Los Angeles Lakers vs Brooklyn Nets Full Game Highlights | March 10, 2019-20 NBA Season

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Downtown Los Angeles, let’s take a look at the starting lineups. First of all the Lakers just in 34 well below 511 20 on the road, but they are in a a Grady goes north to south He’s still thinking past but boy, is he a threat? Offensive minion pigs three into one of them his Joe Harris. He gives it up to Wilson Chandler who opens it up It’s carrots look Benson it right at the top which I thought was their last two road wins When they went in that game at Boston the sweeper by McGee is throwing that he Davis who had 30-plus points Hit all the games last week all of their offices in the corner. No There’s a ranhee down to the year. Although he looks great during his rehab We’ll be back next clear underneath Joe Harris store not going to be very successful. That’s not going to happen It was their season-high in turnovers Davis ticket quarter PG for free at Staples on Sunday afternoon. They always do the matter. We relationship plays LeBlanc Then let’s score beautiful over this day. And that’s which that’s why he didn’t have to make didn’t take advantage with Davis. Hey vengeance most of those 51 points came in the fourth quarter and the Ultra time when he personally dominated this two Celtics and he’s back and that’s all a jump shot shooter once Rebound in the key 14:11 lead pass to Bradley. Why not? Navour’s picked it right back up, three, two, three and food points to the Lakers lead it Quarters we do the halfway mark of the first quarter Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets let this beat him earlier this year in the fourth JaVale I think he made it a little harder than you had turned out. Let’s go. I like the style points though Here’s the left hand shift up and in off of me other way without the ball You gotta wait till you get a stop or a rebound Okay, see Most right here’s mr. Go-to Going to the left to shoot jump shots – Jordan Fortunes building he threw down plenty of Hobbs Game and that’s a great sign. That’s the fact that he can do other things That’s more important, you know the sexually able to either put it on the decklist lob turn to Anthony and he can’t control it They could grow up against the clock – lets win down here. He 4% for Brooklyn 5% for the Lakers or two for one here enthuses get it down star. Just weave in his way for a layup Get matching shoes that it results in up another Fallback three gonna come up short good offensive rebound by Boris Rondo shot puts it up Rondo Oh So five Lakers have already knocked down but three-pointers all the nets and a bit of a cold spell there too for their last well But they rattle my fence second in rebounds cheer down and then DeAndre Jordan go clean the glass, but that is how come And the battle goes on right into the hands of Alex. Limo Telegraph that time Prince attacks many storms he gets tonight With three minutes into the second quarter again note white tonight with a round the other side Survivor Veil the veil now on the defensive isn’t just a business out it goes they got a fresh horse then Goes up on the outsides got another one tool time guys January It pokes it away close together that’s played really well subscribe and he ditches the security Over the weekend turn it over a whole lot the plot baseline reverse slam for two We want it surveying the situation is LeBron green or faster Alex? I’m swatted away coming off the double double whether the 15min wedding Move around the ad to throw to begin that with the Wolves around and skids out Quickly front court follows. This is 12 inches Eris is one of the best confronts a double now, Danny Greene, Brooklyn He’s got it. Yes, sir. Anyway almost beat the buzzer Routes though now. It’s another inbound offensive Jim leaning in Woodleigh ahead the Bradley to see LeBron next time it’s dead was Jacob negative the green? Guru so open on its way got it You just said guard step to big splits and they want to get a running start All the way over ad with the soft light ships LeBron The offensive rebounds and of course that turnovers that we saw in the first half though Just want to tighten things up, especially on the defensive end Yeah The defense is the name of the game as Joe Harris comes out and drills his first he gets in the nets take the lead After the first flex it up this first quarter the Lakers work to the laps They were three out of one that turned into a four on one that turns into nothing Unfortunately, no, you’re gonna get scored on when you miss that. That’s what Gives it to the guy who does and that’s Dan Twitty Spencer’s his first name gonna wait to the Econo Lodge Jordan one hand throw down original pick up the mix That’s a Baby we’ll get it going each service into the starting iron. I’m cooking Here’s the cold will be there for the rest of the year. This is long distance from talked about it, especially against the Clippers early in the Shot over Danny Green start Sunday the person’s Shoes again yard, this is really get the job done. That’s the right Jamis deep down down Jordan Lake show on defense Spending on down goes pollutes off and the dunk by George brew Bring it to you here on spectrum sports net of the Taco Tuesday Please but big jock score Drake foot basketball right now good a circle of gold He owns a dry get breathe another what goes in his office is the kind of piece of sport? So lethargic late your team All the weights all alone there he goes inside Strip machine. So the wide open man is Paul Welcome as long as he to make sure when those long ranges between his hand with the baggage in one on wallet The other side Markieff Morris settles in buddy who’s looks at the clock Five to shoot go to get it right back. Which means it’s a tough fall away Wiper look long walk away. That’s the other two about trying to shut off the penetration While he just took my Credit to Brooklyn But still the Lakers ethic sleepwalking sluggish throughout a lot of this game and they give up another batch We’ll brought backin up backin up sizing up the defendant here. He is stepping back for praise He could fall over every Wow who really was Going to convert off the rez good flight down three, let’s get a minute the blonde Davis What is in the game so if you try to help but the back side you’re in trouble It’s way Spencer’s getting too attached. Here. He goes It’s roots out of bounds later while to Danny Green got to get it in finds LeBron reforms LeBron all the way and either win the game And Brooklyn has come in and stunned the Lakers 104 to 102


