London 4K – Night Drive – UK

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Tour Highlights: London’s West End City of London Buckingham Palace Knightsbridge Piccadilly Circus (Times Square)


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  2. When india be like this?.We are cheated by our nation's political leaders.snd corporate kaikoolies.thier money enough to make india like London.ex.ambani.modi.edupidy.edapady ops.

  3. ネオンも看板も巨大モニターもない。ん?田舎じゃねーの?と思いきや

  4. ساری دنیا کا خون چوس کر لندن بنایا تو کیا بنایا ان کے پاس اپنا کچھ نہیں

  5. Is London the most beautiful city in the world? I think it is certainly in the conversation. Chicago also looks amazing.

  6. Galera in the minute 35:24 appears a cyclist of the left side then it disappears in the impressive image ???

  7. احلى مدينه ربي يوفقهم ويجعلهم سعداء آسفي على بلادي التي تدمرت.من وراء الحروب والزعماء الطغاه ?? اختكم من العراق

  8. I hate England because it looting and destroy India 200 years and now because of England India and whole Subcontinent became poor.USA- England both are conspraitor and enemy.I cant trust english people.Present political position is also bad.CANADA is the best.?I love canadian pm trauedo.nice pm.

  9. Are there job opportunities in London? those white buildings are govt buildings or private companies' buildings? plz ans

  10. It's very bizarre but interesting. The look is beautiful.

    I drive on the other side of the road and I imagine myself driving in the UK (HAHAHAHA), watching this video, my brain gets confused.

  11. hey man first of all kudos is in order as the video seems to be the entire journey and gives those who aspire to visit London or in the processing of doing so this is a great demonstration of the beauty of the city of my birth and the city I love but how much did you need to fill up the car with fuel as it is a fair distance to travel and petrol isn't cheap and in the city, there aren't many petrol stations and if they are then they are expensive af. Once again great job and keep up the good work bud cheers.

  12. Wow this nothing like New York City.
    America really is more developed than parts of Europe which I had always thought.
    I am to visit London this Winter..
    I still feel like I'll have a blast..

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