Knicks Beat Celtics

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who didn’t get calls were the celtics
uh… with uh… uh… to technicals in the fourth quarter one hundred made only
a one on such a problem which and uh… uh… the celtics though uh… uh… had
uh… right came back to the big lead on the next in the
second half of this sort of melted down fourth quarter as uh… carmelo anthony played like a
big time player down the stretch the and thirty-seven thirty seven in the but on the celtics
and i see that you had to nonsense technicals from joy crawford and the
fourth quarter really determinative technicals they won by two they called
too uh… any game with fifty three thousand
feet by three through shot six tax at all you don’t have fall pierce and rondo thirty-one and thirty nine a
twelve from the free throw line any shouts of jump three of six like you worked on it all summer and in
fact i you ought to be has not been released seven here is that while saying
three six on the on the tutsi neighbors at the rate so uh… but if you uh…
you know high i got it what you know to be steve corporate this guy’s got a
jumper where they got to come up the little bit holes on the celtics and one game and
they lost it but i will send feel like you know what
maybe they don’t one more and uh… you know the
discontent schedule they’re gonna struggle without jeff green with those old like
they’re gonna be some stretches this they have one stretch of remember also
that one seven game in nine days that’s gonna kill ’em and against them as that stretch for the
film wind down nonetheless come playoff time i’m back
in from the celtics in front of them much better and thank god they didn’t
trade thank god that they would be a little more encouraging if they didn’t i
understand he’s in there for like defensive purposes in the because that’s where the ball or
anything the plane murky staples thirty minutes yahoo gameplay understand appears as
backup lately each one more well this is south of solid growth the solid suitor
put him in the first point here’s who knows what he’s doing dr like that so i kind of a until about a
year you know you know it’s murky scales to but i see a guy with uh… hangin in
there the way they did their without pierce uh… the uh… they are read out of the
next forty one thirty one the next with what against out of my rotation janelle
thursday are blocked a lot of shops with retriever from thirty seven minutes
three rebounds in thirty seven s he’s eight feet tall so anyway edged and i’m psyched and be
back in the till action tonight maybe just for this but i don’t know who’ll analytical occurred uh…
politically the who owns the word there’s talk about going back to the
books which is very exciting the political uh… knowitall after that i don’t think
so everybody wants it so i don’t know why i
just don’t think it’ll happen witcher david based on the reason that they changed the name
before was because will first they thought it was too
violent uh… and then uh… what’s his name aerials something whoever on the
team at the time table eight now was at a point it was ok i’d believe you’ve
uh… people in his friend jets shot her size somethin of that sort of any change
the name unite ideas he’s dead in his wife says it’s ok ok all thought it was
the author of the automatically put under seige of yet another murder but
anyway it would be very change the logo back started out bullets logo just says
workers and uh… the wizards were the worst
names of all time the bullets one of the best nobody else is called the most
uh… so anyway we got the nets tonight allow our chances about what they have that one year by
the way it goes to one howard criticize for and who is the there was
another big game right stricken now you have the right fit for the above
seventy five three hot dogs before that game vomit according really yet last recording like
comes out thoughts before they can trust reforms where do so we’re to me to really know what the
analysis if that works for john calipari yeah oh yeah and that’s for sure fell
apart in order so print you work within first at memphis so we can get peripherals for cover chicago less
restrictive uh… judge just uh… that would chris rosetta chris rosie citrus
fruit stupidity and send it to the their yeah okay simplistic stockton state david grows uh… uh… somebody called an n_f_l_
play-by-play announcer this weekend jerry sandusky try to find out who it is was there an absurd and i felt
play-by-play announcer named jerry sandusky because they were articles that i fell
radio and the guy comes back to the secretary sandusky on the call bengals
cardinals or whatever was there is no way in right and i was like she sent us
this is third leg i get as you said you must be a different or diverge area
mecca if june that terrible phone call from one here uh… expert


  1. This win was bitter sweet as a Knicks fan because I know that if Paul Pierce had played, the outcome might have been very different.

  2. I love this celtics team. If they are healthy this team can beat anybody i really believe that. They have to be healthy tho.

  3. @tyakack yeah but they aren't and that Jeff Green injury will hurt them down the stretch because he's young and a good player and he add's depth.

  4. @tyakack The Celtics acquiring Brandon Bass was one of the biggest moves this offseason that no one has talked about. Dumping the charge machine Glenn Davis and getting a legit power forward, although undersized, was HUGE. Has a better midrange J, boxes out better, just a better player. Great move by the C's and a nice upgrade.

  5. @koalalauncher Agree w Perkins trade. JO should be seen exactly as he is man. He's 33 yrs old, his best yrs are behind. Don't think for 1 second he will be the same player as he was w the Blazers & Pacers. He can be a 15 and 9 guy on a GOOD night. The 1 thing you have going for you is, aside from Orlando, Atlanta & New York, the top Eastern Conference teams all have mediocre big men. Noah has no O, Boozer has no D for Bulls, Heat have Joel Anthony, 76ers have Hawes, Pacers have Hibbert…


  6. @tytsports I can see sarcasm is lost on you Rick. I'll remember for next time. I don't like Pierce because he plays for Boston, and I'm a Philly fan.

  7. refs need to stop being sensitive in calling t's on players. the game gets emotional. the nba needs to understand that & stop tryna turn players into robots

  8. i was pretty impressed with the Celtic's in how they kept it close and cameback from a big deficit.i think the celtics gonna fall into the 5-8 spot in the finals.
    got the knicks in the top 4

  9. Ben, there's a Baltimore Ravens radio guy named Gerry Sandusky. He has been getting death threats via phone and email ever since the Penn State debacle. Thumbs up for them to see this.

  10. @tytsports this type of editing with a split screen looks 100x better than the normal TYT show with Jesus and J.R. in the back. It looks dirty and sketchy for some reason. Maybe it is due to the funny angle that shows, what appears to be a "computer lab room" haha. Please pass the word, thanks.

  11. Another reason they won't be the bullets is because of the Gilbert Arenas-Javaris Gun saga, even though they're both not on the team

  12. @Desi9 It's comin. I'm waiting to release those clips on a slow news day. Also have the FULL Dan Shulman interview for you guys. Stay tuned…


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