Los Angeles Lakers vs LA Clippers Full Game Highlights | March 4, 2018-19 NBA Season

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The last two they desperately need this one tonight a Familiar face in the middle of pizza the zoo BOTS and boys He played welcome fire The last we heard there were 15 seconds left in San Antonio was up Clippers steal it that will he scores it? What a way to start to the Clippers to another zyre That focus they just did have the Phoenix just wanted board the other night. Got to go out ready to start with Magette Since he’s best he distemper’d and he’s 2 for 2 so far tonight. Look at this Flippers who have been very good at transition defense Give up the check shot a three-pointer to Robin walking a little further up the lane So you’ve got room to operate she’s about 17 zoo box goes around the key to score. Don’t be smooth corner three The guy he was traded for got the rebound shoe box Shannon Beverly Beverly is conceivable and off Beverly Noches Alexander Nothing, but Nash Blair, uh, please he’s averaged 14 a game over the last three Check in the defense spinning beautiful all the way for a deuce Moscow to Rondo boy a wrestling match other he blocked from behind by Gill Josh Alexander for the boy He has three Dan coffey. Yeah, they left him open after the new waves knocks down two free-throws mentioned the three-point game Kuzmic from the free-throw line leans in and switches it through his earlier in the year taken by Josh Hardy shit Hearts trying to go around kill this aleksandr who swats it out of bounds What a play by keel can Take it by the Clippers. That’s Garrett temple you certainly traveled around Nobody picked up loon Williams down the thousand times when he goes right he’s going all the way to the rim Kuzma watches the three got it Who’s been? That’s the last nine Laker points the bronze right after his totem and he was going for Manton So a ten point Laker leaves their biggest of the quarter, Lou Williams would have permitted to go drifting shooting scoring next few days We got to get out on the practice for heart finds himself open and look up hitting the floor is kcp No whistle flippers out numbers five on four into the corner wide open three down it go next year 14 bench points right now seven teams of five It’s an 11 to 2 1 for the Clippers Denied by JaVale with two not playing defense without committing a foul now on this That’s what the crowd loves to see while they overplayed nine points trick fight when he was with the Lakers He was leading them in scoring and leading the entirely get bench scoring soaps as genetics down near the rim He did a good job of body pumping give a lot of positions though. I And hands off the ribbon they’ll get another opportunity might read sheriff there he goes Flat did you have a chance? It’s Rolling back in yes, sweet games this year was at least five threes. Good play by Rondo another must-win chance for the Lakers here tonight 920 and Lola is headed this before the fourth quarter. They’ve only belong to one lead in the fourth quarter this year Macallan Re-watching I guess but the jump esophagus is what defects check out the waitress hard to get a good spin the block goes Everywhere free throws that decides pretty hard to overcome Keep still he knocks it down and an item Yeah Good skin to the corner heart Yes It is down five, please Art’s gonna try another one He’s got tornado from downtown as good son that you knew you are nineteen percent from beyond the arc in the last 12 games count that and Karen be a Some time again this year so injuries involve waters to it Punches performance of bodies 25 to pass Jordan about 15 tonight Whereas the Lakers have seven turnovers and they’ve given up 11 points LeBron muscles his way in a Great position away from Caruso How good he’s been rebounding the basketball. He gets another one there Gallinari they leave alone and a kasam Is the biggest losses a jam? Box on the try Block goes right around. Oh, come on orange. Please came over to help out 8 to shoot into the corner Yogesh Alexander to box with the Clippers David $40 Leblanc table tennis club mcsweeten. He rolled on Beverly Double Disney two times this year She’s anion assist season high in points season lower field office. That is the other night Gallinari and if Deborah Lee Marks it knocked it Rondo beat him off the dribble, but now rod goes down They’ve got numbers going the other way When you talk so does Alexander LeBron was here last line of the text Subash grabs it to box scores it Were edgy bullets fly visits into the quarters little shaken bake on Gallinari. Now, he’s trying to spin on Khalid art is dead whip over but also Joy’s rim protection that he is giving that now in the lineup Beverly’s open and this one is Definitely the Lakers can scratch on his possessions with Skyler Again Right towards the end of the season Rondo same play ladies and Adam take it by the Lakers when the head of a man advantage How do they take advantage of the ball heart’s gonna do just that pounded foul coming got 11 tonight? Jana to score readers in the lead in that category two minutes to go killed this Alexander home got if it goes Freeze the line tonight 94% Williams there’s the brawler LeBron said that he has people in the right positions. That’s hard 5:18 start-stop State’s new morning now. It’s the biggest deficit The observatory and now the games here we go Laker fans for the final quarter Lou Williams This is 18 remain Hart Very good at using that back side back in the end. He’s 13 minutes tonight hair all that dumb Powers another one through all bad pass that five millions here The way this is but nobody else is down their heart. Give them credit start calling the games really close All the way stupid up there goes right to LeBron Lakers in Rondo Rondo crossover here Lou Williams their leading scorer now That Harris is gone to Philly gallon ice right away three to take the two misses huge bus Yeah, he’s really hurt right now and actually patrick beverley is going down to check on it Before they score here while he’s underneath he was looking on Harold but Taylor Were unders five minutes with nearly in four minutes Jam it three in there Jimeno Clippers and Spurs would be everybody in front of them right close LeBron all the way lay it in Beverly down the middle he goes Under the Harrell and he dumps it with one on the Quakers have scored 11 in the corners so far 11 Make it 13 Wednesday night at all. Most likely be the night. He goes past Michael Blue Williams and that should do it some of the to come out The Williams gets it back lays it up and in She’s more frustration for the ladies. You’ll hear what they have to say on the postgame show God is good by cases. It will be another tough one And this game is Sharp makes it. We won 13 to 105 final Triple-double Ferrando LeBron with 27


