Los Angeles Homeless Man Harassed by Downtown Business District’s Purple Patrol

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  1. What a nice guy! I hope he's left alone by the purple gang. Not hurting anybody and an upbeat personality. Since when is bullying, threatening and theft acceptable?!! Hope he gets housing soon.

  2. They were gonna send me to the wine garden mission ended up getting a bus ticket from social services back east was on the street for a week

  3. You'd have to be a spineless individual to pick on a homeless person good luck to this great guy from Ireland !

  4. Once u become homeless you realize just how worthless society views you as being…disgusting and their should be legal action taken at once!

  5. I've been saying this for a long time now. We homeless need to both organize….AND UNIONIZE! Start taking a page out of the "purple gang's" play book. Stop living only in the moment. Pot IS a drug. The longer you smoke it (legal or not) the more apathetic and less likely you are to take proactive measures to change your situation. Think about that for a moment…why else would the federal government be suddenly willing to legalize something that is notorious for turning the most keen minds into play-dough? Its a form of government mind control that the "subjects" are all too willing to part take in.

    put down the vice….and raise your voice in protest!

  6. Meh, you do need some control. There have to be limits and if the area has vagrants around it doesn't really work out.

  7. They have a similar 'service' in my city. 'Downtown ambassadors' because businesses complained about homeless people. I haven't seen any of them but I would be heartbroken if they were harassing anyone like the purple gang has harassed this poor guy. Ugh so unfair to kick people when they're down

  8. Thank you for making these videos and shedding light on the realities of homelessness. And presenting these people for who they really are.. not gutter garbage but human souls. God bless you for that.

  9. Sounds like a fun guy. Lots of energy.

    But, running over his legs with bicycles is not "light" assault. It's worse than the kicking part he mentioned. At least being kicked, there's nothing crushing you. Bike tires kind of crush that part of your body. This heavy item, and a person could be riding it. Some people are 200 pounds. That's not "light" assault. That's really bad. And, they need a counter alliance to police the purple gang. He needs five pairs of socks, just for his trouble with the purple gang.

    And, I've seen lot of comments on other videos saying you need to do away with the "three wishes" question. I actually think it's a good question. The answer might be obvious for most: all three wishes being a house. But, to get to the specifics of how each person is feeling, and how they think solutions can be made, it needs to be asked. It gives us more insight on the situation than we might get without the question. So, I'm glad you still ask that question.

  10. The city should pay him for cleaning up the city!!! What a terrible story!! He should video tape what the purple gang is doing to him, assault, robbing him and everything else! Don't go to a police station with the evidence but a good humane rights lawyer and sue the city and business owners!! He will be set for life especially if they go to the news media with it!!!

  11. Society needs to recall all the natural disasters we have had, many homeless today are not drug addicts or insane people but are direct results of those consumed by these disasters. Many people lost everything & had no insurance or savings to fall back on.

  12. Of course they will harass you because they are getting away with it, carry some pepper spray, and be prepared to use it, they’ll start thinking twice about harassing you after that👊

  13. Biggest growing job industry..private security guards. Set up to watch harrass the poor when cops can be there to do the job themselves!

  14. People call the people in the purple shirts Skittles because of the colored shirts they wear in each different district. In the arts district they wear yellow shirts. Here in Los Angeles we have Jones Act rules that allow people to sleep on any sidewalk in Los Angeles from 9 pm to 6 am so long as there is enough room for a wheelchair to pass on the sidewalk. LAPD and the Skittles will tell houseless folks lies about what the law is so it helps to know.

  15. Purple Rain…Prince….or the artist formerly known as Prince…his secret immortal gang….beware of purple power!

  16. Video the abuse then make a stink about the matter and relentlessly expose each and every purple patrol encounter!

  17. Such a Demonic country not one ounce of Christianity blow them too hell where they belong please get rid leave the Good if yu find any!

  18. Seriously, why did you delete the video with the homeless girl, which came out some month ago? Is it because people thought she took drugs?

  19. This is going on all over the world. I live in Fraser valley of British Columbia Canada. House Price's crazy 1 million if your lucky gets you a old house. Rent 850.00 for a basement suite. Pay check to pay check. If I miss one I will be out there too

  20. Businesses need to help the homeless. all that money they paying the purple bullies can help them. You already have the police doing there job. Homeless ppl go through enough.

  21. What I have noticed is today , these younger people especially are real selfish and do not care , doctors discriminate against the old people young people discriminate against old people , they discriminate  against the homeless , the poor . Yet they push illegal immigration and bring in Islamic people and give them housing and money, while Americans struggle with low wages or homelessness with no help . How many homeless Muslims do you see ?? none. It is all designed to keep us ion debt and poor , to own nothing and just bow down to the government who controls us , the movie 1984 and demolition man have come true today and it is getting worse. We ARE living in a world of  shit . The hell with Democrats , globalists and high tech. the hell with self driving cars bullshit and micro chipping of people smart phone=dumb phone use ,  the future will really be a even worse  shithole and the young generation and millennials are pushing this down our throats they  want it and like it , and accept it  stupid idiots.

  22. So basically big business has decided that the way to "take care of homeless people " is to hire mercenary group's to attack and drive them out, oh that's America in a nutshell today, we went from a country that spilled it's blood to protect are fellow Americans to spilling the blood of are fellow Americans

  23. Wow so now instead of helping people we are hiring thugs to literally kick them while they are down. What a shame.

  24. My brother died living on the streets.. I was told buy his friend. That a security guy punch him the night before he died. I believe this man story..

  25. If I was there I would beat the ever living shit out of the PURPLE GANG, but of course make them strike first, then they would be the Black N Blue gang,
    What that gang is doing to him is Assault and Battery along with Theft… no mater who does it to you it's illegal, why do you think the police lose their ass in civil court on a daily basis? He needs to somehow document this behavior.

