LONDON VS PARIS | Differences between London and Paris as an Expat

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  1. I found that eating in London was overall much cheaper than in Toronto and Vancouver. That includes eating out and buying groceries. When I lived in London, food costs hardly made a dent in my budget. How would you compare food costs in London to Paris? Whether it's eating out or cooking at home? Thanks for the video btw!!

  2. Actually London is not that much bigger than Paris if you take into account all the suburbs around Paris. Historically London wasn’t that big, it’s just that a lot of the suburbs you had around London were merged into London as the years went by. In Paris they decided to not do it that. They actually did the opposite by subdividing the suburbs in even smaller pieces by creating the new « départements » (91, 92, …, 95). And so this is why Versailles or Créteil are outside of Paris as Richmond or Stratford are still inside London. The tube outside of central London is often more comparable to the RER than the Paris Métro.

  3. I've only spent a few days in London… I'm from New England in the US and I felt really at home there, except that everyone had a different accent of course lol

  4. Je viens decouvrir et j'aime vraiment la façon super respectueuse avec laquelle tu abordes la France, les français et nos habitudes ? continues comme ça, c'est vraiment cool ce que tu fais ?

    OK sorry to disagree. I think you said your from the 9th district, here are some VARIOUS RESTAURANTS:
    Brunch : l'atelier saisonnier 58 rue la Fayette. (It's a as much as you can eat… So you'll be alright)
    Burger (there are a lot of that but) le dépanneur 27 rue pierre fontaine
    Indian food : Om Shiva, 28 rue saint Lazare
    Quality french food (and original) : le Padam Padam 29 rue Véron (ok this one is on the 18th)
    Grilled meat : Flesh 25 rue de Douai
    Ethiopian : Addis Ethiopian 52 rue Blanche
    North African (as couscous) : l'Oriental 47 avenue Trudaine
    Italian (no pizza) : Salsamenteria di Parma 40 rue st George
    Spanish : Bocata 31 rue Milton

    And I don't talk about asian food, bagels and pizza because those are eeeeverywhere
    And that just SOME restaurants in your neighbourhood…. So nono, no variety at all.
    Let me know if you liked them !

    Ps : just as a little gift, here is a reaaaallly good blog to know about amazing restaurants :

    Have fuuuuun 😀

  6. I went to both Paris and London on my honeymoon in November and fell in love with the street fashion in London. You are sooo right about the “uniform” in Paris. I noticed it immediately that everyone wore black or navy, bare nails and face and Chelsea boots. It was like an unspoken agreement! But londoners had all kinds of looks. Especially the MEN. The menswear was soooo cool. Colorful socks peeking out of tweed suits and very cool shoes. My husband was drooling.

  7. Then you should try Sydney which takes more than 2 hours to get from the middle of the city!!! Our radius is 50 miles so diameter 100 miles!!! I will take london or Paris any day!!!

  8. Team Paris ! But as a French girl, I might be biased ;p (although I have gone to London, and I did not much like it, apart from around Hyde Park and some of the suburbs)
    Oh, and, for the food ? I have lived in India, and then tried Indian food when I was in England (at different places) : comparatively, it is gross ! 
    As for Paris, the food can be repetitive because we usually only eat out for special occasions, and go to our favourite place (the one the does the Bavette d’Aloyau just right, or the one that has some Andouillette, and so on). The diversity happens more in our kitchens.

  9. #TEAMPARIS – I dearly love Paris like no where else on earth and I dream of visiting again some day.

  10. According to The Economist (Worldwide cost of living survey 2019) Paris is now officially the most expensive city in the world to live in, alongside Singapore and Hong-Kong. Then comes Zurich, Geneva, Osaka, Seoul, Copenhagen, New-York, Tel Aviv and Los Angeles. London is actually far behind (22nd) but it might not be a bad thing. Some french newspapers say that the survey methodology is flawed, though.

