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guys I’m mocho I should have recorded this intro in New York, maybe anyway, I’m back from my NY vacation and in this video (pretend I’m still in NYC) today I’m taking you to 3 hidden gems with me. where you can take a break and eat something delicious but first: don’t forget to subscribe to the channel because the goal for 2020 is 100k subs so please subscribe turn on the notification bell and follow me on instagram @mochohf we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so to start this perfect day let’s have a terrific breakfast here at chip they make amazing cookies this little shop at Bleecker St. is a perfect place for cookies: stuffed with delicacies such as peanut butter, chocolate chip, pear and so on they change the flavors everyday so you can always taste something new if it’s true that donuts are the favorite breakfast food in NYC, I bet after seeing these cookies, you’ll change your mind enough talking, let’s order some food I bought two beautiful cookies and you’ll see these are not ordinary cookies one is a classic chocolate chip typical dough with small pieces of chocolate and the other one is chocolate with peanut butter and I think I’m gonna love it let me show it to you mamma mia, it’s so soft it seems a bit crispy on the outside but let me bite it… mamma mia it’s like the cookie is almost uncooked on the inside it’s soft like a dream incredible the interesting thing is that outside they look crispy and inside they are actually really soft and they instantly melt in your mouth as soon as you bite you know I’m not a big chocolate fan but this one is outstanding of course I’m gonna taste also the other cookie just for you guys this cookie is really big outside really crispy as always so good guys it’s like when you were a child and you used to steal a bake’s dough these cookies make me feel as a child if after these cookies you want to taste something saltier just around the corner you find Murrays a place that serves one of the most iconic foods from NY since 1940 and also a food you can post on your ig feed in fact, food network proclaimed that the Murray’s Cheesemelt is one of the 25 best instagram worth foods in NYC Murray’s is a place where you can buy cured meats & cheese drinks, ready-meals and the list goes on everything high quality of course and you can also order a cheesemelt recently they also started selling Mac N Cheese at their shop guys all this talking made me hungry let’s eat our cheesemelt it’s made of a secret cheese blend, as they say and of course our sandwich is dusted on butter which makes the bread gold mamma mia the sandwich is amazingly crunchy it is pressed with a griddle and that it’s what makes the bread crunchy there’s cheese everywhere I don’t want to know what cheese they use because they are mixed so well that seems just one cheese cheese sandwich is one of my favorite comfort foods in America and the sandwich from Murray’s is next level if after eating cookies and the Murray’s melt, you’re still hungry follow me because I’m taking you to a really great place we’re at East Village, precisely at Village Square Pizza this neighborhood is a must for pizza lovers just around the corner there are Prince St. Pizza and Joe’s Pizza two pizza legends in NYC Village Square Pizza opened last year Giuseppe is the owner, an italian guy born in New York let’s taste something you’ve noticed that the place is a bit small but don’t be fooled, they have amazing pizzas we’ll taste a pepperoni, classic flavor seasoned with a spicy honey amazing and then we’ll taste a. white pizza with some ricotta let’s start with simple things simple things are the best look at this beauty there’s a nice smell of garlic the bottom is amazing too that’s why I love village square pizza it’s so crunchy white cheese pizza with ricotta a lot of garlic and some honey too the locals love this garlic taste and in this pizza it fits perfectly the pizza is very crispy I love it because it is crispy and soft at the same time and it’s also chewy spectacular let’s go on with the second pizza maybe the fav pizza in the U.S pepperoni pizza look at this pepperoni the look reminds me of prince st pizza but there are some notable differences and we also added some spicy honey it fits perfectly. the crispiness amazes me their pepperoni is next level, you don’t find it at normal pizzas the edges are a bit burned and the honey in this case makes it same like it’s a shell stuffed with honey it’s like the honey stresses the sweetness from the tomato


  1. E niente sono a dieta e guardando i tuoi video penso sempre "beh almeno uno dei due che se li mangia sti maledetti biscotti"
    Ps: 100k? Punta più in alto, c'è tanta qualità in questo canale 💪

  2. Mocho mi sono iscritto da un mesetto al tuo canale ma ho già recuperato tutti i video. Sei originalissimo continua così!!! Io ti spammo ovunque 🤣

  3. Bentornato Mocho, ci sei mancato un sacco cavolo!😣😣😣😣
    Ed il tuo ritorno non poteva che essere epico con un bel videozzo da New York!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
    Mamma mia che bontà hai mangiato, dopo questo video ho un certo appetito!🤪🤪🤪🤪

  4. Grande Mocho grazie per le dritte, è bello vedere che questo canale iniziato con qualche migliaio di iscritti cresce in maniera esponenziale. I 50k stanno arrivando. Complimenti.

  5. I tuoi video sono una di quelle poche luci in una vita piena di ombre ..
    Peccato x la tua fede calcistica!.. ma chissenefrega!!
    Meriteresti tutti i 100k iscritti ..
    Sei un grande !

  6. Meno male sei tornato c'erano pochi contenuti interessanti su YouTube riguardanti il food ma per fortuna sei rientrato. Grandissimo sei mancato tantissimo un abbraccio fortissimo fratè

  7. Carissimo Mocho il video fantastico credo utile per chi vuole mangiare a now York quando assaggi i prodotti fai venire una fame

  8. mi hai fatto venire voglia di tornare a new york! come sempre meraviglioso video, non capisco perchè non hai già un milione di followers. sei il top!

  9. mamma ho pranzato da un po e ho già fame altro che influencer te sei il guru del buon gusto 😀 non capito a new york ma grazie ai tuoi video aumento la mia cultura gastronomica 😀 ora ho fame vado a magiare qualcosa (la mia tartaruga al contrario ti ringrazia 😛 )

  10. Cazzo Mochohf sono morto di fame!!!!!!!!! Ho dovuto prendere lo straccio per pulire le bave per terra!!!!! TI ODIOOOO!!!! … ok era solo uno sfogo…. non è vero che ti odio …. 😉 XD

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