Kobe – pivot/spin move vs. Knicks @ The Garden

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  1. Well, this is not traveling as long as you jump off your immobile planted foot. If you jump off your movable foot, then it's a travel. the travel is not on your pivot foot leaving the ground. The traveling is resulted just before you jump off your movable foot because you have lifted the pivot foot (and took a step) before you take off the pass or shoot. In this vid, kobe didn't travel, but in some other he did. Still, he's too fast to be caught XD

  2. it wasn't travel at all, he used left foot as pivot. He did a fake shot then a about 300 degree spin clockwise very quickly. The difficult part of this move is the timing to use it and doing it so quickly. Almost everyone can do this move but it's just hard to get a timing like this in the video and spin so quickly for 300 degree. (I said about 300 degree coz it's not a full round spin.

  3. @8TheBlackMamba24 The thing is if you jump with both foot then it's not a traveling violation otherwise it is. Tho in a real game this kind of combos are too quick for the refs to judge if you jump with two foot or one i guess.

  4. @silverblackhoe MJ's move?? what the fuck are you talking about?? i've NEVER seen MJ do that…..so get the fuck out of here with you MJ bullcrap

  5. @silverblackhoe "stupid asscrap fatard"??? lol damn that imature huh?? anyway who the fuck is talking about "many pivots"?? im talking about this particular move you moron

  6. ur allowed to lift your pivot foot, u just can't let it touch the ground again. nice move, not traveling.

  7. He's on his left pivot u can go in a circle wit ur pivot does anyone kno how to play ball nowadays for someone to say that is traveling u have to be a scrub to not kno how to pivot in basketball.lol

  8. @adi1096 I don't think he thought he was gonna miss it. If he thought he was going to miss it, he probably would have said "no."

  9. this is such a great move! ever since i saw this game ive been using that move and it works everytime

  10. Kobe is my favourite player i look up to the guy. He is unstoppable! As George Karl said "jesus would have trouble covering kobe"

  11. I do this all the time in games(streetball) but niggas always saying im traveling.
    I know damn well it isn't b/c Kobe does it all the time.

  12. My brother try's to do this move but always takes an extra step by picking up his pivot foot.. He thinks it's he can take that extra step without releasing the ball and I tell him u got to release the ball or that's travelin … Still arguing over it .. He had to see this Kobe Pivot…

  13. Not trying to Kobe bash or anything, I just want to know because I see this all the time during pickup games. After he does the spin, isn't he lifting his pivot foot a split second earlier while his other foot is still on the ground?
    I'm just asking because my friend does the spin move but its not a split second, he lifts his pivot foot and jumps off his other foot. That is a travel no?

  14. Although Kobe is one of my favorite players, I'd have to deem this move to be a travel. If you watch closely you'll see that when he takes a jumpstop the momentum causes him to move forward. Real obvious if you watch closely

  15. There is no "jumpstop". A jumpstop is when a player dribbles and then jumps and lands on two feet. He simply dribbles and shot fakes.

  16. actually it is call a hesitation, he never actually hold it in two hand, instead he dribble and let the ball fly into his hand then stop, move two step with the spin move and jump and shoot.

  17. most of the time its warranted (not to say kobe doesnt travel a little bit from time to time) because lebron slides his pivot foot before his drives more than anyone else in the league

  18. if lebron did it he would have travelled. just like he did when he tried to throw it off the backboard like kobe. what was that? 5 steps?

  19. Kobe pivoted his left foot, spun around it and could have 1) jumped off two foot, 2) jumped off the right foot, but the left foot left the ground first by abit (which is technically a travel). Ref's don't usually call that because 1) they might not see it, 2) if NBA stops for every little motion of traveling (stutter steps, trips, sliding), the game would be rather choppy and slow.

  20. Do you know what the pivot foot means? Also, can you see? If your answer to both of these questions is yes, I feel sorry for you. More so than if your answer were no.

  21. The foot that you plant and don't move. Say you have the ball dribble and then pump fake. After that you can move one foot however you want but the other foot needs to stay on the ground. The foot that shouldn't move is called the pivot foot. The toe should remain planted on the ground firmly and you can turn around using it as a pivot.

  22. That's what lebron need in his game.
    Finnese and footwork.

    The ability to make a fadeaway jumpshot off a couple jab moves and pump fakes is what i want to see lebron do

  23. Lebron is pure athetic power, Kobe has more finesse, even Melo has more offensive weapons than Lebron, i'm not saying they're better, Melo certainly doesn't have the same level of BB IQ.

  24. Are you sure he jumped? I see a pump fake, he never jumped, he then spins around his pivot foot, he didn't travel.

  25. Nawh bro, I'm saying he has the option of jumping either 2 feet, or off the right foot (his left foot was the pivot) for his shot. But his left foot left the ground a tad faster than his right, which is technically a travel under FIBA, though some wise guy has pointed out to me that it isn't a travel in the NBA.

  26. Well, i'm another wise guy who tells you he didn't travel. Under NBA regulations if you jump from your pivot foot you either pass the ball or shoot. Kobe shoot, so he didn't travel. If he landed again it would be a travel, but he didn't. Don't be so stubborn. Many NBA rules are different from FIBA.

  27. travelling… his left foot (pivot foot) is not stable, it jumps a few inches in the air. still a tough call for the ref cause of the speed of the move

  28. This looks like an incredible move, but it's actually very easy to replicate. Why Kobe is such a likable player.

  29. The move is not rocket science. But the combo, and the context behind it, makes it amazing. He went at the defender full speed, hesitated, tried to turn the corner, faked a pull up jumper, AND THEN did the move. Plus this was the game he broke Bernard King's scoring record on MSG (61 points), because spike lee is shooting the game for a Documentary. (Kobe Doin' Work.)

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