  11. I was just in Paris for a week this past few weeks ago and then I was in London for a week staying on the cheap and just walking around everywhere too. Definitely Paris is a lot more denser and there is a lot more nice little restaurants here and there. Though London was easier to traverse. I had fun on a Saturday night when two French men took my Welsh friend and I around the sites and sounds of pubs and clubs of Paris. I always spoke in basic French to people all the time and everyone I met was happy with my effort in this. And so I had many a happy moment with people everywhere I went . In London was definitely a cool pub culture and I met a lot of different people too from all over Europe and had lots of fun. Because speaking English was easier.
    Deciding between Paris and London is like trying to choose which brother or sister is better yeah.

  12. My absolute favourite two cities in the universe ? – I am living in London, but travel to Paris in every chance I get

  13. I spend one year in London: in spring and summer it is really fine, but in automn and winter it is horrible: dark, dull, rainy. And this period lasts very very long…

  14. Fab!! You both are so pretty! Where I live it still takes 1 hr to get Around!!! Tell me what is the purpose of yr lives?

  15. London it’s the worst city ever , dirty , ugly , unfriendly, shit transport , expensive. The best is Paris !!!!

  16. I lived and worked in London for 3 years. Initially for the first year I loved it? as time went on not so much, the weather is deary ( a lot of cloud coverage) most of the time, summers are short. The history is amazing but it wore off after 2 years. Rent, food, clothing is very expensive. To eat out is very expensive. The tube is excellent, very clean, easy to use. I would have loved to live in the country side and commute to London, the country side is gorgeous ?, London is not that friendly, nor that helpful, NYC is much friendlier.? I went to Paris almost every month ? so enjoyed it, I found the Parisians friendlier, the city / architecture of Paris is gorgeous. Easy to get around and the food very good and less expensive ? if I had a choice I would choose Paris to live and work. More culture there, more time off. Very classy. Not sure about the pay but as a programmer my pay is quite decent. Now let's talk about the South of France???????my favorite place on Earth ????????

  17. Personally I think Paris is safer. And it’s also much more beautiful. But obviously London has its perks because there’s no language barrier.

  18. Paris has been one of my least favorite cities I have ever been too. Lovely place but felt more touristy than ever. I hope to go back though and hopefully change my opinion.

  19. The best COUNTRY is
    The one that pays it's
    Single mothers pension.
    And I'm sorry lady's it's
    Not English or France .
    ,, it's AUSTRALIA ,,
    A single mother on fat WELFARE PAYMENTS. It's more then
    $ 1000 a week yes $ 1000 a week

  20. French dress and grooming feels like restrictive uniform; British dress and grooming embraces colour and self expression

  21. #teamparis but London is growing on me. I just connected more with the French than with the British. I miss France (and Paris) a lot. I don’t miss l’administration française though!

  22. Stop comparing absolult prices per square meter. Compare rent price VS average net income or the pourcentage of an average salary you have to pay for one meter square… You'll see that the part of your income you have to put in your Rent is higher in Paris on average.

  23. Being a French person living in London I find very funny all those Parisians telling me how life is so expensive in France. Come to London and you'll see what expensive means

  24. J'adore Paris et . . London is also an amazing city where you can get and do anything you want (if you can afford it).
    s'il vous plaît, ne me faites pas choisir! (ah. . .mais Paris. . . .)

  25. The difference is, in london there are some very cool places outside the city, full of young people… it's not the same in paris. The suburbs in paris are either for families or just cheap and depressing areas. It's just not cool outside the city in Paris.

  26. I like London better because there is more green places, threes , square, hudge parcs, and squirrels

  27. I use to live in London for grad school. I'm moving to Paris in December so I'll let you guys know but London really has my heart.

  28. Hi,
    I'm Parisian and lived in London a few years ago.
    London is indeed waaaay more expensive making the quality of life lower as not only rent but also food, transportation and healthcare are more expensive. Living in a shared flat was definitely a big turn off for me.
    I was pretty shocked at how many people were eating lunch at their desks.
    On the plus side, many multinational companies manage international accounts from London or have their hubs in London which allows you to expand your skills.

    Overall it is a complete different way of life.

  29. Definitely #Paris ! I feel like maybe it's because my personality suits a city more like Paris, but Paris all the way!!!

  30. # Paris. I find it prettier, safer, more functional and way, way more affordable. I love bistros, crepes and do it yourself picnics. For Decent brunch in Paris, go to Who's in the Marais, 28 euro gets you access to all you can eat omelettes, crepes, cheese, charcuterie, salad, tiramisu, profiteroles, smoked salmon, bacon, toast, scrambled eggs, juice, hot chocolate and coffee.

