Kristaps Porzingis (New York Knicks) – Torn ACL | Injury Report with Dr. Phil | Bridgeside Sports

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Dr. Phil Cags from Bridgeside Sports
bringing you the Injury Report. It is tough to be a Knicks fan. There’s just no
other way to put it. Just when they have something to give you hope, they know
exactly how to crush us. Kristaps Porzingis- the shining star the Knicks-
went down with a torn ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament.
There aren’t many injuries that put you on the shelf longer than that. The ACL is
crucial for knee stability during jumping, running, cutting, and playing
basketball. KP skyed over the defenders for a dunk, and then as he landed his
left knee buckled inwards, or in a valgus direction. Textbook. Without any
medical experience, every Knick fan knew he tore his ACL, because well, they’re the
Knicks! The timetable for these injuries starts at 9 to 12 months after surgery,
so you can expect to wait for KP to return around the middle of next season!
I’ll see you guys next time for Injury Report, hopefully reporting an injury
that doesn’t leave me heartbroken. GoBridgeside.

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