LeBron James & Enes Kanter – Scirmish / Cavaliers vs Knicks

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He’s having his feelings about in the death by myself If I turn the corner into the chest of killer mr.. That muscle rebound my way reset jackpot, Oh exactly peanut butter jelly Or vice versa this corner he PJ Ellie And James and kid that’s what the crowd was waiting for Oh Scanner you’re going to get a mock on at some point here, we go kind of started going through there And you said to turn the game. He’s mouthy here. We gonna. Love you. Yes Mr.. Tough guy, we have a double foul we’re gonna tip the cloud as well. Maybe double Tex Nannan is outspoken because of LeMans comments the other night when a kitty Got it barber a shot a shot Here comes the police force right? Look at it was Canada That’s he can. He should be the one that should be – hi he’s incited your ride right there. He wasn’t even even in the play And so this is what referees hit the toilet again I mean

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