1. A rise of CO2 content in the atmosphere of 5 times what it is today (410 ppm.) to about the same level of CO2 during the Jurassic period (a little over 2,000 ppm. ) would not make the world uninhabitable for mankind. It would need to get well above 2,000 ppm or so to even start causing problems for non-plant life. The pitiful 300 or 500 ppm predicted would not even come close the levels seen at the time of the dinosaurs. Sure, it will get a little warmer and the storms might get a little stronger for a while until global temps equalize.

    The world’s bread baskets (the areas that produce food) will most likely move more toward the poles. Possibly turning Northern Siberia and parts of Canada into the next big bread baskets instead of the frozen waste lands they are today…. So things will change, but it will take hundreds of years, more than enough time for populations to move and for food production and industry to adapt. Again, this end of the world scenarios (desertification drought and famine) being promoted is nothing but propaganda used by globalists to push their agenda….. Why would a world with the climate like that found during the Jurassic period be so bad? After all it did in fact produce the largest land animals and plants that ever lived.

    Case in point…….Farmers who run greenhouses pump extra CO2 into their grow rooms to increase production. If it makes their plants produce more food what do you think will happen if all the plants of the entire world get the same treatment?

    With more CO2 comes more plants, with more plants comes more O2 and water vapor (AKA more rain ) and the % of N (nitrogen) in the air drops, the air gets thicker and we all breath better….

    P.S. How do you verify that your mathematical model of future climate change and its affects are correct? You simply compare it to the last time CO2 levels really did reach the predicted levels… And when did that last happen? During the Jurassic, Triassic, and Cretaceous periods, a time of unparalleled plant and animal growth.

    The next time some moron tries to tell you that a modest increase in atmospheric CO2 today will cause the end of the world tell them to go ask a dinosaur if it is true……

  2. You have no idea how much this helped me on my final government paper. Thank you all for the awesome discussion on this case.

  3. Extreme retardation is taking over the world…. at least the media and pockets of loud voices. The vast majority are what is called "the silent majority" who actually work to make a living and can't be bothered about thinly veiled plots to institute global communism by using clueles kids to spout non-intellectual theories…. I would charge the media and schools with Child abuse because those same kids are going to grow up and have to work and eat and make tough decisions about life.

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