1. These are known as 80% lower receivers. They are absolutely legal to build for your own personal use. If you're going to try to sell these for profit then you have screwed yourself

  2. Don’t worry about banning ghost gun when there’s constantly’ Furious’ type incidents are all to common and the government refusing to collect a half million guns out of Chicago with serial numbers on them.

  3. “Illegal weapons that cannot be traced” really sick of news reporters spreading false information. It is 100% legal to build a firearm of any kind in your home as long as it falls under the atf federal law. This is not only a right but a CONSTITUTIONAL right. You can give it all the publicity you want to try and ban guns but i can make a gun for $5 out of sheet metal and pipe and if you get rid of bullets i can make those too. Gun control will never work, and in fact it will make gun crime worse.

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