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– Everybody’s faking like
they my friend and (beep). What the (beep)? Ain’t nobody got nothing to say? (tense music) The way everyone has
been treating me since this ridiculous blog
post about me and Ryan has me questioning who
my friends really are. I want to know who the
backstabbing bitch is that tried to tell Caesar
that this rumor was true. (tense music) – All I got to say is (beep) gotta be real about they (beep). Your sex life is your sex life. But it’s inflicting, you
already know you and Tati is not as close as y’all used to be. You and Bae is not as
close as you used to be. And me and you has grown apart. But I feel like you’re dragging everybody into your lies right now. – [Woman] What? – What? Well, what am I lying about? – I just want everything to come clean because everybody will
feel so much better. – [Woman In Silver]
This (beep) distracting. Like what does it matter
if you (beep) Ryan? – Because I didn’t (beep) Ryan! – [Woman] Oh my god. – I didn’t (beep)– – Yes you did.
– Hold up. Was anybody there with me? – Yes you did (beep) Ryan! Now what does it matter if you did? – Saw all you bitches. – First of all, I did never (beep) no– – [Woman In Silver] Who
else says they (beep)? – Tatiana said she saw them (beep). (yelling) (tense music) – What does it matter? What does it matter is you (beep)? – Ryan said no, I said no,
so what’s the conversation about now at this point? – You’re lying! – The truth is, nobody gives
a (beep) whether or not Kitty (beep) Ryan. My problem here is that your drama is turning me into a liar. I saw everything that went down. I was at Essence Fest with Kitty and Ryan. Caesar came up to me
asking me if it was true. I had enough. I’m not gonna stand for
some (beep) like that. That’s not me. I’m not a liar here. – Tati, you said–
– What does it matter? What does it matter if you (beep) him? – ‘Cause y’all all in my business! – What does it matter? – I can’t (beep) believe that it was Tati. I honestly thought that
her and all these bitches were my friends. And they keep screaming
about, “Oh, it’s my (beep) “and I can do whatever I want with it.” Then why are they trying to tell me what I did and didn’t do with it? Mind your own damn business
and shut the (beep) up! No, no, no, no, no– – No, stop, stop! – No, no, stop. No, stop, no, stop.
– I really think it’s bull (beep) that
you’re not keeping it real. – I’m keeping it real. Stop doing. Why do y’all want me to (beep) him?
– You wanna know why? You wanna know why? It’s because I care about you and this (beep) don’t
give a (beep) about you. That’s why. He don’t give a (beep) about you. He ain’t check on you. You are confused ’cause you think that he give a (beep) about you. (yelling) – Everything talk to you. Then you come to me, you
come to me like this? – What are you doing right now? (yelling) Who cares if you (beep) Ryan? (intense music)


  1. Krystal is still ugly . There I said it ! And clearly jealous of kitt . Ceaser didn’t even take up for her and had her looking stupid standing outside a party she got taken out of 😭.

  2. Y'all know Donna snitching on everyone. However, it's not Tatiana's place to tell Kitty business. It doesn't matter who she's fucking, it's her box. Period.

  3. They better leave kit alone she had a hard year after the lose of her parent. It’s sad how their all going against her no matter if she’s saying she didn’t do it leave it alone

  4. Kitty keep your friendship with Ryan He has AWESOME qualities and can be a better person with positive engery such as your self. I do understand your point of view…be happy the hell with drama find your happy !🙏❤

  5. Kitty is me when my friends at school scold me about something like snitching on kids vaping and I feel her frustration about this

  6. You supposed to hold your friends down talking about I cant lie for you. If you're someone's friend you ride for them. She clearly is jealous of Kit

  7. Yooo girls like Tati gets knocked out!!! This is why I barely call people my friend. That was really messed up, it’s always the ones close to you man smh. I hope kitty knock her out. Ughhh that made me mad

  8. Why are they doing all this arguing into a microphone tho..? nobody there look like they was tryna hear it nor did they care all of em just look flat out crazy 🙄

  9. Bottom line They don't know the meaning of a Friend.. "B" Friend me Not "B" Tray looks like they put in some work😈 crossing Kit..At a time like this.. Wha!!

  10. Tati acting shady you don't like other's in your business so don't call out Kitty anyways Donna you can't talk you lied for months about smashing Alex and Tati why the hell you watching 👀

  11. 1. Tati u wrong for putting her on blast
    2. Sis the guilt is all over your face at this point I know u did it…
    3. Why does cease care if they not together

  12. Kitty should have whopped Tati snake ass especially since you had her back while Teddy was making a complete fool out of her dumb ass the entire time she been on this show

  13. Cease is playing puppet master 😂🤣 dance puppets dance Tati should of known she would of had ay fade coming but now she in the club black ink just like sky she just proofed she gang gang🤣

  14. Cancer is real
    Diabetes is real
    A stroke is real
    Prostate cancer is real
    Homelessness is real
    Bullying is real.

    Is this show making anyting better for any of us ?

  15. Wow tati, you were my favorite person on this show till you showed your disloyalty to someone who was there for you. POS, #thesehoesaintloyal..

  16. Welp Tati deserved that ass beating 🤷‍♀️ if you're my friend you aren't going to put my business out there 🙄 even if you are trying to prove a point to me. I wanted to like Tati but she's unloyal bitch a long with the rest. Kit didn't deserve any of that, whether it's true or not it's her business. They are all childish af.

