Kermit the Frog Flies an Airplane to New York City!

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Yo bro, I heard something in your bathroom. huh? I heard something in your bathroom. What do you mean? I don’t know, I just heard something f*ckin… Do you hear that? Hello? OH SH*T WHAT THE FuCK WHAT THE- WHAT IS HAPPENING We have a ghost in the hou- KERMIT – WTF Kermit?
– WHAT ARE YOU DOING THOSE ARE CLEAN! BRO STOP IT! HEY, STOP! He’s gonna throw the hamper! STOP- STOP IT! …LEAVING FOR NEW YORK IN LIKE 3 HOURS BRO PICK THAT- *throws shampoo bottle* WHAT THE- WHAT ARE YOU DOING KERMIT? GODDAMNIT… ALL ON THE FuCKING GROUND- Mind throwing anything else? JESUS CHRIST *scared laughter* *throws body wash* OH HEUGHUEUHEUE GET THE FuCK OUT GO GO GO I just cleaned off my fUckin sink over here… …well there goes that. RIP Toothbrush Where is it- OH IT’S ON YOUR SOCK OHHHHHHHHH YES YUMMY! Now the next time he brushes his teeth he’s gonna- He’s gonna taste my feet in his mouth No balls. OHHHHHH YUMMY. YUMMY. So do you think he calmed down? I don’t know I hope so… that fUckin frog dude… there’s something wrong with him. – I think so too.
– Kermit? Kermit are you good? Kermit? Kermit? AY WHAT THE FuCK DON’T COME IN HERE I’M TAKING A FuCKIN SHiT Fine I’ll turn the fan on- I’m taking a fUckin sh*t. Can you grab me some fUckin toilet paper what the fUck is this? What is this? Uh… that’s an empty roll- wait THAT WAS A FULL ROLL, YOU USED A FULL ROLL OF- OK WELL I HAD TO USE IT I TAKE FROG SHiTS THEY’RE PHAT *slams* Fat like your fuckin’ stomach you fatass- HEY FuCK YOU, FuCK YOU NO FuCK YOU YOU USED A WHOLE ROLL FuCKIN OF TOILET PAPER, YEAH FuCK YOU HEY YOU SEE THIS? YOU SEE THIS? FuCK IT. FuCK- *slams* I think he’s mad at me- HEY, FuCK YOU! *shuts* Look what I got! Hey! Oh yeah? Yeah you see that, that’s a full roll of toilet paper What do you think of that? GIMME No. Hey hey, it’s right here Oh, it’s just out of your reach- This is your bathroom, right this is your bathroom- Yeah that’s my bathroom get the f*ck outta my bathroom- I’M GONNA FuCK SHiT UP IN HERE *slams* *banging* WHAT IS HE DOING?? KERMIT, HEY! HEY! FuCK YOU HEY! OPEN THIS THING UP. OPEN UP. HEY. KERMIT… Swear to god this fUckin frog… KERMIT HEY *bang bang bang* Get out of my bathroom. *toilet flushing* *knock knock knock knock* *door opening* *creak* oh… shi- *slams* What are you gonna hit me with a plunger?? No balls. – WTF?
– Oh god! Kermit come on, dude, we have to go to bed. Our flight leaves in like 3 hours. Don’t you want some sleep before we go to New York? *slam* Kermit? *slam* *slam* K: Leave me alone ;[ Kermit…okay… I’m sorry for yelling at you. I’m sorry okay? K: Gotta tell you something I’ll open the door- FUCK YOU Kermit, we can work this out, we gotta go to bed bud okay? Don’t you wanna go to New York? We have toothpaste, I mean, it’s Crest… You know advanced health… Apparently frogs like eating toothpaste, Kermit you want some toothpaste before you go to bed? K: Yeah, I wanna go to New York… Okay well then you have to open up the door and you gotta go to bed with me, okay bud? *opens* Y’all right there buddy? – no ;[
– You want some toothpaste? yeah ;[ Here you go… I’m gonna die if I keep laughing this much. Like why would Kermit need toothpaste? Why would he snack on toothpaste? So how’s your day? Goin’ pretty good. Lil tired. Got a flight in about 4 hours? yeah Tryna talk a green talking frog out of this bathroom though. Little more difficult than you think. You look like you have a fUckin mohawk I do. cause IM FuCKIN EDGY *knock knock knock* Come on bud, we gotta go to bed… K: I’m busy. Doing what? *slams* WHAT WERE YOU DOING? *door creaking* Kermit? Did you see his hand? His little fUckin green hand just shut the door on me. Kermit were you just throwing up toothpaste in the toilet? K: no……….. Kermit… what’d I tell you about being bulimic, that’s not healthy… Alright man, I’ll go to New York City without you. WHAT ARE YOU DOING KERMIT STOP JACKING OFF AAAA *slams* Oh my god… I’m done with this frog. K: You gave me the lubricant! ARE YOU USING MY TOOTHPASTE AS LUBRICANT?!? yeah :] THAT’S NOT WHAT IT’S MEANT FOR Sorry for trashing your bathroom… Bro… OH WTF?? What are you eating my nike rapper?? yeah… :[ Bro you’re a little me- you gotta go to bed, come on let’s go to bed. Okay… Jesus christ, Kermit just passed out with a tube of toothpaste in his hand. He jacked off too hard. *knock knock knock* Kermit don’t answer that sh*t it’s too fUckin early… Goddamnit! I was asleep, I was doin’ fine, hello? Anyone out there? Elmo you better not be out there! Swear to god Elmo… motherfUcker HELLO? What the fUck nobody’s out here! Goddamnit, I’m going back to fUckin bed. What the fUck is this? wtf- Huh? EL- WHAT THE FuCK Elmo you scared the fUckin sh*t outta me What are you fUckin doing are you (inaudible) WHY DO YOU HAVE A GUN? Because I wanna go to New York! You can’t come with us, faggot! Put me in the luggage! It’s 5:30 in the morning why are you doing this to us? I wanna go to New York, the Big Apple. You’re not going to New York it’s just me and Kermit! You’re a fuckin idiot just go back to bed. SHUT THE FUCK UP *cocks gun* Oh my god, Kermit he has a gun pointed at you bro I wouldn’t- Yeah that’s what I fUckin thought. I’M IN CHARGE. I’VE GOT A FuCKIN GUN YOU DON’T, I’M GONNA LODGE THIS BITCH IN YOUR FuCKIN THROAT Hey Elmo, Elmo guess what. Did I say you could talk motherfUcker? Did I? DID I? Hey what’s that over there? huh? *looks* IT’S MY GUN NOW BRO. YEAH THINGS HAVE CHANGED, THIS IS THE 2ND TIME WE’VE BEEN OVER THIS SHiT BRO YOU REMEMBER THAT SHiT THE OTHER TIME WHEN YOU WERE PEEKING THROUGH THAT DOOR AND YOU HELD ME AT GUNPOINT? E: TAKE ME!
