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♪♪ I’ve always wanted to live in
Los Angeles, ever since I was a little kid. Just from growing up in a small
city, you know, you wanna be in a big city. You know, once I moved here
it was just like two peas in a pod pretty much. Growing up as a kid, I never
really left the state, I hardly ever really
left Flint. And then going to Utah, that
was already a big enough culture shock. And then,
going all the way to L.A. it’s totally different. I expanded my horizons this
summer about just eating different. Because I’ve always been
a picky eater. I experienced couscous for
the first time, what else, quinoa. I’m glad I play basketball
because I’d probably be like 300lbs. right now, for sure. Our menu and our inspiration is driven by the products
that we can get. We can get the best produce
in America. People in L.A. love to eat, like
really fresh food and so we really just like let those ingredients sing. [Kyle] Ah! [Kyle] There it is! Ultimately, we just want to have
a place that means something to the city and is
very unique to L.A. What comes with travel is
definitely food [Kyle] Oh, this is pretty good. [Kyle] Man. It’s pretty fun to, you know,
see what other cultures eat. Every little city has it’s
different type of taste. Once I moved here, I just
wanted to make this my home and I’ve seen a lot of the city. I bought a house here in the
quick year and a half that I’ve been in the league,
so… I had like a college house
at first. Like, I just had plain walls
and a TV. I thought it was poppin when
I just had a TV but I was like, “Man, this
is boring.” I went to some people’s houses
and the had art and I’m like, “Man, I gotta get
this.” Los Angeles is an amazing
place to be able to have the freedom to explore
creativity. With this project in particular,
taking a material that is so loaded with a very
specific class disparity and then taking a sport that has
no barrier to entry and everyone can participate, it is a really interesting and
clean platform for storytelling and conversation. [Kyle] Ya this is definitely
unique. [Victor] We made something
special for you. [Kyle] Really? [Kyle] Oh this is sweet
right here. [Victor] So it’s a porcelain
basketball that I break and rejoin with this Japanese
technique called “Kintsugi” [Kyle] Right. [Victor] And it’s all about sort
of celebrating imperfection of a vessel which I felt like paralleled
the athlete’s journey perfectly. [Kyle] Ya, nothing’s perfect. [Victor] Exactly. I don’t really believe in
pressure. My job’s easy, like I play basketball. I think
pressure is trying to make it out of Flint. You know, this is fun, like
I don’t really see no pressure. Coming into the league, you
think you dress nice and then you see your teammates
and you’re like, “Oh… I gotta pick my s*** up.” I’m a 6’9″, long, like
unproportionate person for like clothes. You’re not gonna have that in
a Gucci store. Going to a warehouse where
they got hella clothes, like that’s like perfect for me and
I can pick it out and build a relationship. What’s cool about modern luxury
and modern fashion is it’s not so strict anymore. New luxury is about being
yourself and being relaxed and the question is, how do you
make things that are relaxed, but still at the highest
caliber? So, I think starting with the
best materials in the world gives you the best starting
point. I always enjoy seeing people
wear my clothes because it always shows me that this
person that I imagined wearing this exists, and that idea found
the person that it was meant to connect to. [Mike] Being from Los Angeles,
I remember kinda growing up and the one thing I would always
kinda look at was the guys wearing their purple and gold
and watching, like, this new generation of guys like
you reminds me of that. So, I thought this might be
perfect for you. [Kyle] Ya, this is fire.
I appreciate it. [Mike] Ya of course, man. [Mike] It’s good!
Oh! Crazy! I just feel like, I’m not a
celebrity so like when I go places, it used to annoy me
like man, I can’t even do this, I can’t do that, but
I pretty much asked for this. Now I look back at it,
it’s like… I wouldn’t want it any
other way.


  1. The Lakers need to sign a real superstar to play with Kuzma. Trade that bum LeBron who doesn't play defense for one.

  2. Kyle Kuzma guide to Los Angeles??🤔 I was born and raised in East L.A. (Boyle Heights) Pico Garden projects, I’ll give you the best guide to L.A. ?? Fuck the media bitches, come into my world!! Muthafuckers want to come to L.A. and try to own it , I welcome them with a big “FUCK YOU”!!

  3. ok so you could make a porcelain basketball, break it and paint some shits on and sell it for a fortune in LA? I'm moving there asap

  4. Kuzma don’t go to NY people there are dry come to Miami Florida is Better and people will love you here more 🤣

  5. Imagine if he did a guide of his hometown that shit would be 10 secs long, here my high school and the local Walmart , the end.

  6. Amazing content. I'm fairly sure that these will influence players in free agency decisions.

    Which reminds me, please make one of Portland!

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  8. I dont know, not the typical guide through LA. Average person will give you the best taco spots and brew spots. That's LA to me

  9. I pray to basketball gods for him to not get traded. He is built for LA. There is nobody in that Lakers team that is more suited to play in LA than him; not even LeBron. I feel Like LeBron is only there for the glamour of it. He's just there to retire.

  10. They finnessin the shit outa kuz… our ingredients are the best in the world…the materials in our clothing best on the world… only 100$ + a meal and 1000$ + a t-shirt because ya know quality

  11. My favorite drafted Laker player. I hope they keep him, but Magic probably gonna trade him for a second round pick and a bag of chips

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  13. I'm My Ball Family's Keeper!!! Gelo & Melo Are To Be Drafted In 2019 By My Cannibalistic Lakers Dynasties Family!!! The Sooner They Come Home With FAMILY The Motherfucking Better Becomes The Motherfucking Best!!! I Am The Black Dragon!!!

  14. Music by Nascentbeats ( Thanks to the folks at Uninterrupted for sending this info over to me

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