1. “I did my best to hide the white people, and try to slander the 3% of black people that live in sf, but the reality is most of the homeless and crazy retards are white people…”

    Notice how it’s a crisis because it’s white people, i don’t feel bad at all for you people…

  2. LOL.. KEEP VOTING BLUE CALIFORNIA!!! Socialism clearly working in California.. It's just a way for GOVT in CA to tax the living hell out of good ppl in order to provide the great services.

  3. This is a symptom of the disease called Corporatism. No politician can fix this.He or she is paid to ignore the root problem and is not qualified to fix these social issues.

  4. Why can't we use THESE people for medical experiments? why not use pedophiles, thieves and rapists too? Instead of innocent animals.

  5. Why the hell do people stay living there? I WOULD NEVER LIVE in a city where this is going on. NEVER!

  6. As much as I feel sad for them. This also makes me angry as a San Franciscan to see the city I love go through this a no one see to be doing anything about the crises

  7. Due to betrayal by government in California and due to stun and inject warfare in federal banking oversight we have lost much but the war never ends .

    If I was president of the homeless I would offer free training for medical assistants Lpn and rn. I would also offer death by opium overdose supervised by doctors in a special death clinic. Fentanyl. Dsuvia. Are the two opioids I would offer.

    I was attacked repeatedly in San Francisco as a federal USA banking repulator fdic Bank Examiner in 1999 and 2000.

    California government in the federal level will turn against you. I barely escaped being murdered and was to be set up for mass homicide and robbery. I escaped Sacramento fdic Roseville drove to San Francisco whole overdosed and brain punctured.

    I am considering euthanasia and see it as a humane if in an opium derivative intravenous drip. I want to do it myself with a dr watching. Slightly open the door to death then slightly pass out. Then have dr push death dose or I will.

    As I see the abuse here I know we need better weapons and shields. Every 10 years a new generation of weapons. Those who attacked me in 1999 should be rid of wealth and house these people in schools or opium death dens. A humane trip

    While flying over New Mexico Arizona Colorado or Nevada I saw a huge silver tarp over a expanse of desert around the time of Courtney love seeing the downed plane in the ocean. Love is likely an impostor and dead in a probability of 51 percent in my estimation

    This tarp I saw in the desert may stop stun and blind weapons from space so that all underneath are not altered. Or it covers the dead and plane debris or a generator for a new powered weapon. .

    What hath Hell wrought? The labyrinth or muni is as bad due to being stunned on the inbound tram downtown coming from the south of the city in 2000.

    FBI Director Freeh Of 1999 had a bad car wreck in 2015. I believe that a stun weapon is being used that uses a laser of intense light through a prism that is directed like a laser incapacitating the mind. The optic area is likely confused or stunned and the entire brain goes blank. But I have been stunned repeatedly at the fdic.

    I caught the fdic robbers red handed. Sometimes if the table is charged or they use handclips or stun bar to back of head your palms feel burned and become red

    I never thought about the tarp as covering the dead of a downed covered up plane. The federal government when under siege does not report murder because it is silenced. A hole was dug next to fdic San Francisco ecker street around 2015. They were relocated briefly it appeared with a fence around the building. Scientologists tried to fight back passively with information like their hole in riverside. Violet ever so violent. How many dead are there. ? Impostors? Stealth machines? No planes hit nyc 9 11 2001. Sock strategy warfare leaves you in the coal burn seaman’s sock strategy. When father spanks you it’s like the first taste only taste of curmudgeon. Through the prism to be kurt with you.

  8. BART has limited resources? City of San Francisco has limited resources? It’s just insulting the percentage of taxes we pay for this city of 💩, and look at the potholes, the streets, and the trash…..They just care about their own money that comes from the techies and that’s it.

  9. I lived in SF for thirty years but escaped last year – the City, once great, is now a black hole.

  10. producers you are really calling human beings with addiction ‘junkies’ ? You’re worse than TMZ

  11. SF has million/billion dollar company's and they don't give asf about that. Most junkies come from another state anyway. At night SF is a whole another city.

  12. homelessness + addiction = junkies in bart hallways !

    It's been in the streets and alley's of S.F for 40 years in the Mission, Tenderloin, and South of Market!

    SF must open MORE REHABS, experiment w supervised shooting galleries, provide meaningful pathways out of homelessness by addressing affordable housing and the gross income inequality the City itself invited by giving 10 year tax breaks to the dominant tech firms there – Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Salesforce, etc.

    Tax them to fund solutions to this crisis.

  13. More Police will not solve the problem. EVER. Other countries put people in rehabilitation. Mandatory! Get them job counseling and training, housing in turn for their work toward sobriety. Addiction reflects a society that has failed. These people need help.