  31. No doubt Paris is still more affordable than London especially regarding real estate. Yet Paris RE has much more upside potential than brexiting London. As an expatriate or an investor, if you don’t speak French well enough but need to make a real estate deal in France, you’ll hardly find a French realtor who can fully assist you in English from day 1 to closing, especially regarding paperwork, yet exactly what it is crucial to properly understand before signing anything. is here to help, and NOT at a costly fare.

  32. @notevenfrench I love your vlogs but not this one. It’s a bit naive.

    First. Paris is the most expensive city in the world with singapore, it’s not only estate but about the goods ect…

    Second. Not diversity in Paris ? You can find a good India restaurant everywhere… and many foreign cuisine everywhere. What is you place in Paris?

    Third- about fashion the french are slity more conservative but so much more elegants and everything compared to Londoners.

    Fourth- You said the french average salary is « lot low » compared Australia and NZ. But you missed all advantage you get here compared to the others.

    Fifth. Your friends says rents in London is very expensive because wage is lower than NY so they need to rent up to compensate.

    To rent is expensive because to buy a flat is really expensive. So they need money back.

    Finally, iam a bit sad cause you say nothing nice about Paris in the video.

    So it’s let think London is better than Paris….

    Paris is geographically the best because you can link all others Europeans city… it’s predominant city in continental Europe.

    Sorry for my English

  33. Water quality?
    I visited friends in London & the water was undrinkable. Couldn't even make tea with it. I had to flavour tap water with herbal teas (make tisanes ?).

    I've always lived places where the water tasted great – and yes, the water tasted differently in each place. But the water in London was sulphuric or something foul.

  34. I am very fond of both Paris and London. I like to fly to London, stay a bit then take the train n to Paris, and fly back home to DC from there.
    London to me feels like home. The language of course, and culture is similar to DC. London is more diverse.
    The interestingly, the best French restaurant I’ve even eaten in was in London.
    Paris is more of an adventure, and I like it for the art and general aesthetic quality. But really too many Parisian service people are unnecessarily obnoxious. But I don’t care. I love Paris all the same.
    So I am team both. But I would rather live in London.

  35. Hi thanks for this video. Paris and London rents are both expensive yes, but could you briefly discuss the rent for people that lives 1-2 hours outside the city and only goes there for work?

  36. When you said « nobody wants to live in the suburbs » you’re wrong. There are different level of suburbs: the worst and the most wanted. St denis and 93 area are the examples of people hate. But if you talk about cities like Val d’Europe (near Disney), le Plessis Robinson, Puteaux, Boulogne,Meudon which are suburbs too, people really appreciate these places for the village- like quality of life. Have in mind to consider Paris as a whole (le Grand Paris) which generate a population of 12 million people vs greater London with 8-9 million people. Paris is a very big city which will in the future integrate all urban zones from Versailles to Disneyland. It’s just a question of time and political things. Paris is just the little core of this urban entity. London has made it at the end of 19 th century. The Grand Paris Express ( 35 billions€/68 new stations/adding 4 whole new metros line to 14 existing ones)a super metro that will destroy the « psychological barrier » of the périphérique(road) that separate in the perception of people Paris and its suburbs.

  37. About the food: i’m sorry but you have a very weird conception of french fooding. The bistrot is a classic scheme of french cuisine. It’s normal when you go to have ‘classics’ things everywhere. It’s like italy with pizzerias. In France we have the best bakeries/pâtisseries. Have you tried crêperies? Have you tried rôtisseries? I’m sorry but Paris> London or NYC about food. Our fromages, wines and traditional regions (southern or western ) restaurant could lead you to marvels you cannot imagine. Trust me i won’t exchange Paris for London about food aspect.

  38. I was born in London though I live in New Zealand’s South Island, but I would choose to live in Paris because I love the French and because I speak French (not super fluently but enough to get by comfortably). Of course I’d be visiting London all the time!

  39. I would love to live in the UK but I live in the states ? but I don't think I'll ever get to visit do to income ?️ but I will always dream

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