Lilian Garcia’s Video Testimonial – Manhattan Orthopedic Care

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Hi, I’m Lilian Garcia, I’m the announcer for
the WWE, I’m also a performer, singer. I travel the world and
one of the other things that I do is love sports, and back in 2007 I was skiing and I tore my ACL. I cannot tell you how traumatic that was for
me, because all of a sudden to be going, going, going
every single week and coming to a screeching halt and being told: “You tore your ACL, now you can’t do some of the sports that you been wanting to do”, so I had to
take care of it. And luckily I found Dr. Tehrany. He’s just amazing, I felt very, very comfortable
with him, instantly when I met him. And we analyzed everything that was going on
with my knee, he showed me and I just felt such a trust with him and I just
knew that I was in good hands. And I was very glad that I went through the
surgery, because I’m back, I’m stronger than when I even had the knee that was a natural knee, which
is so weird to me, but it is the truth. So, it’s a lot of work and then you have to do the physical therapy and you have to listen to what he says. You have to. But if you do it, you will be stronger
and now I’ve done every sport you can think of, I have done all those crazy Insanity workouts, and it’s been awesome. So if you are
thinking about it, just have a meeting with him, I think you will see what I’m talking about,
and that he will make you feel really comfortable and
just answer all your questions and you can go into whatever kind of treatment that you need, you
can go with it with a clear mind and just know you’re in good
hands. Good luck!

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