Living and Studying in New York City

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The world comes to New York. It’s a fabulous environment to be a teacher. And from what my students tell me, it’s a great place to be a student. Barnard is pretty phenomenal because it’s a small liberal arts school within a greater
institution, Columbia, that would give me a well-rounded education, while also having access to
the Met, MoMA, and art culture. Community is a very international community, so not only are students engaged in looking at
and thinking about New York City, but they are also engaged in looking at and
thinking about the cities around the world. One of the main draws for me
about going to Barnard was the ability to be on a subway and be able
to rush a Broadway show and still have time to get back to class. There are more scientists in New York City than
any other place in North America. So it’s both a cultural environment, as well as an intellectual resource for all of our work. The physics department at Barnard is amazing. It’s really close-knit and really small, so
everyone is so knowledgable about their field
and so willing to help you. If you sit down and say
“I have no idea what’s going on,” they will sit down with you
and make sure that you understand. We also do really spontaneous things,
which is kind of great. In the middle of a painting class
we would have a heated discussion about how a particular artist
actually painted a work. And instead of just looking it up in a book,
we in a snap get on the subway, go to the Museum of Modern Art
and look at the actual painting. Going to school in New York City
has allowed me to be a fly on the wall of professional theater, and sit in on meetings and budgeting
and scheduling, as well as rehearsals and tech, and seeing what a real
Broadway show takes to put up. I got this internship at
the American Museum of Natural History by actually emailing
one of my professors. And when I was offered this internship,
I was like “Absolutely!”, because who wouldn’t want to work here? You can actually feel the Barnard
presence here at the Museum because the current president of the Museum
is actually a Barnard alum. I’m in the program known as Smart Start
that’s under JPMorgan that allows me to work at the bank
for the four yearly rotations. It is a very people-to-people kind of place,
where communication is really important. And I believe that Barnard
has taught me those skills. I’ve been given some incredible opportunities,
living in New York City. One of those is working with Ryan McGinley,
and that was pretty incredible, considering he’s one of my photography idols. New York City has a really booming start-up market. I found a lot of the places in New York
that were hiring people like me that weren’t necessarily like huge companies,
where I would get lost, but places, where I got individual attention,
and I fell in love with it! I love working at Paperless Post! The students say,
well, you’ve got to go to Carnegie Hall, and you’ve got to go to the opera,
and of course you have to go to the ballet. You need to find all the museums,
including the Brooklyn Museum. And once you get them to go to Brooklyn, then they know, where the good pizza is. One of my favorite things to do is to go out
to the different restaurants. And because New York City is such a diverse place, there’s a lot of cultural experience you can get from just tasting the food. For fun I usually go around the city
and do interesting things, like concerts that
pop up all the time in the summer. The thing that inspires me most about New York is the fact that no
one is ever staying still and no one is ever losing energy.

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