t have some kind of positive feeling I could’nt get through the day as a mother if my kids didn’t turn around to me at some point and say “I love your earrings!” [laughs} Right? I mean some little gem of a thing where you just stop and say “thank you” That’s all any of us need, is the tiniest bit of encouragement and the young people in this room tonight have encouraged me infinitely I will be a friend to all…I identify tonight as friend to all in this room because I am so moved, I am so amazed, and I feel that it is now our responsibility as the motor family (me and the 4 people who didn’t come) to support all of you in this room in any and every way that we can by the way, the “Q” has been added, but it is “Q+” Right? so Q+ let’s remember that and just remember each other when you go to sleep at night just think to yourself: Tomorrow, I’ll love everybody I’ll see a little bit more [cheering and clapping]


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