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– What’s up, you guys? I’m Kristen Mcatee and today, I will be driving
tourists around Los Angeles in a pedicab. Anybody wanna put their
lives in my hands? Anyone? Anyone? (hip hop music) I’ve teamed up with 3 Musketeers in an effort to spread
some positivity. Today, I’ll be riding
around Los Angeles, giving tours in this pedicab to, hopefully,
brighten someone’s day. I’m here with Andrew right now. He’s gonna help me do this. I have no idea what I’m doing. What got you started in it? – It was, first, as
a way to stay fit, but I also like helping
people out giving them rides. – Yeah.
– Where they need to go. – What do you think it takes
to be an excellent driver? – Safety more than
anything else. – So, safety and then I also
have to talk at the same time. – Yeah. (rock music) What you wanna always remember is keep your hands
on the breaks. – That’s good. – Just in case you have to stop. It’s a tricycle, so you’re
never really gonna fall over. – I’m actually
glad you said that. (Andrew laughing) – All right. Kristen, you ready
for your turn? – Let’s do it. – All right.
– Oh, my God. (Kristen screams) I feel like I’m falling! – Don’t move your
weight to any one side. Just move the handlebars. – The left turns scare me. I can’t go left! (Andrew laughing) I can’t go left! – Let’s pretend I’m gonna be
a real customer now, okay? – Okay, I gotta start
screaming first. (both laughing) – Thank you very much
for picking me up, ma’am. – Oh, yeah, for sure. How you doing today? You know, I love your shoes. – My goodness.
– I’m so glad you’re not walking. – Flattery will
get you everywhere. (Kristen chuckles) – I don’t know, man,
I think I got this. I think I’m ready to take
it to the real streets. How do I get off? We’re ready to go downtown,
spread some positivity and pick up some real people. (upbeat music) Hey, ladies! Interested in a
free pedicab ride? – Sure. – Yeah. – We’re going a few
blocks that way. – Yeah, it’s totally fine. – Okay. – Feel free to treat
yourself to a 3 Musketeers. – Okay, great! – Where you guys from? – I’m from Boston. I’m visiting. Wait, what neighborhood is this? What neighborhood are we in? – This is the Arts District. It’s very low-key, a
little more hipster vibe. (pedicab chains rattling) What do you do? – I’m a DJ. – Ooh! – [Lady In The Yellow Top] Yeah. – Fun! – [Lady In The Yellow
Top] What do you do? – Pedicab. – Oh, hi!
– Hi! Would you like a
free pedicab ride? I’m really good. – Sure! Beats walking. – Right? I love your shirt
that is so cool! – [Man In The Hat]
Oh, thank you! – Have fun working. – Thanks! Got it. All right, well, I
officially tried pedicab-ing and I’d say I’m pretty good, but my legs are really sore now, so I’m gonna go home
and ice theses puppies. I’ll see you guys next time. (jazzy music)


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