  17. To think I liked Tati…ugh, that is why I have a few girlfriends. Girls will be your "friend", bite you and then leave you in your own pool of blood

  18. Every time you let a "Tati," come in to your bizz, they always justify "turning on you, w/o, you ever suspecting it was them." Divide & conquer. Tati shuda been dropped a long time ago. Js

  19. Tati wanted them to have sex so bad. First off her mother passed away. The rules of her friendship is all the way fucked

  20. If ryan said him and kitty didn't sleep together why do ya'll keep feeding into it? They're all messy especially tati

  21. Ya!This women are just faking this thing up to get more ratings if this thing is true than kitty will unfollow sky insta who started this outrageous thing at the first place then what she called faking friends (donaa) but though she followed them still… And they just faking it….its stupid low fake.. People need to know this lame stories lines that big fish produce and vh1 air… Plus 💯 % she will be back next season or the after… So everyone please chill out and go and watch another real realities shows.

  22. Ya! This women are just faking this thing up to get more ratings if this thing is true than kitty will be now unfollowing sky insta.. Or will fight the one who started this outrageous thing at the first place(sky) instead she came to prom and took a Pic with her, so here Kitt looking at the 🐘 but she chooses to fight his shadow instead (tatti)…or she will also unfollow what she called faking friends (donaa) but though she followed them…. So they just faking it….and its a stupid low fake… People need to know this lame storylines that big fish produce and vh1 air… Plus 💯 % she will be back next season or the after… So everyone please chill out and go and watch another real realities shows.

  23. VH1 needs new writers..Im sick of the fake relationships and fake break-ups 💆🏾‍♀️. They might as well write in CESAR MARRIES SKYY because she's snitches/lies on every woman he's with🤷🏾‍♀️.

  24. First and foremost kitty got a lil more business about herself then any of those females. Cesar jealous and I’m tired of the baby momma that looks like she was a character on mortal Kombat.

  25. Tati saying “What does it matter” but then again if it don’t matter to you then why you in Kitty’s business, and causing all this mess but “it don’t matter to you right”. Jealously is powerful. Becareful who you call your “friends”.

  26. Okay tati it wasn’t your business to tell though you see something suspect and that’s your “friend” you don’t tell nobody if you aren’t kits vagina then stfu and stop talking like it.

  27. First of all…let's not forget Skyye messy ass starting all of this. She only worried about herself and her "brother" because hes her source of checks coming in, she pushin her negativity on others and directing attention to others after loosing her shop. After she tried to toast to the rumor thing I would of got up and toasted her loosing her shop. I'm tired of watching Skyy be so messy. Secondly Tati needs to mind her business because she just hopped onto the homie in the other shop, and thirdly Donna has NO room to talk at all. Too much to say about Donna to even start. How you gonna do Kit like that after she been there for everyone up in the shop. Kit is Gorgeous and she's classy they just found a way to try to tear her down because misery needs company. And even though her mother just passed, she is strong af. She deserves way better, then these back stabbers.

    Me: Then why would u tell cesar?

    Who cares if they fucked it doesn't matter and she just lossed her mom!!! Leave that woman tf alone

  29. Wow……Tati I'm disappointed. Kitty I'm so sorry especially after losing your mother wow…Kitty has been content, classy and respectful. This was some straight bully sh*t. I hope she beat Tati ass. Maybe Tati want Kit for herself so she's mad.

  30. I like Kitty but you can tell she's lying. But I'm not sure why because Ceaser is not her man and he hit everything in sight. She is single so let her mingle with whoever she wants.

  31. All i see is Jealously, Tati is clearly jealous of Kitty. I don't know for what, I don't know if it is kitty's beauty, I don't know if Tati wanted Ryan but instead he went for Kitty, or heck maybe Tati wanted Ceas, and he too even went for kitty. But Tati is definitely jealous, if nothing matters why did you even open your mouth. But newsflash, it does matter, the woman has lost her job over these allegations becuase honestly we don't know if they are true. I will say this I do see chemistry between ryan and Kitty, but I don't think they slept together, they may have kissed or even gone to 3rd base (whatever that is, I never really understand the base analogy outside of a home run) which may have been what tati witnessed, but even if that did happen who cares. If I was Kit I'd sue every single person in that shop and take Cease to the cleaners! Take everything girl! Get paid for the rest of your life, they took your check away now take money out of theirs…. foreva (in my Cardi B voice). Sorry yall I know the Lord says turn the other cheek but my goodness leave the woman alone!

  32. 😂🤣 uhm okay everyone is crying because they are going after her shortly after her mother passes. So what do you do in that case? Wait till she mourns then go after her? Lmfao get real people! If my mom dies and I’m a snake that doesn’t change the fact that I’m still a damn snake.

  33. Tati mad cause Ryan chose. Look at the pic of the three of them… she standing there lookin like a whole troll.

  34. The fact they was just supporting her at her moms funeral and now they being messy af NOW and she going thru a lot more than them I can’t stand fake ppl……….!!!!!

  35. I hate that they’re really tryna force this on her. Her and Ryan already said they didn’t. At this point, they just want her to confirm what they assume 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ Fake af

  36. I don't care about kit sexing anyone🙄, but seriously 🗣Tati has hell of talent besides catching a case 😎the editing is fckd up I don't know who to trust only real couples I see is Walt/puma/OhShit🤨 Oan 🗣PLOT TWIST CEASE REALLY SCREWING BUDDY W/BLONDE HAIR 😂🧐Its clear as day😹

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