Kobe Bryant Career Highlights Compilation – The Gold Legend

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best dunk ever one DUNKBUSTER PRESENTS *K O B E BRYANT* THANK YOU remember the name It’s amazing He dunked that so nice Like this y’all EMINEM’s MUSIC PLAYING 20% SKILL o h h h h h


  1. awesome video. Greatest ever. his concentration, awareness and knowledge of basketball is somthin very special, the will to win and work he put in

  2. I don't play basketball..
    I play football/soccer..
    Everytime I kick the ball towards goal, I say "Kobe!" I don't know why but it goes in..

  3. Just watched Jordan Highlights and this right after . I just reassured myself I’ve been correct that Kobe is the goat

  4. Kind of boring highlights…that's why MJ will never be forgot, put his highlights from only one of his peak years and they are far more spectacular than any other total career highlight from any other player.

  5. Kobe- I know you have enough time to read public comments on highlight videos like this of yourself since you retired. Quit thinking you deserved everyone of those rings, give up 2002 when you know deep inside the league helped you out in Sacramento game 6.. I stopped watching nba bcause of that rigged game & i live in LA.. used to be fanatic fan..

  6. People say Kobe copied MJs style. If it was so easy then how come no one else could master it. Today's nba, everybody copies each other and just wants to shoot 3's

  7. Its sad that the last eight years of his career was basically wasted. Nobody wanted to come and play with Kobe to LA and the organization as a whole was just trash. He deserved better

  8. Thankyou for the love , passion , hard work , intensity , drive , sacrifices , the ambition you showed in everygame you played in ! It was easy to see why you were so successful at this game we love . I could litterally feel the emotions you were going through in some games your energy was that real and intense . Thanks Koby Bryant for the memories of you . Los Angeles Lakers foo life !

  9. We need a 2019 updated version of this with sick edits brotha!! i feel like its about damn time kobe gets a 20mins version of this. Great video btw but need a more Dramatic music mix with the upbeat gotta give the audience an emotional music

  10. Not really a basketball fan but Kobe Bryant is the best Laker of all time. I'd take him over Lebron any day

  11. I was obsessed with TMac and AI in high school, thought the ‘04 pistons were the greatest team ever, and was hyped about Lebron, as I get older I realize who my favorite player of all time is. #Mamba

  12. I have no dog in the race but I can't say that either one's athletic ability is better than the other, and I'm actually leaning toward Kobe.

  13. this will sound crazy but I had an edible while watching this and I really think Kobe is better than Lebron. Kobe came before the time Jordan was supposed to really retire. The stars aligned well enough to have an aging Jordan still in the league while an up and coming Kobe came on the same. Not sure what the process is called astronomically but both star where habiting the place. Because they existed in the same dimensions, it creates an effect which then, in turn, created Lebron. Just like we are stardust on Earth because of the sun creation, we are stardust when it comes to the Jordan/Kobe/Lebron debate. the debate is the debate on the strongest sun to ever be created. This argument is flawed but so is Science. Peace and Love fans

  14. There isn’t anyone in NBA history I would rather see taking the game winning shot….Kobe was the most clutch player to ever play the game. Yes, more clutch than jordan

  15. Hey! If I give you video credit, can I use your video for a voiceover Kobe video on my channel?

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