Legendary Sushi Chef Masa Invented a New Way to Cook Burgers — Prime Time

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– We’re here at Tetsu, where
world-renowned sushi chef, Masa has a burger on the menu. – Who does he think he is? – We do burgers in New York, buddy.
– We do the burgers in New York. But, we hear great things about him using a specific tool that was built for him, just to make this very specific burger. We obviously want to learn about it. So, let’s go check it out. (rock music) – I had half a beer, and it’s only, what, one o’clock, I feel great. – We are here with the great Chef Masa, Eugeniu, all around great guy and cook. Cheers. – Cheers. – Cheers. – I don’t know how we got invited. – Thank you for having us. You do a burger a very,
very specific kind of way. Can you tell us about it? – This is Nambu. Nambu is very famous in Japan, you know, all the cast iron plates. – Yes.
– Okay. – So, idea is the spikes
go through the meat patty and they cook quickly
and still keep juicy. – Which is so unique because everyone either grills or plancha. That’s it, this is completely different. – [Brent] You’ve invented a
way to keep all of that flavor as isolated into the burger as possible. – I love burger. I eat it almost every, once a week. I try it many places. – [Ben] Uh-huh. – But, not exactly what I want. Some places overcook, not juicy enough. Meat, not enough. Spike goes inside same
time heat go through. All the excess fat throw away. Turn over. So, spikes are on the bottom, heating through the meat. – It doesn’t get like charred anymore. – Yeah.
– So, it doesn’t burn, but it’s still cooking. – Really see the spike marks in the meat. What are the perfect toppings
to you, for a burger? – Zero. – Zero?
– Only cheese. – Only cheese, no condiment? – No condiment. – Oh-ho! Strong words, Masa. Strong words, alright. – [Brent] Here I go with Taleggio cheese? – [Ben] Taleggio? – [Masa] Masa here I go with
white cheddar, a nice brick. – Not skimpin’ on the cheese. I see why you don’t need anything else. You just need the cheese and meat. – We don’t go cheap with cheese on this. Then we’re gonna do some smoker. He’s just burning chopsticks. – Burning chopsticks? – All the burger, they use something smokey, some people, bacon. But my idea is… Why not whole burger, smokey flavor. – Did you just have a bunch
of chopsticks lying around? – We wash off after other people use, then they’re dried, then burned. – Wow. – So, here we go. And now, it’s just smoking. – Ooh! – [Eugeniu] So, the cheese
is just melting around, here, too, then it’s done. So, the moment of the truth right now. That’s our lamb burger. This is beef. – Let’s go try it. – Thanks guys. – You can see the juices, like… That’s amazing. – You still have a lot of juice in there. – Yeah, it’s not the like, the rare you like normally see, but man the juice is
just flowing through it. Wow. The first thing you get is, like… – The smoke. – The smoke, before you even take a bite. – That completely changes the experience. You, like, smell a camp fire, you think of a camp fire, – Yeah. – I only feel somewhat
ridiculous having you hold a plate of fries in front of me. – Try the lamb. – Yep. – That might be something you like. – It’s my favorite. – The lamb’s your favorite? – The lamb’s my favorite. – Cooked all the way through, but just a little bit
of pink in the middle. That looks amazing. – I’ve never smelled a smokey bun before. – [Masa] Oh? – But, it’s incredible, and you had that closed for,
maybe, eight to ten seconds? – Exactly. – Telaggio and smoke makes such a huge difference. – Dude, right? – Wow. – I looked at it and I
thought, grilled cheese. We brought some Wonder Bread. Can we make a grilled cheese? – Sure. – We didn’t want to
assume that you already had this in your pantry. (laughs) – Did you just chef-cut
open that Wonder Bread? – Yeah, he did! I just feel like I just
disrespected your knife. (laughs) – Please, don’t. Take it from the middle. – You can be one of the most
famous chefs in the world, but can you make– – Grilled cheese. – A grilled cheese on the fly? – Yeah, right? – You never done this? – I’ve never done this way. (everyone laughs) It’s fun. Now, do its spike side. And then, there it is. – This is gonna be a good grilled cheese! – There it is. Oh, I think it’s done. – This is what you come to us for, is that real good grilled cheese combo. – What about that? It’s beautiful! – Alright! Come for the burgers… Stay for the grilled cheese! – Stay for the grilled cheese! Signature chef first. – Look at this! – Look at, ah man. – Crispy… Both sides. – That’s it. – Well done. – I think Tetsu has just
started their kids’ menu. – Good idea, good idea. With this sort of device, you can make a lot of different stuff. – What else, what else
do you make with it? – I do the omelet, right? – The perfect 20 second omelet. – 20 second omelet. – I show you. – They’re not on menu, right? – They’re not on menu. I do it in my home. – Really? – Yes. Get a little salt. So, in the home, you do
whatever you have visible. – No more excuses, you
have time for breakfast. – Exactly. – Jesus. – Yep. And close it. So, see, right? All ready. Done. Now, this is an omelet, yeah? – That is a pretty perfect two-egg omelet. What else do you need? – Try it, try it. – Ooh. – And amazing, perfectly cooked actually. – Right? – Hot damn, that’s a perfect, perfect omelet. Oh, it’s so good. – One minute meals with Masa. – One minute meals with Masa. I’m sorry, but you have another job now. You’re gonna, you’re gonna
be teaching a TV show. I hope that’s okay. – Guys, thank you so much. You’ve taken the bar snack burger game to a completely new level. This is so eye-opening. – Thank you. – Thank you, chef. – Thank you very much. – Thank you, really appreciate it. – Thank you very much. Thank you so much for having us. – Thank you so much, really appreciate it. That’s a pretty special burger. Happy place. Like, this is my happy place right here. The smell is like moldy, but just overwhelmingly meaty.