S: Wait so it’s either I take you to New York or I blow your face off. You love me too much- Well that’s awkward… The clip fell out… Semen covered socks. I think I just started this recording at you saying “semen covered socks” Wow. That’s fUckin perfect timing. These are brand new socks, you asshole. It’s a ghost! There’s a ghost? *gasp* There’s a ghost caught live on camera! I gotta shake the footage so it doesn’t look real! It’s a real ghost! ooOOooOOooOOoo Boo. So it is currently 5:38 in the morning, I have a plane that leaves in about 3 hours- and Kermit what the hell are you doing? But yeah guys I actually have my flight that leaves in about 3 hours, Started to pack all my sh*t up, just about done with everything You going to bed then? yeah He’s going to bed, so, that’s the last we’ll see of Best In Class, GOOD RIDDANCE am I right? Have fun on your trip buddy. Alright man, well I think he’s gonna go to sleep too, Mr. DAI Trickster. It was nice knowing you and I will see you in 5 days. Dude if I fell flat on my ass like that I’d fUckin die. You would die-TRICKSTER *forced laughter* Kill yourself. Alright man, well, it was good knowing ya, I’ll see you in 5 days, alright man? ♪ I like New York City! This place is awesome! Look at that view! That’s New Jersey over there! But you know what? I like New York better. New Jersey over there? They can suck a dick. That over there, that’s New York City. That’s actually a terrace. There’s a terrorist over there? No there’s not a terrorist over there! That’s a terrace. Not a terrorist. No, you said terrorist. – No Elmo is a terrorist.
– I don’t want a terrorist! Yeah neither do I! What about the Statue of Liberty that’s back there, there’s no terrorists over there. No there’s no terrorists over there that’s FREEDOM. THIS IS AMERICA, we don’t have terrorists here, THIS IS AMERICA. So yeah guys, we’re here in New York City, look at this. Look at that view. We’re on the top of a building, place we’re staying at for a few days, super nice place. That over there- is New Jersey, and then… that over there- I can’t see because the fUckin sun’s shining right in my face- Everything over here is New York City. I’ll show you briefly down here, there’s a busy street, as you can hear, a lot of wind. There’s my dad, chillin’ up here and then there’s Kermit, I don’t know what the hell he’s doing So yeah tomorrow’s my sister’s graduation, I probably won’t be doing much tomorrow because I’m gonna go spend the whole day with her, tomorrow’s her day, she’s graduating from fashion school here in New York City so that’s a really big deal to her, congratulations to her, because I know she’s probably watching this video. So congratulations!! Oh yeah I almost forgot, Kermit the Frog has one more thing he wants to tell you guys. So recently I’ve been seeing lots of people making memes out of my videos on the internet or Cereal’s videos on the internet, And what I want you guys to do, is if you see any one of his videos that could possibly be a meme, or funny, just share on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or whatever social media Go ahead and share it, you’re more than welcome to share it, as long as you give him credit. Because it’s really helping his channel out, he’s growing a lot right now, and he really loves it. So Kermit’s right, recently there’s been a couple meme accounts on Facebook and Instagram that have been sharing my videos like crazy, if you guys have noticed, I’ve actually boosted up I think 20,000 subscribers in the last about… week. I’ve gained about 20,000 subscribers and it’s insane. So if you guys see any one of my videos that you feel could be a meme, or funny to share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you guys are more than welcome to always share any one of my videos, as long as you give me credit in a link right below the title of video or in the title of the video. Because again, this is blowing up my channel, it’s amazing, it’s finally making- starting to make me enough money to where I can quit my part time job and do Youtube full time, and it makes me so happy to say that Thank you guys so much for all the support, again I’m still in New York City I’ve been running around all the time here since I’ve been here, I don’t know if I’ll be able to record as much as I wanted to, but I’ll try my best for you guys. Be sure to leave a like on this video if you want more Kermit the Frog stuff Obviously I know you guys do, but I’ll try my best to do something with Kermit in New York while I’m here Thank you guys for watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Captioned by ranch dressing :]


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