Living Cheap in NYC- $5 HIDDEN Lunch Spots in Midtown Manhattan !

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What’s up Members of the Barrio Jon coming to you from New York Today we’re going to attempt to do the impossible Find a decent cheap lunch In Midtown Manhattan That’ll actually fill you up We’re going to check out two spots That are literally holes in the wall As in if you walked by them You would have no idea they were even there They both serve Latin American food And we’re going to find out if they’re worth it or not? Yeah lunch is my big meal of the day Because i’m from Mexico And that’s how it works I’m super excited to have a big lunch today And if it’s Latin American Food I’m definitley in Alright guys stop number one Is called Acuario Cafe We literally walked by it, couldn’t find it Went to the wrong doors And finally found it So pay close attention as I show you where the entrance is I feel like we just stepped into some random back alley But it smells really really good in here Pork chop, Fried Chicken, Stuffed Chicken And Beans Which one looks the best to you? I think the chicken looks good Which one, this one? Or that one? That ? Yeah that chicken looks good This is a ridiculous amount of food For $5 I am impressed As someone whose done some Living Cheap in New York Challenges Very impressed The owner saw us filming and said hi CNN They came to interview me to They’re a little bigger than me Oh my god I love homemade food And this is just like my grandmother made it Super good Seriously one of the hardest things to do in New York Is to find protein cheap We’ve got plenty of chicken It definitely has very good spicing and flavoring And I agree with Adriana It’s got the homemade feel to it It feels like we’re in Adriana’s Grandma’s House in Mexico Eating this In Great sauce Incredible value guys Absolutely.. incredible That was delicious food for just $5 How do you guys charge so little? In one of the most expensive cities in the world? Because we don’t pay so much rent like you see This is a small place I try to help people with the price and the quality The owner was super happy that we were filming here Just a really generous friendly guy I mean to be charging 5 dollars in this part of Manhattan That’s crazy to me Now we’re going to go to spot number 2 It’s a similar sort of place And it’s just one block away When the lady put the second piece of chicken.. I was happy Because I thought it was going to be one for Jon And one for me Then when she put the third piece of chicken I was like.. what How much is this going to cost? And she was like.. $5 I was like wow We’re inside the entrance to El Sabroso which means Tasty In Spanish
And it’s just down this little corridor right here I was filming myself trying to get into the place And it was like.. ehhhh It was so heavy the door And I thought it was close I tried to push and it was like.. ehhh Is it that heavy? A little bit What’s your speciality? Picante, Hot Sauce? 7 Dollars a tiny bit more expensive Just a little bit That lady was very nice The impression I get when I walk in here is that we’re trespassing On somebody’s work place And we shouldn’t be here And then you see the little counter and you say to yourself Oh okay it’s fine We’re going to try this food outside Cause there weren’t a ton of seats Okay so they were telling me That their favorite inside was the pork So instead of Chicken We’re going with Pork A ton of rice Decent amount of meat It’s actually a lot juicier than I expected it to be for the price This is not bad at all It has some flavor to it Little bit of spice She asked if we wanted hot sauce We said no I got the yellow rice I actually like the beans better here Than at the first spot But I’ll take the Acuario Cafe Chicken Over this pork
I think they’re both great values Depends what you’re looking for But either way A solid solid lunch in an expensive part of Midtown It’s super juicy And it has a lot of flavor I like the first one better guys This is really good to Depending on what you’re trying to get You can go to both Both are amazing But I like the other one more If your’e looking for that snobby brunch type crowd You’re not going to find it at either one of these spots Purely working class Definitley an experience to check out these spots When you come to New York Make sure to leave me a comment, subscribe if you’re new to this channel Thank you so much for watching As always, until next time No I kind of feel bad making this video actually I want to keep it a secret, shhhh


  1. Would you eat at either one of my Hidden Lunch Spots? Why or why not? Leave a comment because I want to know whose watching !
    CHEAP EATS NYC Playlist:
    N.Y.C Guide:

    Lunch Spots:

    1) Acuario Cafe- 306 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018

    2) El Sabroso- 265 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018





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  3. but dont get it twisted the first spot its a dominican place not mexican even both are latin and similar its not the same but both good and cheap in midtown it cant get better than that

  4. Would you please do a video about vegetarian and vegan restaurants in manhattan and around it that are cheaper but good tasting?

