Los Angeles 4K – Venice Beach – Driving Downtown USA

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Tour Highlights: Venice Beach Venice Canals Street Art Ocean Park Santa Monica


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  2. always in the history of the United States its streets are always very beautiful and very impressive unlike the streets of other countries like Japan, China are very small and horrible of the worst in the world that my eyes have seen you are superior in quality of very clean and conserved streets in mexico we can never have like its excellent streets our streets in mexico are a big rubbish and they are one of the worst in the world. I am ashamed of my streets in my country. Besides, we are poor. We apologize in the name of all Mexicans. that we can not be like you rich millionaires

  3. Смотрел много таких видео и представлял себе жизнь в ЛА перед тем, как переехать сюда)

  4. Lived on the beach at 45 Rose Ave back in early 80's. Sure do miss it. Thanks for the video, brings back great memories. Not much has changed really except it's more crowded.

  5. United State looks like if it was syria in 2077 or something like modern Syria, because climate is the same lol

  6. Hello. Maybe you can show to beginning a little map with the way, then you will drive. This was perfect. Thank for the Video, live from Venice beach

  7. Man watching this makes me happy I'm moving back home to California in a month in a half! Can't wait to drive through this beautiful state again.

  8. Ahhh!…Venice Beach land of the liberal tattooed body pierced freaks. Wonderful place to bring your family. Take your kids to one of the many tattoo shops along the boardwalk and turn them into a freak, they'll love you for it.

  9. Hello! I wonder if is possible tell us what kind of car are you driving, because is so quiet. Thanks a lot!

  10. 34:00 cyklisti nemusia dodržiavať STOPku?, inak nádherné slnečné zábery L. A. Krásne upravené štvrte.

  11. Thanks for your videos J, your channel has helped me visualize and travel a lot more, they also help me reduce stress and anxiety that the day to day business generates!! I always watch the downtown nyc video to relax myself, Thank you!!!

  12. I love Venice. The canals were so tranquil at night I would buy ? and bring it there and walk around with friends.

  13. 4:01 Venice Beach hostel and medical marijuana center to the left . Moes restaurant to the right.

  14. IDK about anyone else but starting around 18:55 to 20:34 I got a Florida vibe, specifically Orlando, from that area. The way the roads are placed and the open area gives that feel.

  15. To learn what the small bridges in the early part are about search youtube for Venice Canals Los Angeles or Things To Do In VENICE, LOS ANGELES

  16. definatley tag your videos with an A route B. i saw the canals, was Abbot Kinney in there ?????. Golds Gym???

  17. It's almost the middle of May here in Atlantic Canada….no leaves on the trees yet and most days you still need a warm jacket. Love seeing all those palm trees and the warm L.A. sunshine. Thank you!

  18. so many signs symbols and signals
    how can one concentrate on road ahead when they have to constantly look for signs and symbols on the sides :-/

  19. Wow, to many people, just way to crowded, I would feel like a rat crawling over more rats. The wife lived in Venice with her parents in 1950, it was just a small dumpy little beach town and not a lot going on. How things change, her Dad had a chance to buy an old beach shack on the Canals for 4500.00 and that is the land too, he said I would not have that piece of crap if you gave it to me. Things that make you say HMMMMM. The Man would have taken 500.00 down and 100.00 dollars a month. My Dad said what the hell would I do with a piece of Shit like that.!!!!

  20. My old middle school is right down the street from your main image…seems like its gotten more busy in Los Angeles.

  21. can you imagine if LA was still an overwhelmingly white city imbued with European culture, no crime and properly dressed people, a Switzerland on the Ocean :))))))

  22. TOO MUCH GTA5 – just saw myself on the way to buy a mask down at the beach. By the way, thanks for doing these 4k videos. I really love the US landscape and scenery. Watching these makes me feel good and chilled and look forward to next time i go back (hopefully NOT LONG) signed ‘a Brit Yankophile’

  23. In a short time, Los Angeles has transformed itself in a very positive way. Unfortunately it is not the case for several major cities in the world.
    A big thank you to J Utah for this discovery of " a new Venice ".

  24. I saw a restaurant sign saying Mao's kitchen. Wow. Outrageous… I guess a restaurant named Hitler's kitchen would be ok too, in CA.

  25. i like your video. i do have a question though. do you think that as someone travelling on their own you'd get quite bored in this area? also is it easy to walk from venice beach to venice canals and abbott kinney?

  26. Great Los Angeles is better, beautiful City, better City of America, City of Marilyn Manson, i love him(Manson)and i love you for those video, beautiful place number one of The world

  27. At 16:21 what is the point in 3-way stops like that? Why not make it so that only the vehicle on the right has to stop? I assume it's just for safety, otherwise it's inefficient on fuel etc.

  28. I grew up in West LA. Venice Beach, Santa Monica and the PCH area were among my favorite stomping grounds. If it weren't for the street signs though, I'd have no idea where you were driving most times, the place has changed so radically. It's still a pleasure to see, nonetheless. Thanks for all the videos.

  29. Ah Venice Beach. That's was where the Three's Company characters lived. There was Janet, Jack, Chrissy, the Ropers, and Larry. Later Mr. Furley became the apartment manager. Of course we can't forget the local pub called the Regal Beagle.

  30. Yo no sé cómo encuentran bonito los Ángeles , es horrible: calles en mal estado ,el tendido eléctrico descuidado , casas desproporcionadas y con mala arquitectura, autos estácionados e todo calle sin espacio para ciclovías, contaminación , delincuencia.

    Lo único que se salva es una avenida con palmeras.

  31. Those concrete neighborhoods with little greenery during bright sunlight are not a good sight. I'm always conflicted about whether LA is a good place to live or not.

  32. Hi J Utah. I love your videos, but can you do some 4K of the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. As well as San Diego. I haven’t seen those. Thank You, and keep up the good work. ??

  33. J Utah you just added to my imagination with the Venice Beach drive through. It is beautiful out there and I will buy a home out there.

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