1. Is the picture of the white van with no broken windows, resting in a ditch just off the side of the road a stock photo for the news story or is it the actual limo that crashed and killed 20?

  2. I didn't know there were limousines long enough to fit 18 people. This is horrible! It sounds like the driver may potentially be at fault. I still wish his family peace, as well as the families of all who died that day. Stop signs are there for a reason! Please stop at stop signs! I hope for reputations sake, it was a limo malfunction rather than alcohol or negligence.

  3. So sad. But the apple barrell shouldnt be having a fund raiser for the first responders, they should have it for the victims children and family. The victims are not coming home but the first responders are going home. My appreciation goes out to the first responders. Such a tragedy. Fundraiser for victims not responders. Apple Barrel

  4. 21 child under 5yo dies every minute.
    That is not on CNN. This news were 5:43 seconds long. You do the math.
    …..CNN sells everything for a click.

  5. CNN sucks ass, none of this shit is relevant.
    Just a bunch of talking about nothing pertaining to what actually happened.

  6. They got to have a curse on them are something because wth maybe God just lifted his hand you know you never no maybe somebody was doing something. Did the driver go mad

  7. it's called "RCVD" …(remote controlled vehicle disrupter device)…somebody in that limo knew something they weren't supposed to… …before u say im crazy😒 … remember Paul Walker? #TheTruthIsOutThere

  8. Since one of the passengers texted a friend that the limo was in terrible shape, it’s possible the brakes failed. In which case, let the lawsuits fly…not that it will ease the pain. Heartbreaking.

  9. 18 is 666, so 2 18's are  you got it.. At 1.51 onwards the police officer feeds you another 666 first he says 12 then he says 4 then he says 5.. so we have a 12 and a 9 which is reversible so can be, you got it 666.  MK ultra mind control  for the hapless sheep.

  10. This is an unfortunate accident. Prayings and blessings for the civilians who lost their lives. The limo might be corrupted or broken or a sabotage.

  11. For those who are wondering how 18 people can die in an automobile accident. This is an old piece of film and the cars these days are built a lot better, but some things never change:

  12. In other news…300 civilians dead in Syria as a result of American targeted bombings. 🤣😃🤣😃😅🤤," well, that is not our concern:.

  13. Mechanical problem for the car or driver was not paying attention or had a medical problem, just my guess.

  14. How American! This tragedy would not and could not have happened in (poorer) countries such as UK, AU, NZ, Germany etc., because we conduct ourselves in a fundamentally different way. Besides taking road safety seriously, (mandatory seat belts, actual enforcement of vehicle and driver safety), we are socially responsible. The US is often touted as the world's most advanced country… really? FACTS: The US is a G20 leader for lots of things… not just road fatalities. Think: Homicide, Incarceration, Gun crime, Massacres, Social Inequity, Teen pregnancy, Extinctions, Greenhouse pollution… yep, Good old USA, number ONE in the world! Lucky they have their god to blame…

  15. Why no swerve to avoid pedestrians/parked SUV? The driver must have been unconcious, but then somebody would have txted concerns, so the carbon monoxide possibility increases, but there were no other signs of bad drivingalong the r, sleepiness, group naseau, etc. texts messaged to awaiting family. What exactly was the "bus breakdown" earlier that led them to rent his limo? Who recommended this limo service nstead of hiring the group another bus? A mddy ditch should not kill everybody, there are zero surviving witnesses, this is wierd, and if it were my family I would need people to ask questions for me while I was busy trying not to die of a broken heart.

  16. Im from amsterdam ny where most of the victims resided. Went to school with half of them. Believe me when i say this is all too real. My town is absolutely crushed. I only hope victims families dont read these hateful idiotic comments. Some of you have no souls!

  17. I've noticed multiple russian trolls on multiple news sites pushing a narrative that this is a cover by the media…. don't fall for it

  18. kyle whelly? Is the picture of the white van with no broken windows, resting in a ditch just off the side of the road a stock photo for the news story or is it the actual limo that crashed and killed 20? The picture of the van they keep showing is about 10 ft from the side of a road and not were it should have ended up according to the news story. They said it went across the parking lot, hit an suv, went into the brush and ended up in a creek bed. Living near a fake story does not make it true.

  19. I heard that someone involved in this blamed God and said that He took these people away. How dare they! God isn't to blame here. If anyone, it is Satan! I hate for people always wanting to give God the bad rap when people are killed. I hate that these people are gone. I really am. However, some bad choices and decisions were made that resulted in these deaths. That is so very tragic. May God comfort these families and may those killed rest in peace.

  20. there is something fishy about this crash, seat belts or not, i think it was a hit.. some fake news here people

  21. No limo is built for carrying that many people. The size is just for looks. Vehicle will not brake that much weight

  22. Mechanical issues you guys just said the dumbass limo driver blew the stop sign there's your awnser people need to take driving more seriously your whole life can change in seconds

  23. This was around the corner from my nanad house btw thr apple barrel has AMAZING lava cake . this is so tragic there should be more saftey in limos

  24. First TERRIBLY SORRY for the losses, unimaginable and Unbearable.

    Hard to imagin in America, 20 people can pass away from one limo accident. 20 lives, thats alot. Sad : (

    All 20 dead, not a single survivor, please do, through, all angle investigation. God bless all.

  25. As I listen to this horrible news, a deep dense and horny boner comes about. Respect to victims and family. Peace.

  26. White people die, its a tragedy. Son arrested but when minorities die ie the duck boat accident, the company owners or operators are yet to be arrested. Last time i checked if they can charge the son which doesn't own the business for a crime, then the same should happen for the suck boat accident that occurred when 9 family members die. White people lives are not that important

  27. The Driver is obviously a middle eastern chap, I don't want to jump to any conclusions and I feel terrible for the dead and families…WAKE UP idiots.

  28. So much for the good life people die every day get shot in the back by po po where the love for DAT thay were proble the people that said good no love for DAT nobody ceras

  29. Terrible tragedy . But a limo for a birthday ? Limos are for proms and weddings. See what being bougie gets you? My heart goes out to the families but …… I cant say anything more.

  30. Given the sort of collision, fatalities are not out of the question. But to have all eighteen occupants injured fatally with none of them survive, even with serious injury is beyond strange and unlikely without some cause extraneous to the collison. Suspicious FBI involvement! See: https://veaterecosan.blogspot.com/2018/10/eighteen-occupants-of-limo-plus-two.html


  32. They arrested the son not the owner plus not guilty to me seems these people are being protected the son wasn’t even handcuff walking free into a official car and not guilty fishy fishy

  33. As usual, this event appears to be more fake news from the fakestream media. The limo is all in one piece, no evidence it was smashed up, turned over or exploded so how on earth do all 18 passengers just DIE because of a collision? Answer: They don't. I wonder if tearless parents of the victims will appear on TV ranting about how we need to outlaw these limousines. This resembles Sandy Hoax on wheels!

  34. Where did it happened Skinner?
    Um, upstate New York.
    Well, I'm from Utica and I never seen a limo there.
    No, not in Utica, it was in Albany.

  35. jesus… imagine the aftermath…

    what did these people think what's gonna happen when you crash in a 2001 excursion with no one wearing seat belts. absolute horror. but yeah this stuff is gonna keep happening because people won't wear seat belts.

  36. WHAT’S THE STORY BEHIND 20 PEOPLE DIED IN A (LIMO) THAT FAILED INSPECTION https://stoplookthink.com/whats-the-story-behind-20-people-died-in-a-limo-that-failed-inspection/

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