Los Angeles’s Koreatown Residents Helping Homeless People + Homeless Man in Video Died.

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  1. You're doing great work Jane. The whole team. Just don't forget to that through organizing you can accomplish much more. You are stronger together.

  2. Great series sir. Really well done. Sad to see so many people suffering, but im glad there are people who do care. Good karma for them. Namaste

  3. I'm saddened to hear that Joe passed away from a heart attack but I'm glad Jane was there to help him out before his passing. She and her friends from K-Town are very sweet. I am from the northern part of California nearby San Francisco and we have a similar homeless problem like Los Angeles. San Francisco is an incredibly tiny metropolitan yet has a high homeless population to the point that you can see entire streets lined with tents. For many, homelessness is viewed as a blight, an irritation that exists in the world but "isn't my problem to deal with".

    There aren't enough people like Jane in the world who are willing to provide the little bit of comfort, of dignity, that makes someone feel like a person rather than a blight. Giving someone a meal and a few moments of being recognized as a person in need rather than just having some change tossed at them while they murmur a quick blessing while the helpful pedestrian continues on with their day.

    Thanks to Jane and Invisible People for treating the homeless with civility, dignity, and helping the needy. I hope to provide assistance soon as well as best as I can for the individuals in my area.

  4. Just a word of advice for future interviews, I would suggest that you don't get so close to your interviewee as it can make them feel a little uncomfortable.

  5. To the cops, homeless people's belongings are junk because they believe homeless people themselves are junk. Disposable garbage. It's a disgrace when a mother gives birth on the street and she and her newborn are left to live on the street.

  6. Maybe an ambulance will come if someone shoots her foot. And they say the economy has recovered? Says who? Luxury high rises next to tent cities? Sir, you've just described Mumbai. It's not just LA. It's even in smallish cities in middle America.

  7. Constructive criticism.
    You get uncomfortably close to people when interviewing them. Ive watched quite a few of your videos and this woman iced the cake for me. Watch her body language particularly at the end. You are too far into her space and she is being very graceful about it. She is uncomfortable though.

    Im uncomfortable on this side of the screen for them.

    Dont shoot the messenger.

  8. These cities are not going to solve homelessness if they did many would be out of jobs themselves. Those with mental illness need to be institutionalized and those with drug addiction need to clean up and stop using drugs. Lawyers need to volunteer to represent those individuals who have been illegally evicted. There needs to be safe location for those to camp temporary not long term. And rules that they must follow no accumulation of unnecessary junk. Those who have valuables need inexpensive storage units to store their belongings so theyโ€™re possessions are not stolen or confiscated and thrown away by police & sanitation department. There needs to be clinics for those individuals who are sick to visit and no medical fees charged against the individuals.

  9. Stop helping these homeless people. They are drug addicts and alcoholics. They spread disease and are often violent. If you really want to help them stop enabling them. I have family close to where you guys were literally delivering things to them for free. Stop it.

    You are making the problem worst and in the long run actually killing these people by enabling them. It is literally impossible to be homeless in Los Angeles unless you are a drug addict or alcoholic.

    Ask anyone who lives on that street. You guys are a nuisance to the neighborhood as much as the homeless because you are enabling them to stay.

    Where do you guys live? Invite them to stay at your home or on the streets just outside of you home, so in that case you don't have to drive to help them. You can delivery food and water to them right outside your door.


  10. I have so much qurstions:
    Why is CA tax so high, and a Citizen has to deal with a person bleeding on the ground?
    Why do people pay tax if they have to handle this humanely themselves?
    Where are those tax money spending on? Other than pay the police harassing and sweeping the homeless population.

  11. I here in Chicago man I tell you I from the suburbs an cause of my background from 1995 I canโ€™t stay in the shelters here I been to the ones in Chicago no thanks woke up 2 beds down guy was peeing on the floor also too many shootings gang wars every where I am blind in right eye left eye 20250 itโ€™s getting really cold nights I going to have to get a tent a hearted stove soon but I donโ€™t believe I can afford that yet also I been on waiting least for 10 years missed deadline kicked me off gave up on it I just became homeless again donโ€™t make enough on disability to live here anywhere

  12. Damn Democratic state. How about take in all the immigrants in that caravan marched up to the border feed all those when you welcome them in to California. That's y'alls problem now.

  13. Why is the undocumented coming into homeless shelters when there are American citizens that need to be taking in homeless shelters?

  14. It's a shame when other countrys have to help a USA citizen homeless instead of the demonscrats run city ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  15. The world needs a whole lot more Janes who are willing to go out of their way to help those less fortunate who are living on the streets in cities and town all across the U.S.! Thanks for sharing this and other similar stories of invisible people with the world! Incredibly awesome job!!!

  16. May God Bless this young woman for the good work she is doing…. "Invisible People" is doing a phenomenal job bringing this more to the attention of people… Yes, it is a horrible and heartbreaking crisis that has to be dealt with… It is a NATIONAL CRISIS..!! It warrants help from more than State Social Services… Where is Red Cross, Salvation Army, FEMA..??

  17. Hi Iโ€™m pj in ktown Iโ€™d love to get involved and help fix the system I wish we could get the community help to better our system and our environments and statistics would progress

  18. My daughter and I stayed at the Shelter LA in Koreatown, in June. We did see some homeless people in tents there. It's nice that folks in the neighborhood, r trying to help. Blessings to all!

  19. For korean
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  20. is there a new law that makes it a crime to be homeless? https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2019-08-22/homeless-sidewalk-sleeping-ban-restrictions-boise-case-shelter

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