  1. If u thought they were gonna make the playoffs before the season with lance Stephenson and javale mcgee im dead ??

  2. So this nigga Lebron about to pass Jordan in all time points, yet not make the playoffs. The achievement will be taking a backseat this year, if he doesn't make to it to the 1st round

  3. If lebron wasnt out for a month they would be a top 2 seed lebron had the worst luck of any all time great

  4. To be real the play calling isn’t that good. How many sets does Walton have LeBron at the top of the key waiting 15 seconds for a pick to be set to pass it to a shooter coming off a curl or down screen.

  5. Clippers won trade and win games. they are doing everything right. bron really is disappointing to watch, his empire is going to fall with these recent performances.

  6. The clippers have a solid starting lineup but almost another possibly solid bench squad lmao they can ball fr

  7. This was a bad year too many injuries Lakers on played like 20 games fully healthy and most of those were early in the season then trade rumors killed the team now rank for Zion

  8. as a Lakers Fan, It was still nice to see Zubac get a win against them- WHY did they trade Zubac, and WHY do they constantly start Reggie Bullock?- he's not good at all — really bites Kuzma got hurt, my favorite Laker, good young guy – the Lakers are done anyway, but hate to see Kuzma get Injured as well

  9. and this is why Curry been the best player since 2013… Curry been dominating the wide wild West!! the cake walk East only got toughish this year Lebron was out like a light, like light! thinking he could pull through in the west where number 4 and 8 have a difference of 2-3 wins

  10. [email protected] Angeles Lakers lost to Los Angeles Clippers. Lebron James is gonna be sitting at home during the playoffs LOL. Lebron should've stayed with my hometown team Cleveland. I love Patrick Beverly of LA Clippers. He's very good on defense. I was surprised to see Patrick defending Lebron. Patrick isn't scared of defending anybody LOL.

  11. Told ya'll LeBron is overrated. He has nice stats because he doesn't play defense and has the ball most of the time. In the end wins and championships is what determines a good basketball team and player. Stats is secondary

  12. Who liked that floater off the dribble from Lou, that man is so underrated its ridiculous. I know he's a back up but with moves like thar, why wouldn't any want him a pg or even play the 2….?

  13. Lebron needs to leave to find a good teammates who understand him it is not his fault if the other players are not playing and defending well

  14. Lebron is only one man and team don’t win with one man standing they need to hold each other hands and get through this I don’t know why haters blaming lebron look for curry teammate they help him a lot and they have a good squad but when it comes lebron teammate they are awful they need to get out the dark and show who they are for curry he is not the only good guy in that team look KD and many others

  15. it all started when you declare yourself the GOAT.. you made the GoAt GODS mad with that kind of disrespect…

  16. I don't know how I started feeling pity for Lakers after LeBron joined them. It's still my favorite team but get LeBron out bring zubac, randle , Russell and Brook back.
    Let the youngsters flourish and win the game.

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