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  2. If you're looking for more of this guy, he was on an episode of Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown"… Season 8 Episode 6 "Japan with Masa"

  3. You guys need to check out haute dogs in Baltimore! This place has the finest hot dogs in the world! They toast the buns from the inside and have some of the finest ingredients! The signature dog has a bacon marmalade that made me weep tears of joy! The bratwurst was more of a religious moment! It's not a big blip in the food world but it's Maryland's greatest secret and treasure! I go there anytime I'm near it. The owner is a bit eccentric but the food is to die for!

  4. I'd agree with the no condiment idea in the sense of if you're burger is good enough why do you need them. Also that guy is an amazing chef all the ideas he has for that simple tool is probably unbelievable he could make a menu with just using that.

  5. Smoking is a very carcinogenic process that can cause you cancer much faster than anything else you eat! So this is pure poison to me! It is enough that the meat smokes while it is baked, so I give to this legendary Japanese sushi chef a ?! He better keep on doing his sushi things and never try to invent anything like this again, ever! ?

  6. Did I hear that right? They wash used chopsticks people ate with then use them to smoke the hamburgers wtf lol

  7. So rIGHt, obscures the meat fLAVor : if you bury a cow in cONdiments, you sure you like meat?

    Cheese, slice of onion, close the bun, good’n dOne??✌??

  8. At sec .10 it's funny 2 wypipo complaining someone came to 'their' country and someone 'stole' their cusine ?

  9. He cooks them in a small frying pan and smokes the burger with USED chopsticks (washed). I wouldn't exactly call that new.

  10. What kind of wood is chop sticks made of. I thought they were bamboo and not really appropriate for smoking anything?

  11. This guy is the coolest Japanese chef. The rest of them are so seriously focused into their craft, smiling or joking around is unholy

  12. I'm sure that spiky grill is patented. Gotta custom make it myself. N damn McDonald's gotta get on board with this new trend… smoked buns

  13. Driest burger I’ve ever seen lmao all the juices were dumped into the grill through the seems and left with barely enough juice what a piece of garbage but atleast he tried inventing something

  14. I appreciate the video, but come on we all know the best burgers come off a wood fire grill then charcoal then gas, flat top is good this cast iron spikes is ok but it was over done I want to see med rare color, dude did seem pissed about the grilled cheese

  15. You're missing the butter on that grilled cheese! But on a side note, don't feel to nice about washing used chopsticks to burn for smoke for my burger.

  16. Looks cool…… But I'll take a good smash burger any day!

    Also you guys were kissing his ass a too much! I feel like he could've made a bologna sandwich on his little spiked pan and the two of you would've climaxed

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