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Hi everyone!
My name is Grace Neutral I’m a hand-poke tattoo artist
from London. We’re here at the
London Tattoo Convention today and I’ve got a question too
which I’m going to answer for you. You’ve interviewed artists across the world
and from different cultures what do you think will be
the next big thing next step or
evolution of tattooing? Well I think that you know, tattooing has become so more
accepted in the last 10, 15 years it’s become somewhat
mainstream now, you know, so… I don’t know where it could go. I think people
are just getting bigger and better and and tattoo artists as well are
evolving so much faster nowadays. I meet people all the time who are like 20,21 who have only been
tattooing for a few years and they’re already amazing, so… Do you find hand-poking is
becoming more popular? Yeah I definitely think in the last five years it’s become a lot more popular in Western society and I’m really glad that people are
more open to trying the technique out. With you being from London, would you say
the London Convention is your favourite one? Of course, of course! It definitely is one of my
favourite conventions not just because it’s in my
home town, but because it’s such an amazing convention.
Miki puts on such a good array of artists every year and you know, you can
learn so much here and I think it’s really important
that I come here every year because it’s really important to my evolution as an artist, and, yeah! I love the London Convention so much. I want to come here every year so hopefully I’ll see you guys
here next year. Hi, my name is Nato. I’m originally from Brazil but I have been living in New Zealand
the last five years. About the London Tattoo Convention,
it’s amazing. Hopefully going to be here
next year again and I hope to see you guys! My name’s Ben Kaye I tattoo at Ship Shape Tattoo in Auckland, New Zealand. This is my first year at the
London Tattoo Convention. I’ve known about it for years,
I’ve always wanted to work it. It’s definitely a career highlight. I mean I’m English but this is only the second time
I’ve ever tattooed in England, so just… It’s amazing to be here
with so many cool artists. It really is a career highlight. Hey there,
my name’s Matt Jordan. I’m from New Zealand. I’ve been coming to the
London Tattoo Convention for a long time now,
I think this is my fourth time. You know, I kind of come once every couple of years
because it’s a long way to get over here. I guess the reason why we come over for this convention is
because it’s pretty much the biggest best convention in the world and
it’s an honour to get invited, you know it’s an honour to be able to be amongst
all the other kind of heavy hitters and stuff that are here, it kind of dwarfs you,
makes you feel like a toy so it’s kind of good,
it’s a good wake up call. Every time I come here,
I’m like shitting myself. When I get home I’m pushing real hard again,
so it’s just a good whack of inspiration. And it’s awesome to hang out
with all of our friends and all the other amazing artists
that come to this convention. Well thanks for talking to me and it is an honour to be here,
like I said and I can’t wait to come back next year,
hopefully we get the whole crew out here again and we’ll see you all then! My name is Choshu Horikazu. I am participating in this event
from Japan. It is an honour for me to attend such an
internationally-renowned event as this convention. I am looking forward to participating
in this event next year! I’m Natalie Nox and we’re in
London Tattoo Convention. It’s my first year in this show and it’s really an honour to be to participate in this show. This is one of the biggest
in the industry with a bunch of artists and it’s really nice to have the opportunity
over the weekend to meet all of them exchange ideas,
see how they work and hopefully I will be
here next year too! Hello, my name is Yomico Moreno. We are here with the Rat Pack. This weekend we are making a collaboration with the artists that we believe
have been our influence Not only to us, but also to many artists around the world. Like Boris, Jess Yen Carlos Torres Lal, Brent. We decided this year to pay tribute to these artists that have inspired us to what we are today, right? I think it’s a real honour not only for me,
but for all the Rat Pack team that all these legends have agreed
to collaborate with us this weekend. To the artists who are looking to do
or want to starting doing these types of collaborations basically I believe that one of the most
important things is to feel a good energy do it with your colleagues,
that you feel there is a lot of feeling. The important thing, it’s not
a competition between you. It is not a competition between us
to see who is better or not. It is simply sharing what we do, having a
good time, and doing something different. Create a concept and create something that can make
us all feel comfortable. So feeling is very important
that you can feel each other. Simply do not do it to compete,
because it is not a competition. It’s simple to do what you like,
and have a good time with your companions. London Convention, for me I think it is one of the best
conventions in the world. Being here I think that for
every artist it’s like a challenge it’s like a challenge
to be here in London. Because not only do you come across
many artists of an incredible level. If it is not the opportunity,
the projection it gives you. One of the conventions that has
a lot of experience in the industry and it’s simply a real honour. Being part of this is an incredible experience and we will be here every year. My name is Ryan Ashley I’m all the way from Inkology Tattoo Studio
in New York City This is my first time attending
the London Tattoo Convention. It’s an honour. The first time I visited the
London Tattoo Convention was about 10 years ago and even back then I knew there was something
really special about this particular convention. Walking around here today, finally working the convention for the first time as an artist It’s an honour. I’m walking around looking at people I’ve looked up to for you know the past ten years. It’s unbelievable
I get to tattoo alongside of them and, you know, call some of these
amazing artists my peers. I think the thing is about the
London Tattoo Convention is it’s quality over quantity. Everyone’s here to do the best tattoo
they could possibly do to work hard and to play hard and the camaraderie the talent level here is just
absolutely spectacular. There’s nothing like it. Just like every industry,
I think there are conventions that professionals go to
that are for professionals. The London Tattoo Convention is for everybody
but it’s so well respected I think by tattooers and collectors and shop owners,
it’s the best of the best. It’s an honour to be invited it’s privilege to attend. I think there are so many little conventions
popping up all over the place and that’s great, it’s great for our community,
it’s great for our industry but there’s nothing quite like
the London Tattoo Convention.


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