London 4K – Rich Neighborhood Drive

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Tour Highlights: Portobello Road Market Colorful Homes Weathy Districts Notting Hill Main Street High End Shops


  1. New 8K 60FPS 2D & 3D VR video drives coming soon! I started filming last week and will be filming more over the next few months!

    What do you want to see next? Have any feedback on the video or format? Leave a comment! I read them all and appreciate them – Thanks to all of you that comment!

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  2. The green hut at the side of the road at 0.53 is a rest stop and place to eat for London's black cab drivers. 'If you ain't a cabbie, you ain't comin in'. ( My best Cockney!) Dating back from the late 19th Century, of the original 60 (I stand corrected) or so, around 13 remain. The last remaining huts are now Grade II listed, meaning they are considered buildings of special interest.  Non black cab drivers (especially Uber drivers!!!!) aren’t allowed to sit inside – unless issued with a rare invitation – but can order take away tea and sandwiches through a hatch..

  3. Not impressed at all. To me, L.A. has better looking streets. Nonetheless, these are beautiful streets. Thanx.

  4. This was so calming to watch it took my mind completely off my fat wife squirming and dribbling underneath me as I give her a rare portion of my beef sausage !

  5. you missed the moped gangs and streets filled with homeless veterans and the like……4k or not its a shithole …sorry 🙂

  6. I am really glad I live in the country and not in the city, I'd rather have horses, tractors and combine harvesters to deal with.

  7. Very nice. Makes me feel like I'm actually there with you. Too many zig zag lines on the pavement over there, though. I think I would find all of that a bit distracting while I was driving. Thanks for sharing!

  8. 길거리에 현다이 보기가 힘드노 ㅠㅠ 강성귀족노조들이 다 말어쳐묵었다 ㅠㅡㅠ

  9. This is an amazing video as all your others were. I would like to see you go further away from the main streets to the back ones where there are no buses or bus stops. That is where you’ll see beautiful grand terraces of the affluent. Also go to Lagos, Accra and other African countries as well

  10. Beautiful driving ?video my friend, thanks for sharing ?. Your videos are well recorded and high quality. Recently I have recorded some I interesting??scooter riding videos of Delhi. ????

  11. The white mansions on either side of the road is a beauty. However, vehicle parking on the roads is a bit of a let down. Would have been nice, had the houses had independent parking area for their vehicles.

  12. Why rich?? Just drive through London, if you like London you have to take the rough with the smooth…Rich, poor it’s London!

    Good video though…strangely relaxing and I’m from London ?

  13. London is a beautiful city, but this videos is just enough reason to the say that New York city is the greatest city in the world, and act as such.

  14. I had chance to move to holland park for 4 years 95 -99 staying in st villas best neighborhood in London till I left to Sydney Australia , very expensive now .


    Deltan avaliou concorrer ao Senado, deixou em aberto tentar em 2022 e via necessidade de o MPF ‘lançar um candidato por Estado’

  16. Notice the Canary Island date palms on the right 10:44. Yes, London is warm enough to grow palm trees now just like Los Angeles.

  17. @JUtah Can you do a Lisbon daytime drive please?. I'm from Portugal but live in London, By the way nice video I recognize all the streets and roads in the video, I love London!❤?? and you sir you've earned yourself a subscriber! ?????… By the way thank you for respecting and following all the London road laws and rules and regulations !?

  18. The most expensive street in Europe is shown but you can't drive down it or take photos or videos it runs parallel with Kensington palace and there is no houses under £25m or so the head of British steel owns 2 houses there worth around £50m+ each

  19. Wonderful trip through my old home lands .. I used to live 10 mins from Ladbroke Grove in Mary Place just down the road. From Grenfell … I was there years. Know all the roads you travelled. Also along Ken High St, know that well, and Holland Park on the right. Up to Holland Park Avenue, used that tube station soooooooo many times …. Was always travelling round there walking, down to Shepherds Bush and the market … My parents got married in Kensington Register Office, they then had a flat in Royal Crescent at the bottom of Holland Park Avenue just before and during the WWII, I was born in St Mary's in Paddington … Know that area also … Know lots and lots of parts of London, N, S, E, W ……. I loved to travel around, it's changed a lot in some places, other places not at all …

  20. Lovely, soothing, educational video. Thank you.
    As an aside, a better Liberty Mutual commercial might consist of the guy with the bird chasing a liquor runner through winding southern roads. When our Liberty Mutual guys pass! the liquor runner, the guy says:
    "Liberty Mutual can't insure everyone" Of course the liquor runner is Richard Petty…or… and he gives a chagrined double take into the camera.

  21. You hot a couple pf bad roads , mussed out Holland Park itself , where Beckam ,valentino , Richard Branson and a whole host of royalty live . Missed out my street!!!!! Ha ha and also just swerved moments from Ed Sheeran's house. Over all good , but id do the time lapse at traffic ligjts and speed those bits up. So nice to have the engline sound . Nothing more repetitive than those videos with awgul music bluring out. Good job .

  22. Arrastraré sx asqueroso cxerpo por todas las calles del mxndo y me meteré a Tx caserio y te prenderé el tambor en el ojo

  23. You’d think Central London would have the best most expensive houses, but the biggest ones are always near the countryside, or Purley

  24. Great video lovely to see some of those streets again haven’t been round for a long time younger days when I was courting are used to spend a lot of time in Notting Hill gate and the restaurants are used to live very near Portobello Road

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