  5. I volunteer at 306 37th st. I'm like, "where is this place?!" Next time I go volunteer, I'm looking out for this place.

  6. I feel like this is A Bronx tail part two . Jane takes Q out to dinner ?? you guys are fun . Love your show it’s more then the next hot place just for a photo opteds we want to see more real cafeteria style restaurants next time see if they have coffee And espresso

  7. You didn't eat the pernil as optimally as you could've. Gotta have a sauce or broth on the side, you dunk each bite before eating. Makes a world of difference.

  8. Yes I would eat and have eaten in them , if I'm right your in the fashion district of NYC around 37th in that area. It would have been great for the business if u mentioned where they were located.

  9. Hi. My friend and I will be in new York next week. I've been watching your videos on cheap places things to do. Thanks for them I got some ideas on what to eat and do

  10. That Mexican American girl sounds like she isn’t getting that vitamin D right. White boy is soft and weak

  11. Are there different meanings to "pernil" in Latin American countries? Adriana asks in Spanish what the "pernil" is, and the girl responds in English "roast pork." Shouldn't that be obvious already?

  12. The price is reasonably cheap, of coarse chicken is a cheaper protein than pork that’s why they only charge 5 bucks for it

  13. I just caught the first of your videos. It was fun watching you two taste the $5 and $7 lunches. They looked so good. The owner at the $5 cafe was a great guy. If I lived in Manhatten I would eat in his cafe several times a week and would take friends there. I just subscribed and look forward to more videos. Mobile, Alabama

  14. I found both spots when I use to work in the city…actually forgot how I discovered them ?
    Food is usually limited and they run out so make sure you go there early

  15. I love how you said CNN is a little bigger than you. Considering their falling viewership they'll be soon extinct.

  16. Been to Acuario. You forgot to mention that it is on 37th st between 8th and 9th aves. Will have to try the other place.

  17. That's the kind of food I would eat daily. Wholesome, hearty and delicious. And healthy if you cut down the carbs and add more vegetables instead.

  18. There are good places too made by Hondurans, Guatemalans, El Salvadorans, Peruvians, Chileans, Columbians, Argentinian, Ecuadorian, Bolivian, Costa Rican, Cayennian, Venezuelean, Guyanese, Paraguayan, Uruguayan and other south american latin dishes. I love that kind of food. I could eat that everyday. I like ones with yuca and plantains and some nice beans, and purple yams, taros and vegetables that's good for your health. Goat meat and wild pig are exotic meats too that most restaurants don't serve daily. This and delicious caribbean food are the type of food I love to eat. Delicious and hearty. Soul food.

  19. I use to go the first spot year ago when they were on 35th street in the back of a Blimpie’s. They always had delicious foods for cheap. I’ve only been to this location a few times since I’m no longer down there. I only found it again because I was working in that building and happened to cut through the freight entrance.

  20. Great Jamaican lunches in s fla. My go to place for curry chicken with rice and salad $4.50 also curry goat $6.00. Like home made and nice people

  21. Cool Video. Your video put it put a huge ?smile on my face, and it made me think that you are doing the Lord's work?my friend!

  22. So you didn’t ask the employees if theyre being payed at least minimum wage. Social security health benefits etc.
    My bad. You got a meal for 5 bucks. Best policy no questions asked…

  23. Way wrong about Mexican Cuisine as delicious as that is this first place was Dominican food which is very similar to Puerto Rican and Cuban food. The second place I'm not sure of.

  24. How’s it going Jon! Please do a video on those Korean deli that sells the hot lunches per pound? They have some pretty good ones in Midtown. I miss them ever since I stopped working in the city and especially now that I’m no longer in the area.

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