  14. It's so sad how many homeless there are now in the bay area and the drug crisis is out of control. I understand why people want to call them junkies but imagine if it was one of your family members. Life is tough and drugs are highly available. The cost of living is displacing many especially men. The despair and feelings of worthlessness from living on the streets only increases their likelihood of being addicted to drugs.

  15. Honestly I see this every morning, but this has to do with people dealing with mental problems, not really the city or the policy inside the city itself. Most people come from Europe or Asian, but mostly the east coast for the lifestyle or to seek a tech job. I mean imagine someone from a different part of the world want to take your job and willing to sacrifice whatever it take to have it.

  16. KPIX SHAME ON YOU! Calling them Junkies. The blame needs to be put on our United States government. Does anyone at KPIX understand what it’s like to have an addiction to have an addiction to something that Literally tears Your life into 1000 pieces. I really don’t know how to explain in words what needs to be said. I have lived in San Francisco for 15 years, I have been homeless, I have been there. I’ve lost my home, all of my things all of my possessions because of addiction. I was fortunate to not have to go through what those young people and older people that you showed in the video we’re going through. Addiction is a serious thing you can’t do it you can’t win it you can’t solve it on your own. Shame on San Francisco for not taking the steps to remedy this. It’s not their fault they just continuously get pushed from one spot to another spot to the next spot you need to blame the city not them this is all of this city’s fault…

  17. If I don't have to ever go to San Francisco ever again… it would be too soon!
    San Francisco mayor get off your butt and do something!
    You are the mayor of once was a beautiful city.. do something! What about that new governor who came from San Francisco… why hasn't he tried to help? Because now he's governor and the he'll with the people of San Francisco! Shameful!

  18. This is the underbelly of the city they try an hide lol it's just another day in SF to me! Honestly this ain't shit. There's way more problems an no one really cares.

  19. Keep voting these libturd dumb shits in and this is what you get. HAHA…the PC left crowd how's it working out now?

  20. You want a solution my personal opinion is to put private security walking the platforms and riding the trains of the BART station

  21. You can't pay you for police to be everywhere hire private cards and pay them good wages and give them benefits and give them a union

  22. City officials, Gov are all responsible & they are equipped. They dont care cause they are evil & will perish. Thus says the Most high.

  23. Your government abuses Russia, but it is not in Russia. We on the street have no addicts and bums. The bum can be met very seldom, and in San Francisco they through each 10 meters!

  24. Give us your hungry, your huddled masses, your stupid, drug addicted, criminals and people that shit in the street.

  25. Funny how leftists acknowledge laws dont stop people from doing drugs, but they dont acknowledge laws dont keep people from obtaining guns. Hey leftist jackass, if you are reading this: both are the same concept.

  26. Build another jail and public intox everyone of them and felony possesion. Over and over again until they are doing years and not days

  27. You’ve got a nihilism problem producing a lack of values as evidenced by a drug problem being advertised/dismissed as a homelessness problem


  29. Get rebuked for asking for a plastic straw but go ahead and take a stinky steaming dump while syringes are sticking out of your face.

  30. well you have to blame Eric cartman, Kyle and Stan from sending them from south Park to California… they´re the ones to blame…i saw everything live…yeap…with a song called "California Love" they did the job!!

  31. This is what happens when big tech comes to town. Thank goodness Amazon isn't coming to my town. Homelessness is huge in SF because Silicon Valley is pushing more people out of their home. big tech companies is making SF more expensive making what limited housing in the city absolutely impossible to rent never the less own.

  32. The head DEMO 🐀 Nancy Pelosi also has a fix me upper daily routine. Her drug of choice is🧉🍷🥃🍸🍹🍺🍻is not as disgusting as smoking weed.

  33. Fucking nasty place. Super super dirty. SF is like the French Quarter but with more shit, which is astounding considering it’s one of the oldest places in the US. I was in SF this past week for work and couldn’t wait to get back to Austin.

  34. "We have to make the most of our resources…"The clean up crews are a complete waste of resources. They are only reaction to the real problem that won't help very much. The leadership over there needs to get off their asses, get to real work and do the things that must be done, not pussyfoot around the truth that's right in their faces. What the hell are they getting a tax funded pay cheque for anyway?! WTH

  35. This is Reagonomics 40 years later. You need to reopen mental health hospitals and you need to rebuild public housing.

  36. Would somebody please put Nancy Pelosi address here so that these people can have a place to go. Put it in nice big letters

  37. This the US democracy! They are trying to tell the Chinese to try! The problems is everybody in the US government is too busy campaigning, nobody is doing their work! People have no cultural activities! Look at the parks and public squares in China! People are exercising, dancing, singing, everywhere! Nobody forced them to do it!

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