  1. I didn't like LeBron's attitude. He was supposed to support Davis after he missed the shot. A great team is made in complicit.

  2. Lakers win: “LeGoat” “MVP” “showtime”
    Lakers lose: “LeChoke” “LeBum” “Lakers ain’t winning”
    It’s a battle of the haters vs the fans and everytime one wins the others hide in their caves lol

  3. nets going to be a contender next season with a healthy KD not sure about Kyrie though! As Kyrie tend to break the team chemistry! Clippers should have gotten spencer d instead of regie jackson and lavert or prince instead of morris, these nets players always plays great when up against LBJ! Nice set up by LBJ for AD game winning shot though!

  4. Deandre Jordan is a bad defender he was Lucky that AD did not hit the game winner becoz Deandre Leaves him wide open in the 3pt.line…

  5. Man they literally haven’t lost a game in the past weeks and recently beat the 2 greatest teams in the NBA currently. Chill. They can have game offs too😂

  6. i just can't see MJ missing a point-blank layup like Bron did in the dying moments of the game to tie the game up 9:10

  7. If we apply the rule of three to the Nets like we did to the Lakers after they beat bucks and clippers, no doubt that the Nets are the 2020 Champions, without KD and Kyrie.

  8. Lebron is rated lower than he should be because he makes it look so easy. It's like rating a dude playing against kids.. It just seems wrong to say he's great but he is.

  9. Is it me or do Javale and jarett alen look an awful lot alike, i mean from physikal apperance to style of play!

  10. Nets hot reallt hot outside, played good D, lakers played small on 4th, i would put mcgee on 4th qtr so lebron cud penetrate easily as davis was popping out for 3s path from the inside got clogged…

  11. nice to see lakers showing hands to almost every shot, but gotta give it to Nets draining all those threes with a hand on their faces all the time

  12. Nets, prior to acquiring KD and Kyrie, is the most exciting and fun to watch team in the NBA… They were dropping jaws last season with D'Lo and some underrated players leading them…

  13. AD is overrated.. Hes a beast. But hes being exposed as a player sort of like kyrie. He cant and wont be doing anything if this by himself, like lebron had done, kawhi, giannis. He cant lead a team, Giannis atill under question too, but AD never led the pels to seasons like giannis is..

  14. Nets play better without Kyrie so far this season imo. Dinwiddie has stepped as a PG and so has levert since he's getting the ball more. They easily have the pieces to be championship contention once they get Kyrie and kd. They just need a coach who can handle the egos and make them play good basketball.

  15. That's right! I couldn't watch the game last night I watched the highlights without knowing how it turned out and I loved every second.
    We can't rely this much on Dinwiddie tho last time this happened we started playing like shit after a couple games

  16. I can live with it AD was hot in the second half from the three – I just wish that we would've kept feeding Avery Bradley in the first half he was on fire from the three. You got to keep him in the game offensively from the three since Danny is not going to do it for us…

  17. Regular Season excitement sure sure, I still can't fathom Waiters coming into the lineup?! The Lakers gonna be stacked and ready for the playoffs I can't wait!

  18. Damn, get rid of Kyrie and pay these guys. Can’t wait for KD to be back. Nets bout to be a problem!

  19. after the so called "statement weekend", Lakers got a wake-up call which for me as a fan, is good for the team… winning against the Bucks and Clips doesn't mean every games gonna be easy from that point… hope the Lakers learned from this…

  20. these netsteam couldve been another toronto if they have a legit star. someone like kawhi that can play with a team. too bad they got clowns instead in kd andkyrie.

  21. Boosie words: “Only thing I don’t like about Lebron … That last shot he be passin that ball, Jordan … or Kobe ?? Aint no passin that ball.. im takin this to the grave!”

  22. It's fine they came of 2 tough games. I knew they were going to come out with less intensity. And when you do that you almost always have a chance to lose. But ye Lebron should have made the layup for the tie, but that is what it is. They came back to make it a tie or win. And they couldn't get better shots to the 2 guys they want to shoot it then they did. Open layup and totally open 3. It's all good Lakers you still the best team in the world. Now you'll get a break because of the damn Corona. we'll see how long the break takes. But it is gonna be great to see you on the floor again sometime!

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