1. I wonder if there are some films from that era that are very, very anti-German which are not being made public since they would now qualify as hate speech.

  2. Love the scene of Trafalgar Square with the outdoor concert. I sat at that very place only a few months ago on a trip to that great city of London. It's interesting to realize that thousands of people have enjoyed that wondeful public space for many generations.

  3. It's very fashionable these days to put down patriotic films like these, but I find them inspiring and heartwarming. They show the deep feeling of pride people had in their country during difficult times.

  4. It's interesting how roof gardens have come back into service with the high cost of food these days, even in America.

  5. I'd like all of the cynics to compare these films with contemporary Nazi films.
    Ask yourself- which illusion was more worthy of preserving, fighting for, and dying for?

    If the answer isn't obvious to you, then some lessons in Ethics, Logic and History would serve you well.

  6. I'm just wondered for these British Council films brought up from the 30's and the 40's. Evry educational and cultural. I'm learning a lot about UK life in the first half of the 20th. century. Thanks a lot!!! I'm Brazilian but a British culture lover!!

  7. I cannot believe but my father actually appears in the film – he is the closest to the camera of the two soldiers from the search-light battery digging. Absolutely fantastic, I have picture of him and the searchlight – great these films still exist and are on record.

  8. My mum and Aunt got so fed up with going to the Anderson shelter that they stayed in bed during the raids, I suppose they got a bit complacent with it,  and who can blame them.

  9. WOW !!  at 8:59 into this video doing the stage entertainment – – "BILL OWEN" – – otherwise known as "COMPO" from Last of the Summer Wine.  He was 29 years old here.

  10. WOW What memories , I was making Sten Guns at Samuel Jones in Camberwell Green, and getting Under the bench when the Spotter on the roof said Planes over head Lie Down. we did so, But that was our life then, we were scared , but carried on!

  11. Churchill was evil. He wanted war. Former secret documents of him saying he wanted rid of the German people once and for all have been released. It was Hitler that didn't want war. I was taught the exact opposite at school! Result … millions of English and German DEAD.

  12. I would have been 2 or 3 years old. but not in London, we were in southampton, which took a real pasting, because of the docks.

  13. That's Churchill at 10:33. This is almost two years after the Battle of Britain. The bombing of London and British civilians was the single greatest mistake Hitler made. If he had simply concentrated for a few more weeks on destroying planes and aerodromes he would have beat the RAF and could have invaded.

  14. I thought it was a very strange piece of censorship that I saw no signs of people on crutches or in wheelchairs. And there must have been injured civilians and servicemen around all over the place. A matter of public morale?

  15. That was awesome and it was also awesome to see Bill Owen in the theatre great guy 😀 thumbs up by the way

  16. If it wasn't for them wonderful lady's and gentlemen of the war I wouldn't be here today typing this message so thank you for your services

  17. What a nicer place it was then, even in the middle of a world war, I'd rather that than the Third-World cess-pit of stabbing and shooting it is now.

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