Los Angeles Lakers vs Sacramento Kings Full Game Highlights | 11.10.2018, NBA Season

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Nine of em be a mask of all we have in store the Lakers and the Kings for the first night this season on NBC sport buddy hield cauley-stein Shepherd the elites Ameen while honored a knight from Sacramento when it’s the Lakers who? Here’s buddy on England now, it’s the broth and it’s quickly to nothing performance the last time out and the wind against, Minnesota And even gets inside it gives the Lakers buttled with 58% yes, he does And it’s just as last night late in the game that he got going and there is Fox again here comes Buddy hield mid-range jumper Vault McGee and the Lakers have But he starts off One of three and again they get to the basket on top He’s gonna have to figure out a way and your defense rebound in high IQ setting beautiful picks And the Vaughn James and it’s a seven-point game Box boxed out if it goes. Yes Good about themself Lakers 7 of 14 from the field Deep three but we are talking about LeBron James and Shumpert Give away this a Koufos and Jackson will come in at the next dead ball Laker rebound again buddy like last night off to a slow start. He’s missed real cool and And hopefully the bench convinced and give them that pace but he he’ll See past that why’s that jumps into a more point nice Pink rooks Brandon in guerrillas to thank at home too strong Sixpoint game numbers for the Kings Marvin Bagley high speed by Buddy and Ingram over Bagley McGee Playing a perimeter player. He’s gonna have to get exposed to it and see how I’m just nice pass and makini with the Ben Bagley now doubled and He didn’t see the double turns it over three on one And across two chains two points what’s going on with Marvin and make some brilliant plays as well Requirements evil minutes for LA because since he’s went out they’ve actually extended the lead that’s given him arrest. Yep Now it’s part two Rondo This is really the first time this season correct me if I’m wrong Bogie steals it break away. One of the Kings haven’t eat this Goodbye goes on to lead the passing lanes Oh a nother steel Down a bit Okey the lot Willie cauley-stein picking up where they left off last year. Yes the butter King back pocket to the Kings come up with it 38:29 Potts looking for 339 percent from beyond the arc this season Kings back in the ballgame by mr. Fox 13 Orion the bride walks Right there now, let’s see how LeBron does here they have to double them goes up top the ball Oh, look at that pass. That was the thing of beauty. He’s got great court vision. Does Alonzo ball? This is a queen of duty, I like ever look at LeBron here sets up and The Kings are getting caught the Fox on LeBron What’s going on their undersides men on it in but I like the front by the Arian Foster Frank Mason and the Kings have arrived at Stop right at the basket, Kyle Kuzma At a 6.0 John For a second a chance to get the Willie McGee was there King started off with a turnover comes out into the corner Dodging dodging bullets right now is Sacramento King not a recipe for success Shopper this first fast Buddy No good comes to demean yet Although the Lakers Finally get a basket Ladders and person whose Ponder’s what an amazing job they do Shumpert three cauley-stein with a good look and it’s And I would say Lonzo ball back underneath Willie cauley-stein on the rebound yeah look Look look He’s got dances to the basket and no good could have tied the game That’s a great pass to LeBron James and it’s 6150 Miss that one speaks it alive and in offensive rebound Rondo, he’s gonna shoot a three Factor Costa he never got control of it And leave twelve minutes left here in the third. Oh my goodness And electrical opportunity Rondo his past Poland by Jesus now he Basket We understand in the round by the kitchen school Sixty-eight Comes back to heart Rondo Retailer Stephen Box has faculty on one wing buddy on the other and we had a pic by Rondo and now the Lakers have a three-on-two the first game gravel 17.8 points, but that figure is going to go down part That may be that may be your buddy to get ready to come back and take on a sports team on Monday Minutes it was a game. You just never know. You just got to keep playing you should do Jackson fakes the pass there’s a 3:18 foul, so you’d have to get two whistles. But yes Buddy Bagley and now it’s a 10-point game. So keep all of your fourth He’s 3:30 left LeBron has 21 points nice He’s got a chance to be pretty good in his career don’t think that he is gonna come to the table Shepard good hustle by shot Probably in all honesty two minutes three minute if Sonam Syria, no, I I agree with you. Yeah, right right away He is kind of we know what you know that came in out of high school. He didn’t have an MBA. No, honey I mean, he wasn’t ready to play in the way Neither did Kobe, you know, he didn’t grant he has a chance right here if you look at his drive to the lake And putback by Harry One here in Sacramento and then on the 30th down 30th of December in LA at the Staples Center and The Aaron Fox got it going in the second quarter, but at that peace team tonight, they just kind of ran out of gas Give the Lakers credit they did what they had to do and they win it 101 to 86 LeBron leads all scorers with 25 the Lakers shoot


  1. Lebron fans are so fucking insecure and cancerous it's annoying, he gets a loss streak on which ever team he is in, than they disappear, suddenly he gets a win and boom "We back, the team is getting used to each other, we will top the score and bla bla bla" they were like this all of last season going up and down, changing teams, refurbishing the whole roster, and the fans kept on boasting their delusional comments, just stop and enjoy.

  2. This is why I like LeBron. He tries to make his teammates better. Sometimes it doesn't work, but here you can see that he has a team that is gaining confidence. They just held the Kings under 100. Has anyone else done that on the Kings home floor?

  3. Lonzo could be so much more explosive if he actually gave it his all for once same thing with lamelo ball they never play like it’s gonna be there last game ever

  4. Lebron is a beast.. He carried cavaliers before.. Now he want to win championship in lakers.. Cavaliers is very last in standing now. Before cavalier made it to finals.

  5. I've been watching these highlights from the start of the season and LeBron James looks lazy on defense, he shares the ball well but defense vital as much as attack

  6. Lebron- are you going to play basketball for money or are u playing to make a new record for your career. you look like youre playing for fun. you cannot even win Kevindurant anymore. Come on lebron is that all you got.

  7. If laker fans really feel good about this win its not cause they played d the Kings just played their absolute worse. When is buddy going to shoot 3-17 like think about it they were just so sluggish after the w vs t-wolves. Then barley beat a crappy hawks team by 1 point.

  8. That was a very exciting game. Now we need only one more star I think Carmelo Anthony would be the right fit. Rondo will make sure you get a lot of touches on the ball LeBron would love that he will final have another star player playing beside him. come on home carmelo where you belong Magic he is the only shot we have the rest of the other players are a bunch of player haters they don't like James they are not going to come and help James Carmelo Anthony and James and D Wade are very close friends.

  9. That no-look half court alley oop pass from Lonzo to LeBron was something else. I love Lonzo's pass first mentality, it's contagious

  10. I like Josh Hart and Kyle Kuzma. The Lakers is a much improved team this season because of its offensive efficiency. Tyson Chandler and JaVale McGee filled the holes in the middle. They are now a complete team. Hopefully they will make the playoffs.

  11. The Kings are still a better overall team with better chemistry and better record. This just happened to be their worst performance of the year, playing 3 games in 4 nights on a back to back.

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  13. I miss you James now a la Lakers the next chapionship from your fans with love this my first time watching you play a new team n new season .

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