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New York Close Up Bushwick 11.16.10 09:00am Keltie Ferris–Artist So that’s the title of this painting. All exclamation points. That’s obviously my name, that’s me. Date. And the…the arrow for up. [LAUGHS] Less someone hang it upside down. “Keltie Ferris Has A Show” 10:00am CHAD JONES: This is actually your work? KELTIE: Yeah, yeah. I like that briefcase. CHAD: Wow, these are really exciting paintings. KELTIE: Oh, thank you. Chad Jones–ArtCrater CHAD: What’s the verdict on the…the relative…forgive the expression, tackiness. KELTIE: Yeah, yeah [LAUGHS]. Yeah, that’s like the tiniest bit tacky but I think we’re…oh, okay, let’s…let’s shadowbox this one and the rest is fine. CHAD: When’s the opening? KELTIE: Thursday. CHAD: Exciting. KELTIE: I know I am excited. CHAD: Just take this from me. Got a blade with it? KELTIE: Oh that’s smart! They’re good at doing what they’re supposed to do and then I just sort of stand here. [LAUGHS] For like three hours. Basically the whole point of this was I talked…to sort of figure out what I could fit into the show and…. It was an argument tool to convince my gallerist to knock out a wall, which he was very sweet and did for me. It’s kind of cool, you can like imagine like a person walking through there, you know. CHAD: Make sure that we can get out the door. FORREST COMAY: Going down. 03:00pm [TRUCK STARTING] Chelsea 03:30pm ♪ Sean Horton–Gallerist 04:30pm This is a lot to look at. Yeah, absolutely. And that yellow thing. She mixed in graphite or she used a graphite type paint so there’s a slight shimmer to the black as well. You weren’t going to put this in the show? No, I just opened it for you guys. Zoë & Joel Dictow–Collectors. Cool. All right, wonderful to see you. Great to see you. We’ll talk soon. 05:15pm So you go first. KELTIE: Oh my god, that looks great! SEAN: Yeah, but the heights are off. KELTIE: Yeah, the heights are off. SEAN: Yeah, but I think the height on…. KELTIE: It’s alright. We can fix that. SEAN: What do you think about these two? Seems to feel right, right? KELTIE: I hate doing this. SEAN: Maxine to you want to help me just take this one down? All right, well I’ll get my team of installers on this. KELTIE: Stop. [LAUGHS] NICK RAVICH: Happiness? KELTIE: Yeah. Oh, I’m definitely really happy, yeah. I mean I have to… I don’t know. I just went and saw the Rauschenberg show and that was a lot better. [LAUGHS] Than this show. [LAUGHS] I probably shouldn’t say it but, I’m being a little facetious but uh, yeah, I kind of have to just be in here for a while actually before I really know what it looks like. If that makes any sense.


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