Los Angeles Lakers vs Brooklyn Nets 1st Half Highlights | March 10, 2019-20 NBA Season

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Downtown Los Angeles, let’s take a look at the starting lineups. First of all the Lakers just in 34 well below 511 20 on the road, but they are in a a Grady goes north to south He’s still thinking past but boy, is he a threat? Offensive minion pigs three into one of them his Joe Harris. He gives it up to Wilson Chandler who opens it up It’s carrots look Benson it right at the top which I thought was their last two road wins When they went in that game at Boston the sweeper by McGee is throwing that he Davis who had 30-plus points Hit all the games last week all of their offices in the corner. No As I ran he down to the year, although he looks great during his rehab We’ll be back next clear underneath Joe Harris core as well. Snooze utility close to the basket Another driving kick for the open three corner. Yeah, that’s not going to be very successful. That’s not going to happen It was a season-high in turnovers Davis hit get quarter PG for free at Staples on Sunday afternoon. They always do matter where the Lakers plays LeBlanc Bob the fan the score beautiful weather this day and then switch That’s way he didn’t have to make didn’t take advantage of the table. Hey, let’s badges most of those 51 points came in the fourth quarter and the Overtime when he personally dominated against the Celtics and he switches it through forbid rain Cohen, they set up that screen He got the center that stayed a step back and that’s all a jump shot shooter once That season I 21 rebound mcgee 1411 lead patch to Bradley why not Miss Avery the right back up three, two, three and eight points in the Lakers leading Corners we near the halfway mark of the first quarter Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets let the speed of earlier this year in the borough’s JaVale I think he made it a little harder than you had turned out. Let’s go. I like the style points though Here’s the left-hand tipped up and in on the funk as his first name Prince Who was the starter not coming off the bench? This is from long distance. That’s Joe Harris We both know they’re gonna continue with the bat me other way without the ball You gotta wait to you get a stock or a rebound De c.v Most right here’s mr goes to going to the left to shoot jump shots la butter 8 to Jordan for Kipnis building he threw down plenty of hops Under these great feet skip pass game and that’s a great sign how much the fact that he can do other things That’s more important section able to you to put it on the decadence Bob arctor to Anthony and he can’t control it Laker grew up against the clock to not swing down here. He Four percent for Brooklyn’s Noted five percent for the Lakers or two for one here Susan’s did it there on star though. Just weaving his way for a layup Little drive it get – his shoes and it results in another Fall back three gonna come up short cut offensive rebound by Boris Rondo job puts it up Rondo So five Lakers have already knocked down but three-pointers all the nets and a bit of a cold spell there – for their last well But they rattle out ranked defense second in rebounds Cheer down and the DeAndre Jordan up swings glass, but that gave up for the challenge by Keith Lake this middle man is LeBron spouse to kcp beautifully. Welcome in a bachelor the hands of Alice telegraphed that time Prince attacks many stores he gets tonight With three minutes into the second quarter again note white time little on the yellow side Serve on Survivor Veil the veil now on the defensive Isn’t the data spits out it goes. I got a fresh board easy Then goes upon the outsides got another one to in context put the January since week of January it poked it away She owes again and still play really well shits going on and he ditches the security over the weekend. Turn it over a whole lot The quads baseline reverse layup for two want it surveying the situation is LeBron green? But faster Alex, I’m wide awake Coming off a double-double whether the fifteen Look around ad to throw a table to begin up walls around and skids out Quickly frontcourt. Oh, oh, this is trouble – Parris. There’s one of the best a Little bit of speed hangs in the air this is it off the glass and confronts a double now Danny Green gratuity. He’s got it Almost repeat the Bugaloo. So now it’s another inbound defensive JAMA leaning in The Bradley to see LeBron next time it’s dead All the way over


  1. Any time there is a defensive lapse, Lebron stands around and stares daggers at his teammates, even when he is beaten. Terrible leader.

  2. LeChoke always makes his team worse when he sits but bronsexuals still say without Lebron, Lakers are lottery team 🤦‍♂️

  3. If Lakers win the West they are going to win the ship because no one in the East pose a real threat to the Lakers

  4. I already know I'm about to ruffle some feathers but AD is a weak big man. Oh he's skilled no doubt but he weak and taking all those damn charges don't make it no better AT ALL.

  5. Beat the Clippers, get's a crown from Kuzma, Shannon Sharp comes out with a goat head on. Now, he lost to the 8th seed 29-34 Nets.

    Doubt I'll see a goat head tomorrow.

    Keep that same energy Sharon Sharp. Dumb ass.

  6. From a warriors I'm happy good win for the nets!! Fuc* LeGroin. Ad ain't no kd he had a wide open shot too 😂🏀🤦‍♂️

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