London on a Sunday: Flower Markets, Street Food, & Biking Around ?

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Good morning everybody! I’m back in London Did you see the red buses? Yes, that’s like a perfect sign for being back in London Now we’re gonna have breakfast at K.Choi: Shoreditch Grind
Joan: Yes and start our day That was so good! And now we’re going to explore London like the way we did on the first day Currently at Columbia Road Flower… shops? Flower shops? K.Choi: It’s a flower market Joan: Yes, um, I’m allergic to flowers so this is gonna be a quick thing She’s gonna pick up her lavender and we’re gonna go My hand smells so good right now because we were holding this K: Oh yeah and Joan got this to take home J: Oh, Yes i did! I love lavender This was 2.5 pounds Now we’re gonna walk over to Brick Lane market Lot of vintage records and it’s very lively here But all the markets are fun to check out on Sundays according to Kristina K: Yeah. The full market is open on Sundays only, so it’s the best time But we’re about to hit all the foods on that side
J: Yess~ He gave me one of the hottest hot sauce It’s not that hot Oh no, it’s hot K.Choi: It comes later
J: It’s hot! Yess Mm *thumbs up* When in London.. Or when in UK? Wow These fries taste like giant In-N-Out fries So. Good. Came back home to drop off the things we bought and also I wanted to pick up my sunglasses and now we’re off to walking again! Y’know, we already walked 10,000 steps and it’s currently… 1:30 That’s amazing. But let’s add another ten thousand. Now we are on a red double decker bus to head over to Harrods that area, because even though I can’t afford anything It’s very popular and I wanted to show you guys 🙂 We’re gonna eye shop at Harrods now and head over to.. more affordable shops afterwards. Marble stairs Marble floors Marble sides Yes~! We’re now going to ride a bike like those people back there and ride it around the Hyde Park. I’m super excited. I actually haven’t ridden a bicycle in a very long time Alright We biked for like, 30 minutes and we’re out of breath! But that was so fun! I’m sorry I didn’t get to film too much of it because it’s really hard to bike with one hand, ’cause these bikes are quite heavy But that was such a fun experience I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend that you guys all try it We’re just walking around and shopping, and look! They have a Disney store, so let’s check if they have Marvel figures, ’cause my brother really likes the selects that they have. Woah Iron Man Team Iron Man Because I love Spiderman


  1. Joan, I really appreciate you as a YouTuber/Vlogger. You make all your subscribers & I very happy. I just want you to know that these vlogs, whether long or short, always makes my day! Have a good one!

  2. thank u for all the hard things u do to show us new places thank so much we will all stay loyal forever ?~?

  3. I don't watch mukbang videos but If Joan made them, I would definitely watch them because whenever she films herself eating, it's so nice and soothing and satisfying for some reason lmaoo I would like such a creep

  4. Oh this gives me so many flashbacks from when I was in Britain and London last month for the first time. And omg the walking! I never thought about turning on the step counter on my phone but my feet took about a week to recover after that trip. ?

  5. You should come to Victoria. There are alot of old victorian houses. Not many flats but houses and the massive park which is separated into different parts.

  6. shoreditch grind is awesomeeee. love that cafe 😀 you should try lantana cafe if you have the time to!

  7. You should actually come to Winchester here in UK! Its only 1hr away from London! I recommend it alot! Come Visit ??????


  9. Does anyone know what cooling patches Joan was talking about at 8:20? I will be traveling with my parents soon and they will definitely need as much relief as possible with all the walking we'll be doing. Please someone help!

  10. Hopefully someday you can do a video with gabiecook?
    Does Kchoi know anything about Goddards at Greenwich pies and mash?
    If anygood?

  11. I like ur video,I will go to London for traveling,and will find out those store and restaurants that u recommended,it is so nice

  12. I know this vlog was awhile ago but where can you purchase cooling patches … I’m hoping it’ll make Australian summer more bearable xx

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