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All right, so me and Omar have been driving all over la for longest time trying to find this place Apparently we found it tacos. They Leo’s. I’m about to try it. Let’s get it All right pulling up to top of wheel It’s supposed to be an off night, but it looks crazy back to me. So let’s see if this place is worth it So you guys are local and they’ve been here a couple times This place so great because they spit for the pork fresh and right in front of you at all times Cuz there’s so much business and me is constantly spinning around Making the layers on the outside nice and crispy while the inside is fresh and moist You can even see the fat oils and marinade dripped down that big slab of meat. It’s just delicious looks delicious and also they just replace it with fresh pineapple on top of the Spitfire so I can marinate the meat and Also, keep it fresh so that they slice it and place them on your tacos when they serve to you another thing I noticed this place that differently is that they carve large slices it slivers of the meat all the way down So the portions are really huge unlike other places where the best storage is cut into small cubes and it’s definitely worth it because its place Sells their tacos for only a dollar 25 cents, which is a steal in my opinion Five Nice All right, so we decided to come over here to eat because it was super crowded in there I’m about to try these Leo’s tacos for my first song. I Got to put the sauce in there get a saucy Get some onions in there Can’t forget the lemon Let’s get it This is definitely they call it the best pot store tacos in LA and they’re not lying Hands down the best bust or talk with a bad thing All right for all my muslims and jews who can’t eat pork. I got some carne asada a chicken for all of us So that’s the seat. Let’s see how this is I’m not gonna lie. I’ve had better carne asada tacos it worked But that’s why they’re well-known for the the past store. But all in all not bad Can’t even you can’t mix canned food out this agua fresca fresca Right here. Let this key is key Okay Wow, that’s Bob it’s really bump really good. I would say it’s up there Howard says up So me and Omar just killed those tacos They’re really delicious and the verdict is those were indeed the best Pastore tacos I’ve had in my life and in LA, but Omar. What do you think about the other one carne asada and chicken we’re honest Oh, they’re good. They just weren’t the best that I’ve had Definitely had better and sense Adam. Yeah, there’s not a taco truck right here That’s pretty good for carne asada If you guys won’t get that at that point if you guys want some delicious pastor taco come here Julio’s in LA salut

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