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(Rhythmic hip-hop music) (bottles clank) – Brittany, what are we making? – Long Island Iced Tea Breasts. – [Instructor] Look at those boobies! (bag swishes) Gelatin bags, drop ’em in. (Bag swishes) (Brittany laughs) That wasn’t even funny. That was so dumb, that wasn’t even funny. Water — pour! – Yes, sir. (Water sloshes) Long Island Iced Tea Breasts. Vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec. (Bottles clank)
Brittany, grab the Triple Sec. Don’t scare, man up. – Are you scared?
– Man up, okay? – I’m ready. – Jump?
– Yes. – Go!
(Bottles clank, liquid splashes) Oh, oh, oh, let this thing flow. (Liquor runs and splashes) – That’s a lot of alcohol! That’s a lot of alcohol! – Stop!
(Bottles clank) Well done. – You got to be kidding. – These are special breasts. (Pyrex clanks)
– Oh, my God! Oh, my goodness. Ready?
– Don’t spill our drink. (Liquid pours) – I’m really not spilling
all this alcohol. – Okay, cool. So grab this condensed
milk, pour some of that in. – Do you use a spoon? – We can get to the spoon. I say, pour it all in,
but if you can go on … You’re ready to go in
balls-deep, so let’s roll it in. Now we can turn this pink, okay? (Spoon thuds against pitcher)
Okay, go ahead. – It’s like strawberry milk. – I bought these molds
for it, but you guys, you don’t have to go out and buy stuff. Try to get yourself a little bowl that has a nice little oval bottom. You know, roll with that. Okay! Grab these, let’s put this in the fridge. – Oh, my God, this boob is so heavy! – Don’t spill it, okay? – You’re going to spill, you’re–
– Don’t spill it! – I’m doing great. – Don’t let me have to
discipline you, okay? – Discipline me how? How do you discipline me? – [Instructor] I don’t know;
we can talk it over (laughs). And we got our Jell-O, right here.
– Yes. – Pick up yours.
– Yes. – Okay.
– Food fight? – No.
(Jell-O thuds softly) – Oh, my God, on the table? – Yes, Ma’am. – I want to do it! – Is that …
– Make sure it goes … – Okay, you can do it.
– Make sure it goes flat, though. – You go. – Just make sure it goes flat.
(Bottles clank softly) – Do they look like breasts? – They move like …
– Breasts, right? – Implants, yeah.
(Instructor giggles) – Okay, look at this.
(Brittany blows air) Look at this.
– Sorry (giggles). – That just goes straight in
the middle, just like that. Okay?
– [Brittany] Okay. – That’s it. Okay, that’s fine. Fine, okay, perfect! Perfect, perfect! Look like breasts now? – Um-hm. I got to learn this one day. You’re so good. That’s so precise. (Brittany gasps)
– Don’t be scared. (Brittany giggles, then laughs) Think, like, it’s a penis, and I’m about to deep throat this shit. I’m so scared! I don’t want to gag on
you (squeals and laughs). (Instructor giggles) – Way to spill it all over my damn floor. And there you have it! Long Island Iced Tea Breasts! Okay, let’s try, let’s
try to cut it like a cake. – A wedding cake? Are we doing it together? – Let’s go from the front. Come on, then. Come over here. – Yes, Papi. – (Instructor sings, vocalizes) – Just like Long Island?
– Hm? – Oh!
– They’re kind of sweet. Shut up!
– Ew! – The sweet milk sweetens that right up. – You’re a drinker. – And then you mix that
with the whipped cream. I think it’s good. As you guys know, October’s
Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And why I decided to make these, because my grandmother actually
died from breast cancer. And the thing is, she didn’t have to, because, if you check regularly, they discover lumps or
whatever, do the biopsy, and you could have your breast removed long before it kills you. But then, she was one of those women, she don’t want to go to a hospital. Even after she gets sick,
she don’t want to go. So by the time she got to a hospital, it was way too late, way too advanced. But that doesn’t need to happen. So, girls, get checked early. Tipsy Bartender! Take care of those breasts,
because I love them. Why you got to touch your breast? I was going to shake your hand, punk. – How do I get checked? – Well, you have … I don’t know. That whole … Well, let’s talk after the show. All right (giggles), Tipsy Bartender! And there you have it! The Strawberry Piña
Colada inside a pineapple. Whoo! (giggles) That’s a muddy sharp homeboy. Okay, that’s a muddy sharp, – Don’t call it that.
(Instructor giggles)


  1. My only question…why'd you guys make white tittys? To appeal to majority of viewers most likely but you should've represented.

  2. hey I am a two time breast cancer survivor that had a double mastectomy twice. I've been dealing wit cancer since I was 21. My 25th birthday is coming and I was wondering can you recommend a pink drink that goes with the theme "pink and white breast cancer survivor"

  3. Thank you for supporting!! My mom died from breast cancer when I was 4. I love you guys❤️

  4. My past from breast cancer when I was young. So thank for supporting. Love you guys so much❤️

  5. Can you use 3 cups of plain vodka instead of all the other alcohol? I know it wont have the same taste or anything, but could you?

  6. I can't believe they made a video to raise awareness for breast cancer, especially considering he's a guy and some guys are weird and cringey about that kind of shit. good on you Skye, this is why tipsy bartender is my fave ?

  7. Advanced breast cancer is so scary and disgusting. No one wants that. I hope you'll do another awareness episode this year Skyy.

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  9. Am I the only one who thinks these should be called Long Island Iced Titties? or is that too crude for jiggling boobs on a table?

  10. love it…
    I just lost my mom Dec 19th 2015 which was her birthday due to beast cancer :'( her doc kept saying it was just an infected milk duct and kept giving antibiotics that didn't do anything.

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