  26. If I want to help, how can I help people like him in terms of donating time and/or money? Is there a place where they hang out besides skid row?

  27. "Tino", from Jersey? What they don't want is a bunch of homeless coming from elswhere.I know something about this. I was displaced in my Hometown of Seattle, am on Social Security, was homeless for sixteen months.The amount of locals compared to outsiders, when it comes to homeless is in Seattleis about i/4, stay home, we have our own problems.

  28. Fucking liberals turn everything into shithole. Take care of your own people before welcoming illegals.

  29. All the white people are bastards….. I wish they had a brighter heart full of love and compassion for others!!

  30. I was denied work at every construction site in LA. They only hire hispanics/illegals at everyone I visited. It is not legal to harass homeless Americans while the govt protects employers of illegal aliens and shields them from deportation

  31. The buses that are passing behind looks like Metro 18 line and Rapid Metro 720. I am guessing the location that is being filmed is in the corner 5th st and Flower st. I am not sure, but the building behind looks like City National Plaza which is across Westin Bonaventure Hotel.

    It's raining in Los Angeles today. I hope he finds a dry place for the night.

    It's a shame that our society tends to criminalize homelessness.

  32. Dino what was your job? How did you lose it? And why didn't you go get a new job?
    I feel bad for all of the people who have to work jobs they hate. Sometimes they have to work 2 jobs. But they do it.
    The challenges they face in life far exceed the "horrors" of this Purple Gang.
    This guy complains about not being able to sleep on the sidewalk in peace, meanwhile millions of people are busting their humps in hard jobs working for low to moderate wages.
    That's why you're an "Invisible Person" Dino. That's why.

  33. Fuck the Purple gang and they wear purple like the were some kind of Authority with riches. Oh That make me boil, We need to show these purple Barneys a fucking lesson.

  34. The first step for a better world is destroying corporations and states, return to simple life-styles. Check out Michael Reynold's Earthships.

  35. Yes it sucks created by the hands of God all this trouble. Always short on money always something breaks down. When will God end this? Hasn't Mankind suffered enough? been punished enough? When is it enough God? When? Adam-Eve long long ago

  36. this channel is making a lot of money on exploiting the homeless or do they give the money back or help anyone they meet. I am suspicious of the motives.

  37. What the heck is a purple gang? It sounds like brown shirts. The fascists are taking over. That is why we have to help the poor, they are a bulwark against the fascist mentality. This guy is smart and knows how things work there. I know those fancy bean bag beds are very expensive and nice. It seems like they are trying to run him off the streets. Maybe they will throw him in a van and do away with him next. They might be testing him saying that no one cares. If they really believe that, what is to stop them from kidnapping him next?

    This man is street smart. I think you need to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't disappear. Give him a cell phone and tell him to call if he gets kidnapped. I heard the homeless are being disappeared off the streets in a lot of places. People want to know what is happening to them, where are they being taken, are they still alive? A lot of people are missing from Houston after the hurricane. This guy really makes me laugh. All he needs is a mansion in Big Sur. He has a funny attitude.

  38. Mental health… This guy needs assistance, the system failed on an epic level with this guy. The purple gang?…

  39. this is so sad and breaks my heart to know that some people treat homeless people like dirt. They are people and deserve to be treated like everyone else too. I hope this guy gets the help he needs and deserves. Hope he gets better and stays safe! Help homeless people when you see that they are struggling, good or bad karma will come to you!

  40. When i was homeless i was attacked in a similar way. 2 men stole my backpack from underneath my head while i was sleeping. When i tried to retrieve it from them i was physically attacked. it's not good. Keep going Dino.

  41. 1:39 Lower right corner, a long beard homeless white man carrying some garbage was passing by. Lower left corner, an Asian guy in dark blue suit with arrogant hairdo also is passing by but playing a smart phone. same condition, If Asians can be successful in USA, why local white men can not? I have not seen any Asians being homeless.

  42. Time to quit bashing and time to work together. If we don’t, we all go down. Plain and simple. Come from Love, and magic happens

  43. you're only getting one side of the story. I spend a lot of time in DTLA and I know about the DCBID "purple patrol". But I also know about the homeless population…

  44. The thing people don’t realize is most homeless people want to live in the streets. Most people think it’s just a man or woman who lost their job and who are on tough times and are now on the street. Thinking about your friends or coworkers? If they lost their job would they be homeless. The answer is very likely no.

  45. Holy shit this Purple Gang should be sent to prison if I was there I would go around videotape myself to get evidence of what the Purple Gang does

  46. I've now watched over 100 of marks great videos and he hasn't once interviewed a drunk or addict. Just interested why he screens and upsells his subjects. We all know most homeless folks are chemically dependent.

  47. The homeless people go around cleaning up cans and bottles off the street which have been dropped there by people with money to buy them and who probably work, funny old world this one like.

  48. I used to work Purple Shirts. worst job because of the young immature co workers and shit pay. There patrol zone is from Figuroa to Broadway and 1st to 9th street.
    Feel free to ask any questions.

  49. Learn to defend yourself, get a pipe, knife or zip gun and take care of yourself. I’ve dealt with people like this once, after 3 months of doing what this man described (they even set 3 bums on fire in my time) a group of us beat two of them up so bad it made the newspaper, never got charged because it was self defense and no witness would come forward to prosecute us. Needless to say we didn’t see them again. These idiots don’t realize being mean to someone who has nothing to lose will cost you your life.

  50. I don’t understand what their benefits after harassing and assaulting all these helpless people. Do they get money or something like that? I don’t think so. I hope they get for what they did to these helpless people

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