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Lil Uzi Vert released the trailer to his highly
anticipated upcoming album, ‘Eternal Atake.’ Named “Baby Pluto” and directed by Gibson
Hazard, the piece contains a few Easter eggs…literally. Theories are swirling all over the internet
about what the trailer could mean, so we decided to take a look at a few of the biggest ones. First, we see Uzi in an office building for
‘Higher Source’ Insurance. “Higher Source” links closely with Uzi’s
use of the Heaven’s Gate Cult imagery throughout Eternal Atake’s roll out. “Heaven’s Gate” was a cult that committed
mass suicide in the mid 1990s. REPORTER: They called themselves Heaven’s
Gate, a cult started in the 70s by a man named Marshall Applewhite, who later called himself
Do. According to a 2014 piece, “Higher Source”
was the name of Heaven’s Gate’s web design platform, and quote…
…this crew of androgynous roommates in matching close-cropped haircuts and baggy, modest clothes
practiced what they called “Higher Source-computer programming” in Java, Visual Basic, SQL, and
C++ Uzi appears to be an employee. On his computer screen, keen eyes were quick
to notice the lyrics of Vert’s 2019 song, “Sanguine Paradise.” He then receives an alert with coordinates
to Easter Island, home to the mysterious massive statues dating back nearly a thousand years. When he gets into the elevator, Uzi, always
fashionable, is seen rocking the only remaining fit pic left on his Instagram – Prada. Head, to toe. As a spaceship crashes in the field,we hear
Travis Scott’s “Way Back” from his 2016 album, “birds in the trap sing mcknight.” This may be a song on ‘Eternal Atake,’
as previewed on Working on Dying Producer Brandon Finessin’s IG Live. In fact, Uzi thanked Travis Scott saying quote. Thank you @trvisXX for clearing
Way Back sample it’s about 2 be a movie I owe you .
signed BABY PLUTO As the trailer ends, we see the Easter Island
statues as well as hear a snippet from Uzi’s Billboard hit, “Futsal Shuffle.” We also see Uzi, in all white, ascending into
a waiting spaceship to leave – similar to how the Heaven’s Gate cult believed it would end. REPORTER: To outsiders that meant committing
suicide, but to them, it meant moving on to a more developed kingdom. A spaceship or UFO he told the group, would
pick up their souls and take them to begin their new lives. HOST: Uzi tweeted that there *is* symbolism in the
outfits of the women in the video, saying quote:
If the Ladies in purple Decides to wear Blue they are Searching For Love And Rebirth so
that means they take your soul and you will be stuck at the age that was your best year. BUT Everything and everyone you love will
die or disappear as time goes on . The Baby Pluto trailer comes after Uzi held
a contest on Twitter for fans to decide the album cover for ‘Eternal Atake.’ It’s unclear when it will be released, but
Uzi’s been hinting at the project’s release date coming very, very soon. Are there any easter eggs we missed? Let us know in the comments. I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News, bringing
you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music. Peace!


  1. So I did some research on heavens gate cult and the day the did their suicide was March 26. Is that the album released date??

  2. Lil Uzi: “baby pluto”
    Genius: “you’re wrong and here’s why…”
    Stephen A Smith: “HAY! Thats my line!”

  3. At 0:19 idk if y’all noticed but a little bit to the bottom of the cloud that is showing light it looks like a person or to be more descriptive Young Thug

  4. We currently at 7k 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️ help get to 10k ya if so we dropping the music video ASAP ⚡️⚡️⚡️

    Strawwww Hattt Shittt

  5. In Heaven's gates suicides the people had purple blankets over their bodies and the girls were wearing purple clothes. Which realtes to the UFO because they thought a UFO would take them up.

  6. did no one see young thug in the clouds? edit: pause at 0:19, just to the left of the centre of the screen

  7. I think the trailer is garbage. I am Polynesian and just because white people couldn't do it doesn't mean it was alien.

  8. Here’s a song for you… Mine M.E

  9. When the camera zooms in there is a voice that says “ The earth is being recycled your only chance to leave is to come with us”

  10. In the beginning the distorted voice is saying “the earth is being recycled, your only chance to leave is with us” this is a line said by the Heavens Gate leader Do in one of the tapes.


  12. What if when uzi turns 27 he to us suicides but to him he gos in a ufo on to live a new life just a theory tho

  13. You know what’s crazy?
    1:17 Easter Island ?
    Someone just drove off the road and hit one of those historic statues (Moai) a couple days ago , The coincidence is unsettling.
    So the UFO Crashing into Easter Island in the music video is a HUGE coincidence. Also, kind of ironic and deep in a sense , because imagine a car just randomly hitting one of them when they were first built lol. Like I said , the coincidence is strangely unsettling.

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