1. This is the part leftist media chooses to ignore, deadbeat tenants who can go for months without paying, then skip. While they. and selective socialist Debozo vilify middle class homeowners and do nothing about the lu regualed wealthy developer uxury. apartment buildings that are everywhere.

  2. He didn't deserve this. He also didn't have to get physical and push into the house. He's the landlord. Call the cops. Legally, is the new only way to handle these things. Now look. His life is gone for late or overdue rent.

  3. The video clearly shows the landlord trying to enter a tenants house. Regardless of late payment or not, its illegal to force your way into a tenants home. Secondly, there is a shove and no punching going on in this video. The kid who pushed the landlord forceably trying to enter his home was distraught by what had happened. The video clearly shows that there was a shove, NO PUNCHING, and it appeared to an accident. Not sure why the landlord felt he could enter a tenants home, but he initiated the confrontation. Manslaughter? That was clearly an accident and the landlord initiated all physical actions. Very unfortunate.

  4. It would have never happened if the landlord would have followed the apartment renters rights. He should have brought a sheriff to evict the delinquent tenant, not try to force entry.

  5. It looks like the landlord was trying to push his way in the house you got to do things the right way he should’ve just took him to court now he dead feels bad for both families

  6. Well the tenant was possibly legally pushing an intruder out of his paid for apartment, if he was late with rent the Lord of the Land still cannot legally force his way in and seemingly violently.
    That said sane people don't push old men at all, much less down steep brick stairs onto concrete. The tenant' could not have thought that the old guy would be able to grab the railing .
    This is possibly exactly why Michael Drejka should not be in prison, because you can be killed when violently pushed.

  7. Intention to cause harm resulting in death is Manslaughter I. Decedent was PUSHED INTENTIONALLY, which caused head trauma (likely Hematoma) resulting in death. This was not an accident, by virtue of the speed at which Decedent traveled from the entrance of the door, past the top of the stairs, and onto the base of the stairs. Manslaughter I carries a maximum 25 Year sentence. Given the assailant’s reaction as witnessed on video — walking past the victim without care/remorse for what has just transpired — and because of the hyper-aggravated nature of this crime, the Prosecution in effect should seek the maximum sentence.

  8. That's a shame. Praying for the family. This is senseless and stupid. If you cant pay get out thats the rules. Some landlords are reasonable to your struggles and that landlord was going to help him by lowering $200 off from what i was reading. Other landlords will give the boot if you miss one month. Very sad.. RIP…

  9. The landlord tried to break into the house. It also looks like he assaulted the tenant.
    If I open my door and this guy pushed me back to illegally break into my house….he would have landed on the car and not the sidewalk..
    Who does he think he is to force his way into someone's home. He a landlord, in America, not a lord in the 15 hundreds..
    Sorry but this poor kid charged with manslaughter should sue the landlords estate for pain and suffering for now having to live the rest of his life feeling guilty for killing this psychopath landlord.

  10. I'm a landlord and I watched the unedited video. Both sides were in the wrong. The landlord was trying to force his way into the house. You can't do that. There's a whole month long legal process for that. You can't end run it. He was being shady. The guy imo was trying to keep him out of his house which he was legally in the right to do so, but then he got amped up and took it too far. So like I said bad decisions all around.

  11. Throw the book at em. I would never invest in real estate in nyc. Too many laws, too much reparations and too much liberal leniency for this type of thuggery.

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