Los Angeles Fire Department Deploys New Hand-Held Thermal Imaging Cameras

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runny nose, and a rash.>>>This here is cool. L.A. City firewing off new cutting edge equipment that can help save lives while keep be five safe under the worst of conditions. We have more from legion park. This is an impressive and important tool.>>Reporter: Very much so, Michael. This little tool right here is a game changer for the fire service. Firefighters always R always tasked — are always tasked to going into dark, smoke-filled buildings where it’s difficult to see. That means it’s difficult to rescue victims. This camera changes all of that.>>Shout out –>>Reporter: During a demonstration today it took firefighters three to four minutes to find and rescue a victim without the thermal imaging camera. With the device, it took crews only a minute to find and rescue a victim. That is the difference between life and death. The Los Angeles city fire department is the first large

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