Long Island Museum Imagine Awards Finalist 2018

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The Long Island Museum is an art museum that is here for the community. It’s comprised of exhibitions, education, music programs, and one of our shining stars of the education program is Rides for Kids. For many children the LIM Rides for Kids program offers their first experience to
come to a museum. Students are able to receive reduced fees and we can also
subsidize their bus fees to allow these districts to be able to come for this
off-site experience and since 2013 when the program began, we’ve welcomed nearly 7,500 students all throughout Long Island. Long Island Museum is nine acres and we have 14 buildings, we have an art museum, carriage museum, a history museum, and we have a one-room schoolhouse. This is where kids can come in and experience a
19th century education. We want people to just decide to come to the museum not
even knowing what they’re gonna see there; just knowing they’re going to have
an experience that will be meaningful and perhaps change the way they think
about the world around them.

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