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The New York Knicks were in Los Angeles for
the final meeting of the 2017-2018 Season. How would the Lakers react with two of their
starters out with injuries? Let’s react! Thanks for coming through to watch @Lakersreact
where the fans who love the purple and gold and are cheering on the purple and gold love
the Lakers. My name is Roshell and today we got a chance
to check out our Los Angeles Lakers facing the New York Knicks where they won 127 to
107. Franky what did you think of the game? Well, I was a little disappointed that Lonzo
is still not back in the lineup along with KCP. As they continue to nurse their injuries of
course today’s action would rely on the rest of the Lakers, but I was happy to see Brandon
Ingram back in the lineup off of injury. Yeah, so was I. The first quarter was pretty interesting kicking
things off with Julius Randle. One thing with Julius is Coach Luke Walton
is asking Julius to be a bully on the court and he opened up with some quick highlights
including a spin move followed by a dunk and then a few moments later Randle would come
away with a steal to come back down for an easy Jam as well as the bigger challenge in
the first quarter would be keeping the length of the New York Knicks out of the paint which
led to an early timeout to stop the bleeding with the Knicks going up to 11 to 7. Yeah. Honestly there wasn’t too much defense in
the first quarter. The Lakers would close out the 1st quarter
leading 32-29. The biggest thing for me that I was excited
about was the fact that Brook Lopez led the way with 11 Points including knocking down
two three-pointers. Also JC got going early with five quick points
Off the Bench to start things out. Right, and yes, in the second quarter the
Lakers looked pretty good leading by as many as 9 off of Kyle Kuzma and Jordan Clarkson
continuing to be active. The defense picked up as well with Larry Nance
Jr and Josh Hart flying all over the place grabbing rebounds and turning the Staples
Center into a block party. You know what I’m saying. The Lakers would close out the second quarter
leading 67 to 63, with 51% field-goal shooting along with 42.9% from 3 point range. Yeah. Nice, nice. I don’t know what happened at halftime. Yeah. But things got really ugly in the third. The Knicks began to shoot their way back into
the game to the point where they were shooting lights out. It was so ugly Walton would pull Ennis super
early which I’m just wondering when he’s going to be done with that experiment for Ennis
and he popped in Alex Caruso. From there he switched out the entire starting
unit but the Knicks kept knocking down tre’s. Man, thankfully the Knicks would cool off
Knicks would cool off and the last four, four and a half minutes would not be kind to the
New York Knicks, as they were held scoreless by the Lakers. A combination of back-to-back threes from
Alex Caruso and Corey Brewer helped to lead the Lakers back along with Jordan Clarkson
and Julius Randle leading the way once again with bully ball and slashing to the Lane to
end the Third on top 97 to 89. The 4th quarter was where I was on pins and
needles and I’m sure many Lakers fand were too. But, the Lakers had a comfortable lead the
Knicks were fighting hard to get back into the game. Thankfully with hustle plays continuing with
Clarkson and Randle it almost felt like the Knicks had given up at the end of the game
and their coach Hornacek was not happy. The Lakers would go on to pick up another
win and I was super excited. What about you? I was too. I’m happy for the win. Big ups to Julius Randle scoring 27 points
with 12 rebounds and Jordan Clarkson with 29 points and 10assists. So yeah we did our thing today baby. Yeah and closing it out today also big ups
to Alex Caruso coming off the bench fresh out the G League backing up while Lonzo’s
gone. Much love there and the Lakers get another
W. We’d love to hear what you guys think. Definitely feel free to let us know in the
comments and that’s it for us. We are out with @LakersReact. Deuces y’all! Peace! Y’all take it easy. Happy Sunday! Happy Sunday with a W!

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