Los Angeles Homeless Woman Has Part-time Job and Lives in a Tent.

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  1. I worked a job $9 an hour 8 hours a day and slept on the streets at night in LA i had a gym membership to shower and shave to stay clean for work and to pay my phone bill and eat by the time my necessities were met i didnt have any money left over

  2. I’m amazed how many of these people he interviews wish for “others” to get help instead of themselves these are some of the best souls I’ve listened to.

  3. god has you he will get you a better job and life you are amazing what ever happened in your life you still want others to be happy yes we take things for granted we wine about crazy thing but you always have a smile god bless you

  4. I don't have much, but I will never again ignore a homeless person. I will always give them something, even if I can only give a dollar. It's the right thing to do. I'm not going to judge and wonder what they will do with the money. If they use it on drugs or booze that's on them. God will reward me if not here, then in the next life.

  5. We got the fake chosen chasing our tails over the Federal Reserve notes and you being so dumb, so afraid to be called racist, so weak and cowardly–do nothing; your actually enabling the homeless environment..shame on you GOP-Dem voters.

  6. This damn guy interviewing people and him not offering to help her.he don't care! We don't give money over the phone by no credit card how u get hacked and no guarantee they get anything.

  7. The homeless population is becoming more and more atypical in LA. I saw a girl with new Jordan’s on sleeping on a lawn chair on skid row. Also a young girl brushing her teeth in her tent with freshly dyed hair and makeup. I drive Lyft and encounter just about every walk of life, and I’ll tell you, many people are just over paying the insane rent. So, you just pocket your cash, and spend it on things that make you happy. Not necessarily drugs.

  8. Today its hard to find someone who knows what hard ship is. Working together to make a better life. People are breaking up with good home's. America is under judgment.

  9. Ok, she travels a considerable distance on the bus to get to work, then travels by bus to get back home to her….tent. Why not just pitch the tent somewhere closer to work? Save money on bus fare, have more time to look for a better job, or an additional part-time job. Just a suggestion. I hope her situation improves.

  10. Everything will be fine as long as the US gives some more more more more extra money to Pisrael and keeps paying and fighting false zionazi wars.

  11. As we walk around our neighborhood please be on the lookout for people who are sleeping on benches, in their cars or vans. It's increasing everyday. We have to lend a hand if we can. Give what you can, just don't harrass them. Congress is failing. Homelessness must be a priority. What a lovely lady she deserves better.

  12. And the president blames the immigrants for this country's problems. She is positive and doesn't mind the tent because the conditions in her country are much worse than that tent. She is positive because she has hope, strength and strong spirit. She has it very difficult because on top of not having a home, she might be undocumented and she is not fluent in English but she's healthy and that's all you need in Latin American countries to overcome obstacles. I hope you're able to give us an update on her. I'm hoping her kids are ok and she's able to get an apartment soon.

  13. keep ur head up olga! only the strong survive the good stuff coming ur way! God bless your beautiful heart pretty girl!

  14. I feel her pain but for a homeless person she's got a beautiful amazing out look not only for her life but for everyone too ! I hope she's got her apartment so that she can live in peace with her daughter's !

  15. One day she will get out of this . Life is so hard but she willingness to going to work so far away from where she lived
    I loved this type of person get out and do something even though making little bit money.

  16. I wish there was a way to help these people. The Government seems like they take better care of illegal’s, then our own Americans living on the streets. Sad.

  17. She is pretty lady and caring to all people around her and i wishing she can get her apartment soon . Good luck pretty lady.

  18. I wish there was a way that YouTube would pay you more for your service and you share the additional funds with the homeless and get them off to a good start.

  19. One can only wonder why isn't she staying with her son if he have a home for her other children.. not judging, just wondering

  20. Lovely kind lady giving her wishes to others. An hour busride to work and an hour back home to her tent. A republicans say homeless people are lazy.

  21. This lovely lady has a very gentle nature, God bless her sweet heart. I pray someone in your country can help her.

  22. Hey Olga move the hell out off California you can't afford to live here. Or go back to country one of the two

  23. It breaks my heart to hear stories like this one. I once had a boss that say to me that fifteen dollars was a lot in 2018. And i told him fifteen dollars was a lot 20 years ago.

  24. The smile she gave once she said theres gonna be a shower now its just priceless may god provide you a home olga.

  25. Wow! Olga looks good (I like the hat) and there are a lot of people barely making it on these slave wages. You must have some shelter. When I was in Vegas they locked all restroom doors in public places except the library. If you went to restaurants or coffee houses you had to get a key and show that you had purchased a meal to use the facilities. This was to keep the homeless from cleaning up in there or possibly stealing toilet paper.

  26. Most of the 3 wishes of homeless people are for other people and not to themselves. When you get to the situation that you dont have anything else to lose you realize that you need very few for yourself to live. And become more aware and sensible for the needs and suffering of other human being. Thank you Mark for your inspiring work.

  27. I know exactly where she sleeps. Not the safest place to be. Its in Panorama City/Van Nuys. Bless her heart

  28. It's like MZ. Lee say's she is beautiful. Beside her eyes she has beautiful teeth and lips ok, great DNA. Looks like she is some kind of Latina and they are so naturel beautiful. Good luck to hear wow, so many people out there in the world have a hard time………………………where is God ? Ok, nowhere I quess ! TCB.

  29. Every time I see her video I pray for her. She has a sweet spirit and a heart of gold YHWH please please help her! Please! Omg….. I'm so glad this channel brings these tragic stories to the light but it is so painful and frustrating to see our women, children and people in general treated like garbage!! "She can't use the bathroom because people won't let her??? Ughhhhh! Ok I'm done.

  30. Go to church is my suggestion, pray to God, He will help you if you are honest.
    Stop addiction if you have one, read the Holy Bible for answers.
    Look for work with free living.
    Best to you lady !

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