Krystal visits the INR in Los Angeles 720p

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All right. So, I am one week post my first injection. I am amazed at how well I’m doing. I’m taking better strides, my heel steps better I’m able to open my hand up When I get nervous obviously it does tense up It sort of is tensing up right now I’m able to, like my speech isn’t slurred as much my smile is more straight Everything, umm…my balance is amazing, because last time I could only balance for like one second yesterday I was at the gym and I balanced for longer than like 15 seconds I did my normal gym routine and it was so much easier. Umm…just walking around it feels so much lighter and I haven’t actually tripped At all…normally I trip 10 times a day at least. And normally I have at least like 2 falls a week. I haven’t fell and fallen down at all It’s just absolutely amazing. I love what these doctors and these guys have done for me. They’ve just They’ve just, umm…renewed my life.

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